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Ninja® blenders and food processors are innovative appliances that will change the way you blend and crush in your kitchen.

These machines are stylish and versatile and they promise to revolutionize your kitchen.

Ninja has three major lines of blenders- the Ninja UltimaTM series of blenders which boast of a dual stage blending technology, the Total CrushingTM series of blenders which are so powerful that they can crush ice in seconds and the Ninja® Master Prep® series of blenders and food processors that allow you to cook professional recipes with easy at home.

Ninja® products are made of BPA-free plastic so that you and your family are safe from the toxic consequences of BPA poisoning.

They are easy to wash and all parts are dishwasher safe. The products come with a warranty of one year long which is subject to several terms and conditions, as listed on their site.

Euro-Pro, the company which produces Ninja products offers a 60-day return policy on these models, which is a liberal time frame.

Nutri Ninja (BL450)

The newest technology offered by Ninja is its Nutri Ninja BL450 blender. These devices are ideal for making personal drinks and smoothies.

They target the health-lovers who make themselves a smoothie every day and love to drink it multiple times a day.

Key Specifications

Let us look at some key specification before we delve into further detail.

  • Pitcher Capacity (3 pitchers) – 12 oz. and 18 oz and 24 oz. – Ideal for versatile drink making needs.
  • Two Sip & Seal Lids
  • One Shake Lid
  • One set of Pro Extractor blades
  • Power- 900 W – Generous power for effective blending
  • Dishwater Safe Parts- Pitcher, Lid, Blade
  • Speeds- Pulse only
  • 1-Year warranty
  • BPA free
  • Stainless steel blades

Detailed description

Let us look at the features of Nutri Ninja BL450 in greater detail.

Look: The Nutri Ninja blender is a small appliance that is adequately built for personal needs. The base is smaller than conventional Ninja motor bases since it is built for blending in smaller pitchers. However, like all Ninja blenders, this blender is sleek and stylish.

Blades: Pro Extractor blades are used in the Nutri Ninja BL450 blender. These blades, unlike the patented quad-blade in another Ninja blender, in small and extends till a small height above the base.

It is made of stainless steel which imparts longevity to the structure. These blades are removable to ease the cleaning process for you. These blades are quite sharp and back with immense power (900 W) which makes them effective blending tools.

The blades are situated at the base, which makes them churn food downward in a whirlpool. Food from all over the container is sucked downward and blended evenly. These blades are like standard blades that are used in other blenders too.

Power: This model is backed by a power of 900 W and Pulse speed. Such a great power rating means that the blades run at a very high speed (up to 21,000 rpm). This gives the power of the blade to slice through all kinds of food material, be it ice or soft foods, and make a smooth blend.

Container options: There are three containers that come with this blender. They have capacities of 12 oz., 18 oz. and 24 oz. A variety of containers are available so that you have different options for making drinks even when it comes to making drinks for personal use.

Most personal blenders, like Oster blenders, come with only one specific size for personal blending. They understand that all smoothies and drinks do not work well with exactly the same capacity. The containers are uniquely designed so that they look like a standard glass or cup which you can take along to the office or gym.

Portability: Nutri Ninja BL450 comes with Sip & Seal lids. These lids are designed so that they fit snugly on top of the Nutri Ninja cups sealing the contents inside, without leakage. An opening at the top allows you sip through it whenever you want to.

This spout is closed by a lid that pops open with a finger and closes tightly on the spout again. The cups themselves are shaped like conventional glasses and cups so that you can take them anywhere, to the office or the gym. They fit in most container stands.

Most lenders in the market provide users with this kind of portability since they understand the inconvenience caused by the need to switch containers for blending and drinking.

Plastic: The cups are made of BPA-free plastic which makes them safe for use with consumables such as smoothies and any other food item.

This protects you and your family from the toxic effects of bisphenol-A poisoning. Since these are a plastic container, they are light and less likely to crack, unlike glass containers. Most personal blenders (small capacity ones) are made of plastic. Some, with larger capacities, use glass for making the pitcher.

Cleaning: Ninja blenders are always very easy to clean. Similarly, Nutri Ninja blenders are designed on the same lines. The blades are removable so that you are not left with hard-to-clean food items stuck under the blade.

The pitcher, lids and blades are dishwasher safe so that you can pop them into a dishwasher without worrying about damage. You should read the manual to understand which part goes in which part of the dishwasher.

What do we recommend?

Nutri Ninja BL450 is a great piece of machine and well received by buyers. We would highly recommend it.

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