Ninja Blenders vs Juicers – Which one to Go for? [A Quick Guide]

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A common inquiry that most customers have is whether a Ninja blender can replace conventional juicers.

Here, we take a deeper look into all aspects of the matter.

The positives of  using Ninja Blender

Ninja machines are superior kitchen appliances that cater to almost all your kitchen needs, be it blending, mixing, food processing or pureeing.

Many have often used it for juicing fruits and vegetables and here are a list of advantages that makes Ninja blenders a leading product.

Ease of usage

To extract the most juice out of your product, you need to chop up fruits and feed it to the juicer. Blenders, on the other hand, can handle whole tomatoes and fruits if it fits inside the pitcher.


Ninja comes with a variety of blades (4-blade, 6-blade technologies) that allow the user to blend different foods. There are three speeds and pulse to adjust to your blending needs. They also come with different pitcher sizes so that you can make smoothies for your whole family or yourself. Juicers may also come with different accessories and power options.


Ninja blenders have stylish vessels that are surprisingly easy to clean. The parts are dishwasher safe which makes it even more convenient. You can often clean them by using hot water and soap.  Ninja blender pitches are also scratch-resistant which allows you to maintain them as they were on the first day. Most juicers have a variety of parts which can be clogged with fibre from fruits which makes cleaning a very tricky operation.

Not just juice

Juicers are specifically designed for extracting juice which is not true for blenders. You can puree, blend frozen foods and crush ice. Ninja blenders can pulverize even tomato skin and seeds. Some users have also made sauces and salsa using blenders. Since blenders serve a variety of purposes, it is a good investment.


Ninja blenders costs much lesser than other machines that do the same function that they do which makes them very competitive in the market.

Although juicers maybe lesser priced they have the disadvantage of being very specific in their use which gives you less for the same price.


Ninja blenders are high-powered machines (maximum power rating is 1500 W for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System).

They are able to crush ice into flakes in seconds. Juicers on the other hand are built for low power applications since they do not expect ice and frozen foods to be put in for juicing, unlike those put for blending.

Some Limitations of Ninja blenders

You should keep in mind that Ninja blenders are designed essentially for blending and not juicing.  This means that they are not capable of separating fibre from juice even though they may give you a smooth and consistent blend of fruits and vegetables.

To overcome this, you should strain the fibre content from the final blend and drink the juice. This then becomes a two-step process which can be avoided if you use a juicer.

When should I buy Ninja blender or a juicer?

Customers are often confused between their juicing and blending needs, so let us break it down for you. Juices are dilute liquid products usually extracted from fruits.

Smoothies on the other hand are made by blending fruits and veggies, leaving in the skin and sometimes even seeds. Juice gives you more nutrient value in every sip as compared to a smoothie. These nutrients are much easier to absorb in a juice when compared to a smoothie.

Smoothies have a lot of fibres which drastically improve digestion in your body. But juices also consume much more raw material than a smoothie to give you one glass of product.

Smoothies are wholesome and maybe as heavy as a meal. The same feeling of fullness is not achieved from a juice, which is light on the stomach and more dilute.

Fibres present in smoothies ensure that all the sugar contained in fruits is not absorbed by the body immediately. Juices on the other hand, let the body absorb sugar quickly giving you a sudden boost of energy

If you are looking to remove the fibre content from vegetables and fruits to give you a thin and easy-to-digest liquid, then you should pick a juicer.

For those of you who prefer smoothies with the extremely useful fibre intact, you should choose a blender. You can also use you blender for processing a wide variety of foods.

If you want to use a blender for juicing, you can blend the veggies and fruits that you require and later strain out the fibre from the product. This will ensure that you only have the required juice and nutrients in your drink.

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