Advantages of Buying Ninja Blenders [Read Before Buying a Blender]

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Euro Pro manufactures Ninja® blenders and food processors.

They promote innovation in food blending and crushing technology which will cater to the multitude of cooking demands of kitchens around the world. Ninja blender and food processors come in three ranges.

First, the Ninja UltimaTM series which has a unique and patented dual blade technology that provides consistent blending.

Second in line is the Total CrushingTM series that couples high power with sharp and efficient blades which allow it to crush ice and foods in a matter of seconds.

Last is the Ninja® Master Prep® series which allows you to make professional dishes in your kitchen. It is a versatile series, serving most of your culinary needs.

Benefits of Ninja Blenders

Ninja products provide a number of advantages over other blenders in their price range. Sometimes their advantages even overtake those products far above their prices. Let us look at the positives of Ninja blenders.


Ninja blenders can be used for several functions, especially Mega Kitchen Systems which are designed to take over your entire kitchen by a storm.

They come with blades that can blend, puree, chop and make a dough.

So, say goodbye to the cumbersomeness of tackling three different appliances- food processor, juicer, and grater. You can make drinks with ice flakes, or smoothies. You can make salsa and soups. You can also make cake or cookie dough.

Patented Blade Technology

The 4-blade and 6-blade technologies from Ninja (to be fitted in the pitcher) are designed in such a way that they can blend food throughout the container.

The blades are mounted on a single stem that is attached to the base. These blades are sharp and well-designed so that food all through the container is well minced and processed.

When you couple this with the high power of some Ninja products, you get a technology that will revolutionize your kitchen.

The placement of the blades also ensures that you face no difficulty in cleaning the vessel. You will find that food will not be stuck in the lower region, below the blades, like in other blenders.

Container Variety

Ninja blenders come with a number of size options for pitcher size, that is, 72 oz. (9 cups), 48 oz. (6 cups) or 40 oz. (5 cups). Apart from the pitcher to make numerous cups, they also come with single-serve cups that allow you to make personal drinks.

Go-To-Lids supplied with these single-serve containers let you seal your drink and take it wherever you want to go.

Short blending time- Ninja blenders are high powered machines with sharp blades that can slice through your food and make it into a blend in a matter of minutes, even seconds.

You can get a pitcher full of flakes from ice cubes in an instant. This decreases your food preparation time greatly and gives you time to enjoy the meal with your family and friends.

Consistent Blending

An impressive feature of Ninja blenders is that food is processed in a consistent manner. So you will not find chunks of whole foods in your smoothies once you have blended it well in your Ninja blender.

Moreover, the blades are designed in such a manner that they are spread throughout the container and give an equally blended product in all areas of the container.

So, you do not have to worry about getting a mushy product at the base of the container and chunks of food at the top.


The pitcher, blades, food bowls, single serves, motor base and lids are all designed to please your senses. Not only are they safe to use but they appeal to your eyes too.

A Ninja blender in your kitchen will surely add style to your kitchen.

Scratch Proof

Ninja pitchers and bowls are made from a material that cannot be scratched easily. This helps you maintain your Ninja product just like it was the first day you unwrapped it.


Since Ninja blenders are used to make food products that are directly ingested, it is essential that they do not contain any toxins.

To solve this problem, plastic used in making Ninja containers are bisphenol-A (BPA) free. This saves you and your family from the ugly effects of BPA contamination.

Dishwasher Safe

This comes with the easy-clean feature of Ninja blenders. You can pop in the parts of your Ninja blender into your dishwasher and expect it to be cleaned well.

However, you should carefully read the manual to know which parts should be kept in which part of the dishwasher.

In the end.

With all these advantages, Ninja blenders and food processors make for a terrific addition to your house. When compared to its major competitors, Ninja blenders pose several advantages.

When compared to the budget blenders like Oster ($20), the performance of Ninja is far better even though the models are costly ($40 and above).

Vitamix and NutriBullet blenders are on the other end of the spectra. They are highly priced superior quality products.

Ninja blenders often beat them too when it comes to value for money and ice crushing performance.  All in all, when you go out and purchase a Ninja blender or food processor it will become an invaluable part of your kitchen.

The unit and its extra parts, available in most retail stores online or off-line, will satisfy most of your cooking needs.

You will find that Ninja products stand up to their promise of delivering high-performance and versatile blending machines to serve most of your culinary needs.

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