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In Brief: Review of Badland 2500 lb Winch

The Badland 2500 Electric Winch is the perfect tool for ATV recovery as it is a lightweight and small-sized tool with sturdy construction and reliable wire rope that can haul weights with the help of a wireless remote. If you are looking for an easy-to-use winch designed for safe use and consisting of a motor that requires less current, then this product is worth the investment.

The Badland 2500 Winch is a product of the well-known retail company, Harbor Freight Tools Co. This American company sells a variety of tools and equipment like hand tools, power tools, generators, automotive tools, shop equipment, and so on at affordable prices.

Established in 1977, it is relied upon by customers all over the world for its superior quality products and has several stories spread across the country.

The powerful performance of the Badland 2500 Electric Utlity/ATC Winch makes it a much-desired product for off-road adventures.

Its ease of use is increased by the wireless remote that makes it possible to operate the tool from 20 feet away. The wire rope is top-quality and a sturdy companion in the recovery process.

Key Specifications of Badland 2500 Winch

2500 lb. Electric ATV/Utility Winch with Wireless Remote Control

The Badland 2500 Winch boasts of a permanent magnet motor with a horsepower of 1 HP.

This motor draws less current and is the perfect fit for ATV use.

It is a reliable and durable product that helps in the recovery of vehicles with ease.

This winch has a single-stage planetary gear system that provides fast line speed, making smooth pulling of the wire rope possible quickly and easily.

A gear ratio of 153:1 further proves its ability to haul weights without requiring too much effort by the operator.

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This power tool promises maximum possible safety while operating with the help of its automatic load-holding brake.

This makes it ideal for heavy-duty work as it is designed for the more rugged work conditions while also ensuring durability and stable performance.

Fast line-out is possible with this product’s feature of free spooling which makes the process of recovery or hauling quicker and less tiring.

This maximizes user comfort and reduces the amount of effort and time put into recovery.

Further smooth line-out is ensured by the 2500’s roller fairlead with nylon bushings which allows retraction of the rope without any entanglement and in the right direction, thus, improving the efficiency of the winch.

The wireless remote is capable of operating from almost 20 feet away, thus making operation even more convenient.

The Badland 2500 Winch is resistant to water jets and has consequently been given an IP rating of 65. It also offers overload protection with the help of its inline circuit breaker.

For a quick glance at all the specifications of the Badland 2500 Winch, here’s a quick overview in the form of a table –

Motor Type 12V DC Permanent
Horsepower 1 HP
Battery Type Lithium
Battery Included Yes
Brake Type Automatic Load Holding Dynamic
Cable Length 50 ft.
Cable Material Aircraft Grade Steel
Cable Gauge 5/32 in.
Product Height 4-1/2 in.
Product Length 11-1/8 in.
Product Width 3.93 in.
Line Pull Capacity 2,500 lbs
Gear Ratio 153:1
Geartrain Single-stage Planetary
Duty Cycle Rating 5%
Wireless Remote Yes
Freespool Yes
Hook ¼ in. Eye Hook
Fairlead Roller with nylon bushings
Power IN and OUT Yes
Overload Protection In line circuit breaker
Sound Rating 85 dB
Mounting Pattern 3.15 in.
IP Rating IP 66 – Winch and Controls (resistant to water jets)
Price Low
Warranty Duration 90 days from the date of purchase
Weight 14 lbs
Suitable For Utility/Shop/ATV
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Ease of Installation – Badland 2500 Winch

The first step before you start the winching operation is the mounting of the winch onto the vehicle that needs to be recovered. The winch is to be aligned perpendicular to the centerline of the desired location where it is to be mounted onto the vehicle.

Then, holes are drilled at marked spots on this location and the winch is mounted by tightening the fasteners to the listed torque values.

Further, the solenoid box is securely mounted to the tie bars of the winch with the help of the included brackets and mounting screws. After this, the cable of the winch is routed from the solenoid box to the battery.

Another route is planned from the solenoid to the winch such that there is no possibility of the cable accidentally coming in the way of any moving parts of the vehicle.

It is also important to make sure that the wire is tightly coiled and under the required state of tension beforehand so that when you uncoil it for use, it can support the load and does not lead to any damage to itself or anything else. The winch is now ready for use.

For a better understanding of how to prepare your Badland 2500 Winch for mounting, watch this video here:


How to Use Badland 2500 Winch

To begin winching the Clutch Control is initially set to the Released position and the Hook Strap is slid over the hook and securely attached to it.

After this, the wire rope is pulled out by pulling this Hook Strap. This is then hooked onto the object that has to be pulled.

Before using the remote to switch on the winch, the Clutch Control is set to the Engaged position. Then the On/Off switch is pressed and held for 3 seconds to turn it on.

This switch is then used to retract the rope, pulling the object with this action.


Harbor Freight offers a 90-day warranty for the Badland 2500 Winch.

Beginning on the date of purchase, this warranty can only be availed by the original purchaser of the product and provides for both repairs and exchanges in case any defects are found in the material or the build of the product.

Further, in case any damage has been inflicted upon the tool, be it directly or indirectly, Harbor Freight will not be liable for the product anymore and will entertain no repairs or exchanges.

This damage may be the result of misuse, accident, abuse, negligence, repair or alteration by the purchaser.

The company is also not responsible for any injuries, incidental or consequential, fatal or non-fatal, to any person and any damage to property that may have been caused as a result of the use of this product.

To return or exchange your product, you can call the customer service of Harbor Freight at the toll-free number, 1-800-444-3353, Monday through Sunday, 6am to 6pm (PT). You can also email your inquiry at [email protected]

Customer Review Analysis

The customer response for the Badland 2500 Electric Winch meant for ATV/Utility application has been mostly positive.

Buyers have praised this product’s ease of use and portability in addition to its powerful performance consisting of smooth and quick line out.

One issue to consider before buying this product is the absence of the winch mounting plate in the box. This plate, an extremely crucial component in the installation process, needs to be bought separately.

However, the low price of the winch itself makes this matter simply one of the inconvenience than an issue of budget.

Further, some buyers, have complained about the inefficiency of the wireless remote that is used to operate this tool and have felt the need to buy a replacement from Amazon since the 90-day warranty offered by Harbor Freight often expires before the defect can be caught.

Since the wireless remote is one of the main features of this product and is what sets it apart from other models in the market, it is important this issue before making an investment in the Badland 2500 Winch.

Apart from this, however, the performance of this tool has mostly been reported as satisfactory by most customers.

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Pros/Cons of Badland 2500 Winch

  • Wireless remote increases ease of use
  • Power IN and Power OUT feature makes load control easy
  • ATV recovery is made convenient with this winch
  • Permanent magnet motor uses less current
  • Added safety with automatic load holding brake
  • Aircraft grade steel cable is durable and reliable
  • Overload protection with in line circuit breaker protects the tool
  • Supports load of up to 2,500 lbs
  • Resistant to water jets
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Affordable price
  • Mounting plate for the fairlead is missing
  • The wires could have been longer
  • Remote control is too big for easy handling
  • Not suitable for heavy duty recovery work

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2500 lb. Electric ATV/Utility Winch with Wireless Remote Control
103 Reviews
2500 lb. Electric ATV/Utility Winch with Wireless Remote Control
  • Permanent magnet motor draws less current, ideal for ATV use
  • Single-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed
  • Automatic load-holding brake for maximum safety

Recommended Accessories with Badland 2500 Winch

Badland Winch Mounting Plate for ATV/Utility

The Badland 2500 Winch does not come with a mounting plate for the installation process and it has to be bought separately. The Badland Winch Mounting Plate for ATV/Utility use can be found on Amazon here:

Badland Winches ATV/Utility Winch Mounting Plate

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Wire Storehouse

To store the wire rope of the winch securely and ensure that it does not get tangled, you can also buy cable ties.

These prevent breaking or fraying of the cable so that it stays sturdy and has a longer life. These Storehouse 11-inch Cable Ties are sold by Harbor Freight on Amazon:

Storehouse 100 Piece 11' Black Cable Ties

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Winch Pulling Plate

To ensure that you are pulling your ATV from the safest pulling point, you can attach a Winch Pulling Plate to it. Portable Winch sells this product on Amazon for an affordable price that you can find here:

Portable Winch Pulling Plate - fits 1 7/8in. and 2in. Ball Hitches, Model Number PCA-1310

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Our Recommendation

The Badland 2500 Electric Winch is one of the best products on the market for your ATV/Utility needs. It is light in weight and small in size, making it easier to carry with you on the road or off the road – as your adventure goes.

Its cable is strong and does not break easily under tension, making it a product that can be relied on.

The maximum line pull capacity of this winch may be lesser than other models but that is just because its meant for recovering small ATVs rather than larger trucks.

It is more suited for the everyday man than a professional. You will find this winch a great, budget-friendly option if your winching needs are not too heavy duty.

best overall rating ★★★★

Badland 2500 Winch

2500 lb. Electric ATV/Utility Winch with Wireless Remote Control
  • Wireless remote increases ease of use
  • Power IN and Power OUT feature makes load control easy
  • Permanent magnet motor uses less current

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8 Total Score
Badland 2500 Winch

The Badland 2500 Electric Winch is the perfect tool for ATV recovery as it is a lightweight and small-sized tool with sturdy construction and reliable wire rope that can haul weights with the help of a wireless remote. If you are looking for an easy-to-use winch designed for safe use and consisting of a motor that requires less current, then this product is worth the investment.

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