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Ninja® provides innovation in crushing and blending technology to cater to the versatile cooking demands of kitchens world-wide.

It has three major lines of blenders- Ninja UltimaTM series boasting a dual blade technology, the Total CrushingTM series which can crush ice and soft foods alike and the Ninja® Master Prep® series to bring professional cooking styles to your home.

Ninja® products have BPA-free plastic pitchers, cups and bowls which keep you and your family safe from the toxic consequences of BPA poisoning.

All parts are dishwasher safe. In fact, it is really easy to clean even by hand which is not the case for other blenders.

The warranty on these products is one year long and subject to several terms and conditions as listed on their site. Euro-Pro, the company which produces Ninja products, has a 60-day return policy on these models, which is a liberal time frame.

Ninja UltimaTM series

The UltimaTM series promises to give you a unique blending experience with its power and well-designed blade technology.

It boasts of dual stage blending and 2.5 horsepower of power that provides you consistently blended food in minutes.

With this design, say goodbye to expectations of extra-blended products in the bottom and unblended food in the top of the pitcher.


This series has numerous models that capitalize on the patented Ninja blades:

Ninja UltimaTM Blender (BL800)

This is the most basic model in this series. Like all model in the Ninja UltimaTM line, BL800 works on 1500 W. It has three speeds, low, medium and high, to cater to various cooking needs. An extra-large (72oz.) blending jar comes along with this product.

Ninja UltimaTM Blender + (BL810)

This model adds another layer of utility to the previous model. It boasts of ten speeds to tend to a greater variety of food processing requirements. It also comes with two 16 oz. Nutri NinjaTM cups and Sip and SealTM lids so that you can store your drink and take it along with you.

Ninja UltimaTM Kitchen System (BL800)

Euro-Pro has added even more accessories to this system to make it more useful in the kitchen. The peak power in this model is 3 horsepower, greater than the other models in this series. It comes with a food processing bowl and blade accessories to match it. This appliance boasts of 10 speeds too.

Ninja UltimaTM Blender+ (BL830)

This model differs from BL800 in its speeds. There are ten speed options to let the user experiment with food. It comes with three 16 oz. Nutri NinjaTM cups and Sip and SealTM lids which can cater to many more people who want to take their drinks along with them on their busy days.

Ninja UltimaTM Blender+ (BL830)

This is the cookbook model. It has all the parts and accessories that the Ninja UltimaTM Blender + BL830 has plus one hundred and fifty pages of delicious recipes for you to implement using your state-of-the-art blender. The 72 oz. pitcher gives you all the space you need for experiments with small or large foods.

Total CrushingTM series

As the name suggests, this line of products is designed to overtake all the crushing needs of the kitchen. This series was designed to conquer most aspects of cooking in your kitchen.

These appliances are meant to simply, ease and inspire healthy living so that you and your family can maintain an active lifestyle.

So whether you want to blend nutritious drinks, mix dough, make creamy smoothies or chop vegetables and other food, this is the right choice for you.


Ninja® Kitchen System PulseTM (BL200)

This 700 W system is all about power. If you have an on the go lifestyle, then this is an ideal addition to the kitchen.

The pitcher can be used for juicing and blending professionally. It has a large pitcher size to suit your needs. The processor bowl that comes along with the system can be set up such that it can shred and, with a minor change, slice.

The dough blade helps the system adapt to your regular and cookie dough-making needs. It even has attachment for grating. With all these features, this appliance is sure to become an indispensable part of your life.

Ninja® Professional Blender with Single Serve (BL660)

This appliance offers high-powered blending service for the whole family and yourself.

The extra-large 72 oz. pitcher and 16 oz. single serve cups ensure that you mix the right amount of ingredients for your cooking needs. To suit your on-the-go and active lifestyle these single serve cups come with to-go lids so that you can make a personal smoothie and take it to work.

This system has a generous power rating (1100 W) which gives the sharp blades an extra ability to slice through food in seconds.

Ninja® Professional Blender (NJ600)

This system is similar to the Ninja® Professional Blender with Single Serve with some basic differences.

This appliance works on 1000 W. Both systems have three mixing speeds for blending, ice crushing and mixing along with a pulse speed. They have an extra large pitcher that promises to serve your whole family with wholesome, consistent and healthy smoothies.

It also serves most other cooking needs, like pureeing, controlled processing, and blending. The powerful blades allow it to pulverize ice into snowy flakes in seconds.

Ninja® Mega Kitchen System (BL770)

This a three-in-one appliance rolled out by Euro-Pro to satisfy all your culinary needs. A generous, extra-large pitcher can process food and drinks for the whole family.

It has the highest power rating, which helps it to shorten your cooking time in half leaving you free to enjoy the meal with your family. There are two single serve cups in which you make your personal drinks, seal it with a to-go lid and take it along anywhere you go.

Lastly, it has a food processing bowl (64 oz.) which can chop, mix dough and handle anything else that your recipe needs. This appliance comes with four different blades to handles mixing, blending, dough making and single serve blending.

With this machine in your kitchen, you never have to look for a separate blender, processor, juicer or dough maker.

Ninja® Master Prep® series

In an attempt to take over as many roles in the kitchen as possible, Euro-Pro has launched the Ninja Master Prep series. This series of Ninja blenders targets the arena of food processing.


This line has three blenders:

Ninja® Master Prep® (QB900)

This model recently won the prestigious Housewares Design Award Winner (2010) and is clearly a pathbreaking system.

This 400 W appliance works its way through food and ice, converting each item into perfectly chopped end products. You will not end up with slush since the powerful blades cut through ice in seconds and turn them into snowy flakes.

It comes with a large pitcher (48 oz. or 6 cups) that can accommodate your food demands- whether it is chopping, pureeing, or blending.

Ninja® Master Prep® Pro System (QB1004)

This Ninja patented technology is fashionable and powerful. With 450 W of power, it pulses through your food with its unique blades. The results are delicious, consistent and without sogginess.

It comes with containers of several sizes- a 48 oz. pitcher along with a 40 oz. processing bowls and a 16 oz. chopper. Every system comes with lids that fit on the containers so snuggle that it is splash-proof.

These stylish machines are a must have for all your food processing needs.

Ninja® Master Prep® Processing Bowl (QB700Q)

This is a 40 oz. processing bowl that is ideal for all your food processing, and, of course, drink making needs. It powerful blades work on 400 W of power and deliver precision cutting.


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