How Ninja Blenders Work and What Makes Them Special!

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Ninja® blenders, with their unique blade design, provide customers with innovation in blending and food processing which promises to revolutionize the way they cook.

Versatile cooking demands can now be met with just one appliance.

Ninja blenders and food processors have three major lines of products, namely- the Ninja UltimaTM series which promises you the ultimate crushing experience with its dual blade technology, the Total CrushingTM series which consists of powerful blenders that slice through your food in an instant and the Ninja® Master Prep® series which allows you to implement professional recipes at home.

Ninja® blender and food processors are high-quality products that have containers made of BPA-free plastic, a move to provide users with non-toxic products.

The parts are easily washed in dishwashers or with hot water. They have a one-year return policy and a 60-day return policy which allows customers to replace parts and return goods if they are not satisfied.

Moreover, these blenders are moderately priced which ensures that it has a wide customer base.

Ninja blenders work in a unique fashion due to their patented blade technology. Here we elaborate on how they are designed to give you the best blending results.

Key Parts of a Ninja Blender

Here is what makes Ninja Blenders so special:

Quad Blades

The quad blades assembly has four blades projecting from a tall stem that covers the whole length of the pitcher. They are positioned in such a way that food throughout the pitcher can be processed.

The blades are mounted on two levels which makes their blending action a two-stage blending action. They are mounted on a stem that is fixed to the base. You can easily remove the stem from the base.

This makes it very easy to clean. The blades are attached on the lower portion of the stem and not the top portion, where you are likely to hold it to remove it from the base.

So, you need not worry about hurting yourself with the blades.

6-Blade System

6-blades have six blades attached to a long plastic stem. This gives you a three stage blending experience since the blades are fixed on three levels.

It is designed to give you an even superior blending experience that the four-blade technology. This blade is also detachable from the base so that it can be washed easily.

Washing in a dishwasher is advised since these blades are so sharp that you can cut yourself when you wash them by hand.

Nutri Ninja Blades

The Nutri Ninja blades are small, yet powerful blades that work with single serve cups or Nutri Ninja cups. They have four blades at two levels, which utilize a two-stage blending process, again.

These blades are fixed on the lids fixed on one lid of a Nutri Ninja cup so that you can simply add the requisite ingredients in the cups and blend them.

You need to invert the container on the lid and start the blender. This system proves to be very helpful when you want to make personal drinks and smoothies.

Motor Base

Ninja blenders have a petite looking motor base. This base stands firmly on the ground with no slip suction stands. This ensures that there is no fatality during the powerful blending operation.

The base has a touchpad with several keys on it, depending on the number of speed options available in that model. Many models provide three speeds and pulse.

There is another key for blending in Nutri Ninja cups. The electrical cord, extending from the motor base, can be stored in a small compartment behind the base.

This prevents hassle during storage and keeps the cord safe from external agents like mice that might damage it.


Ninja blender pitchers come in various sizes. The extra large pitcher has a capacity of 72 oz. or 9 cups. The smaller pitchers have 48 oz. and 40 oz capacities.

It is recommended that people with larger families buy Ninja blenders with larger pitchers. Smaller pitchers can be used by smaller families.

Dough Hook

This is made of a plastic stem with four blade-like plastic extensions. It can be fitted on the base of the container. Its primary use is to knead dough in a consistent manner.

This also works on two stages to ensure that dough throughout the container is kneaded well.

Chopper Blades

The chopper blades found in Master Prep systems have four blades. Sets of two can be detached from each other. They fit one on top of the other on a plastic stem.

The plastic stem them attaches to the base of the container for chopping.


The lids of the pitcher can be clicked closed. This protects it from opening up during the blending operation. It also acts as a safety net.

Since the blades are so sharp that they can cut through skin, children should be kept away from them. The lid’s shutting mechanism acts as a child-proof system.

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