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Quick Answer: Best Ski & Snowboard Backpacks

As the days get shorter and the temperatures grow colder that can only mean one thing, ski and snowboarding weather is just around the corner.

Once you start hearing the call of the slopes is the time to start pulling out your equipment and looking it over.

If you want to experience the thrill of it all you need to have suitable gear.

The best snowboard and ski backpack makes all the difference between a great adventure and a total disaster.

Why Snowboarding Backpacks?

If you have ever been skiing or snowboarding you have probably noticed the various people skiing or boarding while wearing backpacks.

This often leads to the question why snowboarding backpacks? Are they really necessary and more importantly are they safe?

The short answer to that question is yes. Snowboarding backpacks are not only safe, but they also provide several advantages.

If you ever do any kind of snowboarding in the backcountry a snowboard backpack is a must.

These backpacks offer carrying straps for essential gear that you will need while in the backcountry.

The straps on the backpack allow you to have freedom of movement in terms of both your arms and legs allowing you to focus on what you are doing rather than on the gear you are carrying.

Snowboarding backpacks also come in handy for carrying any gear and equipment you might need just for the slopes.

Even if you are not one to explore the backcountry a snowboarding backpack is still an excellent idea. Wearing a backpack while you are snowboarding allows you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Backpacks that are compatible with hydration bladders disburse the weight evenly rather than making you feel lopsided.

Along with the hydration pack, you can also carry food with you. This allows you to eat when needed, no more waiting in long lines at the lodge.

No matter what your reason for carrying a snowboarding backpack you want to keep a few things in mind.

Pay attention to straps, loops, and any hanging gear to ensure it doesn’t become stuck on the chair of the lift.

Never overload your backpack, if it’s too heavy it can cause balance issues when skiing or boarding.

Always adjust and tighten your backpack so it is properly secured to your back. This prevents the pack from shifting or sliding while you are riding.

Best Snowboard and Ski Backpack in Market Today

In the table below, find the most important aspects you need to check for these backpacks. You can use the link to check further specs, reviews, and pricing on Amazon –

Model Size Carry Check Price

Dakine Heli Pro

Dakine Heli Pro Backpack

Best Overall

20 L Vertical snowboard carry, Diagonal / A-frame ski carry CheckPrice

Osprey Packs Men's Kamber 42

Osprey Traveling Kamber 42 Men's Ski Pack, Small/Medium

Small / Medium & Medium / Large Vertical snowboard carry, Diagonal / A-frame ski carry, Stowable helmet CheckPrice

CamelBak 2016 Phantom

Camelbak 2016 Phantom 20 LR Ski Hydration Pack, Charcoal

Best large Size

10, 25, 30, 40, 60 L Vertical / horizontal snowboard carry, Diagonal / A-frame ski carry CheckPrice

CamelBak 2016 Caper

Camelbak 2016 Caper 14 Ski Hydration Pack, Rooibos

NA Diagonal ski carry CheckPrice

Thule Upslope Snowsports

Thule Upslope Snowsports Backpack, Roarange, 20 L

20, 35 L Vertical / horizontal snowboard carry, Diagonal / A-frame ski carry CheckPrice

Deuter Freerider Pro 30

Deuter Freerider Pro 30 Backpack - Fire/Arctic

30 L Vertical snowboard, skis can be carried in the center, diagonally or at the sides CheckPrice

Osprey Kamber 32

Osprey Packs Kamber 32 Men's Ski Backpack

Small / Medium & Medium / Large Vertical snowboard carry, Diagonal / A-frame ski carry, Stow-able helmet CheckPrice

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack

23 & 25 L skis either diagonally or in an A-frame. CheckPrice

Gregory Mountain Products Targhee 32

Gregory Mountain Products Targhee 32 Backpack

Medium & Large Vertical snowboard carry, Diagonal / A-frame ski carry CheckPrice

Buying Guide – Choosing Right Snowboard and Ski Backpack

If you need to replace your current backpack you want to make sure you are replacing it with the best snowboard and ski backpack around.

Having the best gear doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune.

If you know what to look for when choosing the best snowboard and ski backpack you can easily find one to fit your budget.


You need to consider the size of the backpack.

To determine how big or small of a backpack you will need to consider how long your trip will be, how much gear you will be carrying, and where you are going.

20 liter to 35 liter backpacks is ideal for day trips that require minimal gear.

If your trip is going to last longer than just a few hours, such as overnight or multiple days, you need a larger snowboard and ski backpack.

35 liters will work for overnight trips, but multiple days require something even larger so you might want to consider backpacks up into the 55 liter range.


Imagine spending hours only to find yourself uncomfortable after about an hour in.

That is exactly what will happen if you purchase a poorly fitted backpack. Not only will a poorly fitted backpack make you uncomfortable it can also throw off your balance and restrict your movement.

The best way to find a backpack that properly fits is to try them on in person.

Just remember the way the pack fits will change when filled with gear, so if you can try it on filled with gear before purchasing.

Pay attention to torso length, some packs offer adjustable torso lengths and some do not.

Where safety gear is stored

If you are on the slopes you always need to have emergency gear with you.

In the case of emergency, the last thing you want to do is spend time digging through your pack to find what you need.

Your emergency safety gear needs to be in a designated area as time is of the essence in emergencies.

The best snowboard and ski backpack will have a designated compartment for this gear that is easy to access.

The gear should be stored internally rather than externally to minimize the risk of it falling or getting ripped off.

Types of access

No matter if its an emergency or not the last thing you want to do is dig all the way through your backpack looking for something.

The best snowboard and ski backpack is going to provide wearers with quick and convenient access to everything stored inside.

One feature to look for is back panel access to the main compartment.

This allows you to easily reach what is inside, plus prevents snow from sticking to the back panel when you lay the pack down to get inside of it. Two access points are best as it allows you to efficiently access your gear regardless of location.

Key Features

A good snowboard and ski backpack are going to fit your specific needs, but there are must-have features all backpacks should have.

Look for backpacks that offer exterior loops to provide you with more carrying options.

A helmet carry system is another great feature as it safely and securely holds your helmet when not in use.

Another great feature is a storage compartment designed for goggles as you always want to have them handy.

Consider your own specific carrying needs and look into backpacks that offer the features you need.


Let’s face it you are going to be out in all kinds of weather. Your backpack is going to get wet, snowed on; face freezing temperatures, and so much more.

With all of these conditions you need to find a backpack that is going to offer some kind of protection, otherwise, you are going to be faced with wet, soggy, or even frozen gear.

Water resistance is one of the most important things to look at.

Some materials are more water resistant than others, but there is also the option of additional water-resistant coatings.

Other features to look for are water-resistant zippers, storm flaps, sealed seams, and a back panel that sheds snow.


No matter how you travel down the slopes your backpack is going to take a beating.

Wear and tear on your backpack is normal, but the more solid build the backpack has the longer it is going to last.

When looking for the best snowboard and ski backpack look for one that offers abrasion-resistant fabric in areas that will get a lot of use.

You also need to look for reinforced seams and stitching in more vulnerable areas.

Carrying ability

How the backpack carries your skis or snowboard will vary.

Some packs offer a vertical carry, while others use a horizontal, diagonal, an A-frame or some kind of combination of methods.

The best snowboard and ski backpack is going to offer a variety of methods for carrying skis and snowboards.

The more options the backpack provides the more flexibility you will have, which is important as you can change your carrying method based on the specific environment.

You also want to check the strap measurements before purchasing to ensure they will work with your skis or snowboard.

Suspension system

A good backpack is going to have an excellent suspension system.

A suspension system is necessary for ski and snowboard backpacks because it helps keep you comfortable, improves load stability, and helps evenly distribute the weight of heavier loads.

You want to look for a pack that offers an adjustable waist belt and sternum strap.

The suspension system should also offer a rigid frame designed to support the load.

All straps should be adjustable and adequately padded. Compression straps are also recommended as they help stabilize the load by bringing it in closer to your body.

Hydration bladder

A backpack that comes equipped with a hydration bladder is a good thing, but not having one isn’t a deal breaker.

You want to find a ski and snowboard backpack that is at least compatible with hydration bladders.

This ability gives you the opportunity to access water without having to take the pack off to access your water bottle.


If you are going to be doing any kind of backcountry exploring you need a backpack that offers airbags.

These airbags will help improve the chances of surviving an avalanche, but can also help save you from head and neck injuries.

Airbags, when deployed, will keep you as close to the snow’s surface as possible, which greatly helps in rescuers being able to find you.

Another great option to consider adding to your backpack is the AvaLung, which can help you breathe if you are trapped under snow.

Review of Top Snowboard and Ski Backpacks

Here are quick reviews on the best Snowboard and Ski Backpack available today. You can find key specs, pros / cons, customer review summaries and any other important information needed to make a decision.

Dakine Heli Pro Backpack Review

Dakine Heli Pro Backpack

For those of you who are looking for an excellent skiing and snowboarding backpack, look no further than the Dakine Heli Pro Backpack.

One of the greatest things about this backpack is it comes in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can find just the right one for your needs.

The Dakine Heli Pro Backpack is made from a 600D Polyester fabric to ensure durability. The Dakine Heli Pro is also available in a women’s version.

The backpack is also compatible with the DK Impact Spine Protector, but you must purchase it separately.

With the Dakine Heli Pro Backpack you have a variety of ski and snowboard carrying options. The backpack offers a vertical or diagonal ski and snowboard carry, along with an A-frame ski carry.

These multiple options ensure you can properly carry your equipment regardless of the elements. The backpack also features a designated goggle pocket that is fleece lined.

The backpack also features an easy access front zippered pocket and a side pocket for additional storage options.

The backpack offers helmet attachment loops and a pocket designed for snow tools or a snow shovel.

Based on customer reviews the key pros and cons of the backpack are –

  • Multiple carry options
  • Helmet attachment loops
  • Easy access pockets
  • No serious issues!

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Osprey Kamber 42 Review

Osprey Traveling Kamber 42 Men's Ski Pack, Small/Medium

If you are looking for a snowboard backpack that stands out from the crowd take a closer look at the Osprey Kamber 42.

This backpack was designed with the snowboarder in mind.

The Osprey Kamber 42 offers wearers the ability to horizontally carry their snowboards.

The horizontal carry works as the reinforced hipbelt provides wearers the ability to carry the board across the back panel of the backpack.

The hipbelt also provides zippered pockets that are easily accessible with one hand allowing for quick access to your most important items.

With the Kamber 42 skiers will also find the pack to be an excellent choice as it can accommodate almost every ski carrying option, including A-frame and diagonal.

Whether you are carrying your board or your skis the Kamber 42 offers reinforced contact points for durability.

The best part is the glove friendly zipper pulls featured all across the bag.

The backpack features a dual-compartment with multiple access points.

The Kamber 42 features dual zippered back panel access to both dry storage and the hydration bladder. The front of the pack features a J-zip access along with dual tuckaway ice tool loops.

The backpack offers back panel or top-load access for the main compartment. A removable top pocket features a FlapJacket skirt cover.

Based on customer reviews the key pros and cons of the backpack are –

  • Stowable helmet carry
  • Hipbelt pockets
  • Multiple carry options
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Back panel access
  • No serious issues!

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Thule Upslope Snowsports Backpack Review

Thule Upslope Snowsports Backpack, Roarange, 20 L

The Thule Upslope Snowsports Backpack is made from a 420D Cordura Nylon for maximum durability.

One of the best things about the Thule Upslope is its easy access. The backpack offers a zipper around the entire pack.

This zipper allows you to quickly and easily access the gear inside the main compartment without having to take the backpack off.

With the Thule Upslope users have different ways to access their gear. Pack or unpack your gear as others do with the traditional top load option.

The all around zipper allows users to access the pack while it is still on the back.

Sling style side access can also be used while the backpack is still being worn. No matter how you access your gear the internal compression cinches secure your gear from sliding around inside.

Skiers and snowboarders alike will enjoy the multiple carry options the Thule Upslope provides.

The versatile carry options include a diagonal ski carry along with a vertical and horizontal snowboard carry.

The bottom loop is easily adjustable to accommodate different size skis and snowboards. The loop can be stowed away when not in use to prevent accidental snagging.

The insulated hydration sleeve prevents hydration hose from freezing and the goggle pocket offers fleece lining for superior protection.

Based on customer reviews the key pros and cons of the backpack are –

  • Adjustable for skis and snowboards
  • Easy access
  • Insulated hydration sleeve
  • Separate goggle pocket
  • No helmet carry option

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

CamelBak 2016 Phantom Ski Pack Review

Camelbak 2016 Phantom 20 LR Ski Hydration Pack, Charcoal

If you are looking for a backpack that is comfortable enough to wear on the slopes or out in the back country look no further than the CamelBak 2016 Phantom Ski Pack.

One of the main selling points of the CamelBak Phantom Ski Pack is you can use it to comfortably carry skis or snowboards.

The backpack offers versatile carrying options for both skis and snowboards.

With the Phantom Ski Pack you have the option of A-frame and diagonal ski carry along with the vertical and horizontal snowboard carrying options.

With the CamelBak Phantom Ski Pack you are going to be able to easily organize all your gear. You will even find a wet/dry compartment that will be quite useful at times.

The backpack is designed to carry everything that you will need whether you are out on the trails or skiing across the backcountry.

Inside your backpack, you will find room for a helmet, probe, shovel, snowshoes, goggles, clothes, food, and many other items. The compression straps allow you to secure the gear inside the bag to allow for a closer fit on your body.

Each compartment is secured and accessible through dual zippers. The zipper pulls are designed to be glove-friendly, so no worries about taking off the gloves to access the stuff inside your pack.

To insulate your water from the cold and prevent it from freezing the CamelBak uses a Therminator Harness. The pack comes equipped with a 3 liter lumbar hydration bladder.

Based on customer reviews the key pros and cons of the backpack are –

  • Hydration bladder included
  • Versatile carrying options
  • Plenty of storage
  • Helmet strap tucks away
  • Goggle pocket
  • Cellphone pocket is on the small side

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon


Your snowboard or ski backpack can make or break the time you spend on the slopes or in the backcountry.

In order to maximize your time spent on the slopes or exploring the backcountry, you need to find yourself the best snowboard and ski backpack.

The best pack is going to offer you all of the right features with plenty of storage.

Here are the best snowboarding/ski backpacks again for you. You can check out price, specs, and reviews on Amazon by clicking on the link –

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