Ninja Vs Nutriubullet – Which one to Buy?

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Ninja® provides innovation in crushing and blending technology to cater to the versatile cooking demands of kitchens world-wide.

It has three major lines of blenders- Ninja UltimaTM series boasting a dual blade technology, the Total CrushingTM series which can crush ice and soft foods alike and the Ninja® Master Prep® series to bring professional cooking styles to your home.

The NutriBullet is an upgrade from MagicBullet which is specially designed to cater to the smoothie-drinking generation of healthy eaters.

It has a 600 W power rating which blends most foods and a single serve pitcher size that is perfect for making personal drinks.

Since these products are competitors in the market, it is natural to compare their positives and limitations in order to decide what is best suited to your needs.

A detailed comparison between Ninja and Nutribullet


NutriBullet works on 600 W which is more than the food processing line of Ninja, that is the Ninja Master Prep series, but much less than the Ninja Ultima or Total Crushing series, both of which work on 1000 W and above.

The Ninja Ultima series boasts of 1500 W of power which results in intense cyclonic motion of its blades and extremely fast food processing.


Ninja products come with a variety of blades. The makers of Ninja pride themselves in their patented blade design.

The 4-blade and 6-blade designs are mounted on a stem and ensure that food throughout the pitcher is blended properly.

The regular dough blade and the cookie dough blade are extra parts that allow you to broaden the capabilities of your blender. By the variety of blades, you can see that the motive of Ninja makers is quite clear- they want to overtake all your cooking needs through their products.

NutriBullet, on the other hand, has one type of Extractor blades of their patented design. This is an appliance that specifically targets juicing and smoothie-making hence the improvisations in blades is not targeted.


Ninja products come with large and extra-large pitchers that can make drinks for the whole family at one go. It is meant fornutribullet vs Ninja comparison a whole household.

These products also come with single-serve containers with to-go lids that allow you to make drinks for yourself and take them along with you.

This last attribute is shared with NutriBullet. The container of NutriBullet is fit for making one drink at a time, whether you use the short cut or the tall cup.

To extend their utility into other cooking spheres, Ninja products also come with processing bowls which let you make the dough in them.

Power Base

The power base on which the pitcher or container rests has very different in both cases. The NutriBullet has the option to select the blade and cup combination which you are using.

If you press the start button after that, the appliance automatically works at a set speed program. Ninja products, on the other hand, have a base with different speed options and one option for Pulse.

There are three or ten-speed options depending on the blender that you have chosen. The power base even has a place for cord storage at the back.

Safety Features

Ninja products have a feature for storing the power cord behind the motor base. They also have a lock option for the pitcher lid which makes it childproof. Both Ninja and NutriBullet have a non-slip base that does not allow the unit to slide off during operation.


Both products are advertised as easily cleanable and safe for use in a dishwasher. Make sure that you read the product manual before washing.

This will tell you whether some parts are suited for cleaning at top shelf of the dishwasher or the bottom shelf.


Both products have a one year warranty which is lesser than some companies that offer a 7-year warranty.

So you need to be extremely careful with your product and ensure that when you send it for repair or replacement, you follow all the rules given in the warranty file.

Return Policy

Ninja products have a strict 60-day return policy. NutriBullet, on the other hand, has a 30-day return policy.

Both the companies offer a full refund if the product and all its accessories are shipped to them within the allotted time period and you comply with the terms and conditions specified by them. The refund will be made immediately with a deduction for shipping and processing charges.

Final Recommendation

NutriBullet is perfect for small families or individuals for smoothie making since it comes with only with a single serve option and extractor blades that are designed for smoothies.

On the other hand, Ninja blenders preferable for large families for variable kitchen needs because it has extra large pitchers and a whole variety of other accessories that serve most of your culinary needs.

Moreover, Ninja blenders are extremely powerful so you should pick it if you need consistently blended food in seconds.

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