What are Air Mattresses Made of and Which Material is Best?

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If you’re in the market for an air mattress, you might have asked the question, “What are air mattresses made of?” It’s a valid question as air mattresses can be made out of tons of different materials.

Mattresses, in general, have a lot of options for what kinds of materials that are included. However, this means that you will be able to find a material that will work with your lifestyle and your needs.

Common Materials use to make Air Mattresses

When answering the question “What are air mattresses made of?” you will find that many of them are made out of materials like PVC material. This is the most common of the materials.

This material generally works well for inflating and deflating multiple times. The material can also survive a little bit of abuse. There are sturdier materials that are on the market right now that are a little less common such as rubber.

You aren’t going to have a ton of options in the kind of material that you get out of an air mattress because of the fact that they need to be able to withstand quite a bit of abuse.

You may be able to find greener companies that are finding new and interesting ways to create their mattresses. These companies may offer the green option that you prefer.

Materials for the Top of the Mattress

While the types of materials used for the entire mattress don’t vary a lot, there is a little bit of variance in what is used for the top of the mattress. You will find mattresses that still have the classic vinyl top.

There are also others that have a more velvet-like top.

Putting the velvet layer on top might take a little bit more work and time, but it works out better for the consumer. Your mattress and any sheets you have on top won’t slip and slide around.

This means that you’ll be able to sleep soundly and not worry about slipping right off the mattress.

However, if you’re going out into the woods for camping, you might not have much of a preference for what kind of material is on the top of the mattress. You will need to consider exactly what you need to put the priority on for you.

Which Air Mattress Material is the Best?

While there are some materials that are more common than others, that doesn’t mean that the common materials are going to be the best fit for you.

Often, people find that there are issues with the material of their mattress because the seams will come apart and the mattress will leak airs in places that they cannot find.

Some newer materials are better about this, but none of them are going to impervious to the damage that can possibly happen.

In addition, you might know that most vinyl air mattresses are made of PVC have some standards set about chemicals that are used in products that are known to be toxic. However, there are some chemicals that don’t have extensive research done on them.

This can mean that there are chemicals currently being used that may be dangerous to people. While this isn’t absolutely true, there are a lot of people that are at least concerned about the possibility.

If you’re worried, then you might want to get a TPU air mattress, also known as a rubber air mattress.

The TPU material is a little less stretchy than PVC, which can make the material preferable for some people just because of its durability.

The major downside to getting an air mattress that’s made out of TPU instead of PVC is the fact that it is a little less budget friendly.

In short, there is no best material for what makes an air mattress. It will depend on not only your budget but what the purpose of the air mattress will be as well as how concerned you are about PVC materials.

With all that in mind, you will have to figure out the major concerns that you’re considering when you’re interested in buying an air mattress.


Camping, guests, and even frequent car trips can be reasons to get an air mattress.

However, even though there are a lot of different styles of air mattresses out there, you will probably want to be concerned about what the air mattress is made out of. You should be able to find something in your price range that will fit your lifestyle though.

In fact, after you understand the answer to “What are air mattresses made of?” you might have a better idea of what exactly you want to get for an air mattress.

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