Potential Problems with Ninja Blenders [Must Read Before Buying]

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Ninja® blenders and food processors are innovative appliances that can satisfy the needs of kitchen worldwide.

They are versatile and stylish, a unique combination that gives them a wide customer base.

Ninja blenders have three major product types- the Ninja UltimaTM series works on a dual blade technology which is unique to Ninja products, the Total CrushingTM series is powerful and can crush ice and other foods instantly and the Ninja® Master Prep® series which allows you to make professional recipes at home.

Ninja® products are world class because they have a lot of positive attributes.

Their containers are made of BPA-free plastic which keeps you and your family safe from the toxic effects of BPA poisoning. All its parts and accessories are dishwasher safe.

They have a one year warranty on their products which is subject to a number of terms and conditions. They also have a 60-day return policy on these models, a very generous time frame.

Potential Problems with Ninja Blenders

Like every appliance, Ninja blenders are also subject to a few shortcomings. This does not actually mean that the product is not good. It just means that a few buyers may face these issues while using Ninja Blenders.

We analysed customer reviews of several Ninja models and have compiled a comprehensive analysis of the same to give an idea of the potential limitation / issues of Ninja products.


Ninja blenders are high powered appliances, with power ratings ranging from a mere 400 W to as high as 1500 W.

Customers generally complain about noise that emanates from the machine during operation, especially from those working on high power.

Our take – This is expected since the unit is actively and swiftly slicing through food and making them into blended products in a matter of seconds.


Users have reported, especially while making green smoothies, that the final blended product is not consistent and may contain some chunks of unprocessed food.

Green smoothies usually require a number of frozen fruits and vegetables. This kind of performance indicates that some types of food may not be compatible with the machine.

Customers can refer to the recipe book provided with the unit for drinks that are sure to work in their Ninja blender.

Another way to eliminate this issue is by avoiding the use of foods like almonds, oats, frozen foods and the like. On the other hand, customers have noticed that when ice cubes (alone) are crushed, they turn into consistent snowflakes in seconds. However, ice and liquid do not blend well when blended at the same time.

Our take: in most cases we found that the consistency issue was because the ingredients were not proper and not that the machine malfunctioned.

Plastic containers

Some customers prefer blenders that have glass containers since glass containers are not likely to scratch soon.

Ninja blenders are made of plastic and some users have noted that they can easily scratch if the blades somehow come in contact with the pitcher or cup.

On the other hand, the container is quite resistant to minor scratches, unlike other plastic containers, which increases its lifespan.

Additionally, Ninja pitchers and cups are made of BPA-free plastic which ensures that your food or drink is not contaminated with BPA. BPA, as is well known, causes a number of toxic damages to the body, including leading to cancer.

Our take : Plastic containers have their pros too, especially in case of rough usage.

Issues with Lid

Some issues with the lid that customers have reported is that it has a suction ring that is very sticky. This cause some inconvenience to them when they open the pitcher.

Sharp Blades

Numerous users are concerned about the sharpness of Ninja blades.

These blades are reported to be so sharp that they cut through skin even on the slightest contact. People are concerned about these blades coming in contact with their children.

A solution to this is the locking lid, which locks firmly and is child-proof. It is best to avoid washing these blades by hand.

However, for a blender that promises to slice through all kinds of food, it is expected that the blades will be sharp and powerful.

Our take: One really has to be careful while using Ninja because of its sharp blades. But a high performance blender needs to have such a blade system.

No spout for addition

Ninja blenders do not have spouts for an addition of extra food material during the blending process.

Customers often make drinks that require the addition of food in the midst of the blending period. They are inconvenienced when they have to stop blending and then add another ingredient.

A reason for this may be to ensure the safety of the customer. Since it is a high powered machine, opening a spout in the middle of the blending process may cause the food inside to splatter.

Our take: Yes, its a limitation but it seems the decision of not having it has its benefits and logic too.

Customer Service

Some issues that customers have had with Ninja’s customer service staff are that they were non-English speaking and there was a communication gap.

Some people sent a number of mails which were not acknowledged, so they had to resort to calling instead. Although in this case, the particular part was replaced immediately.

Even though Ninja states that products sold on Amazon come under their warranty, they have not upheld their word on several occasions.

However, Amazon provides the said warranty for a year and will replace your product, if you have bought it from them.

Our take: This is indeed serious issue. But for every unsatisfied customer we found several who were fine with the service. But yes, there is room for improvement.

Rubber base

A serious concern among users is that the blades have rubber nubs that control them. These rubber parts wear off quickly which greatly decreases the lifetime of the Ninja blender.

However, they are relieved that Ninja is quick to replace blenders and its parts. Ensure that you keep the receipt for claiming a replacement under the warranty.

Poor circulation

Users have reported that the blade is designed in such a way that it does not create a vortex-like other blender. Therefore, the ingredients on top do not mix with those at the bottom and vice-versa.

Our take: We found most users to be satisfied with the performance. It is important to check out the recipe book as not all ingredients will work equally well with Ninja

Our Recommendation

No doubt that there are limitations and some issues with Ninja, but the percentage of the same are very low as compared to other brands.

So, if you are looking for a good blender, we highly recommend you to check out Ninja Blenders. You can check out all the latest models and their prices on Amazon on this page> or just check out some of Ninja’s  most popular models below –

Bestseller No. 1
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  • The magic bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds and more. Cups are made out of high-impact plastic
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Ninja QB3001SS Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender, for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen...
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Ninja QB3001SS Ninja Fit Compact Personal Blender, for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen...
  • PULSE TECHNOLOGY: The powerful 700-watt push-to-blend motor base powers through everything inside the cup to give you the best of Ninja blending.
  • NUTRIENT EXTRACTION: Unlock hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies. Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables. By blending whole fruits and vegetables including portions that are usually discarded.

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35 thoughts on “Potential Problems with Ninja Blenders [Must Read Before Buying]”

  1. Our Ninja (the single serving model) lasted 3 months and the ball bearings fell out of it. We bought it at Kroger’s. The warranty says $20 plus we pay shipping and have to wait for the repair. I give it “*” for reliability.

    • Mine are falling out. Where are they coming from?? The blade assembly or the base? I do not know if I need a new machine or just replace the blade. thank you

  2. Bearings in the blade assembly locked up after a year, model BL482. It appears that the bottom of the assembly is not watertight. Lucky for me I have someone who can replace the bearings and make sure that they are sealed this time.

  3. The bpa plastic is not durable. After 3 years the base of my blender began chipping off just from setting it on the counter. Then the dough bowl in the Ninja Ultra Kitchen System separated from the base because of the weakened plastic. This is not meant to last, for what I paid for it, it was a waste of money. Going to buy a Vitamix.

  4. Lid rots around lid and puts black stuff on the blender. Is this getting in my food?!

    • My lid is melting, or rotting also. This has happened to other as well since I have been researching this on the internet. I bought mine a couple of years ago.

  5. I was given a Nutri ninja IQ as a gift over a year ago ,I would have barely used it 15 times and all of a sudden it stopped working . I don’t have a receipt either . Is there anywhere I can get it fixed or is it cheaper to buy another one ?

  6. I also have rubber shaving off from around the lid assembly. I keep shaking the unit to remove all the flakes that fell into it, and all I’ve ever done is rinse the container lid assembly and occasionally wash in dishwater. I haven’t found it in food or drink yet, otherwise the unit has been a great buy. I have used it 2-4 x day for the past year and 1/2.

  7. I had purchased the nutri ninja auto IS model BL642W 3 years ago from ninja themselves. I added the food processing package as well. I’ve made many things including ice cream and bread/ pizza dough, but mostly smoothies. After 3 years, the motor started making a grinding sound. I called customer service, and since I ordered from them, my unit was pre-registered. I was instructed to pack everything up (pack securely) and shipped it via FedEx at no charge. However, since that particular model was discontinued, they sent me the BL642Z, which is an upgraded model. I’ve had no other issues like many here. I’ve made it a point to wipe the base down with a damp cloth, only wash the cups in the dishwasher, and hand wash/ rinse blades immediately after use. Keep in mind, the extreme heat from dishwasher can (over time) damage most things. I also store the different parts where they don’t get ruined by other things.

  8. My Ninja Pro 900 jar (top) started to deteriorate after just two months of daily use. I noticed a discoloration that would wash off along the bottom of the jar where it is level with the blades. After taking a good close look at it, the discoloration was actually caused from small scratches and chips in the inside surface of the jar. It also felt as rough as sandpaper. That can’t be good.

    The damage to the jar could have easily been avoided if it was simply made of glass. It would be great if the makers would at least provide a replacement part or version of the Ninja that is made with a glass jar.

    I ended up replacing the whole unit with a Oster Pro 1200, which has a glass picture twice the size of the Ninja’s plastic jar, makes smoothies just as well, cost $10 less, and won’t provide a good dose of plastic in each one of my smoothies.

    • This piece of shit blender explodes every time we make tea or soup. Dont waste your money on it.

  9. We have a Ninjar blender but it will not turn on and this is the SECOND one we have had in three months with the same problem. When its working it is a fabulous machine but this one is going back and we are getting another brand.
    Anyone else had this problem?

  10. Yes, unfortunately my second one started to fail close to the warranty expire date and now Ninja is telling me that they cannot do something about it. I should have never accepted the original replacement. If you can get your refund.

    • More than once I have found small white shards that were like chipped teeth in my smoothies. I know it wasn’t unmixed ingredients because the pieces couldn’t be cut with a knife. That would have been dangerous if swallowed. Other times I have blended the full cycle and had whole strawberries and spinach leaves. So disappointed!

  11. bullet attachment won’t screw shut after I put it in dishwasher. something (clear plastic or black cap) got warped or maybe expanded from hot water.
    can put on base because the buttons now don’t light up (see three red dashes only)

  12. The lid sealing strip on my 40 oz ninja blender began deteriorating within the first year of using. I never put it in the dishwasher or even use it more than 2x’s a month. It is now a thick gooey mess . After speaking with a customer service rep he declared that he knows of no complaints matching mine so replacing the whole lid unit for $21 plus shipping is only option. After reading the comments left by customers I see that indeed the deteriorating seal IS a problem and the company should redesign with new materials. Purchasing a new lid seems like a losing situation as the same thing will repeat itself after a few uses.

  13. Ninja PRO = POS. Please don’t waste your money and don’t waste your time calling them when it fails. They will treat you like and idiot and you still will not get help or replacement for the blender.
    My little ninja is still running. The Pro quit is less than I week.

  14. I have a 1 year old blender that I have to hold the plastic jar for smoothies, or it will vibrate the jar loose and everything spits out the bottom !

  15. I just finished making several batches of salad dressing with my Ninja cup assembly. The last one had what looked like steam coming from inside the cup afterwards and black grease around the cup. Then I noticed a lot of black flecks in my salad dressing. Just to make sure it wasn’t pepper, I blended plain water and it is FILLED with black flecks of plastic.

    • I had this issue as well. I just replaced it with a new one, but wish I knew what caused this.

  16. i bought my ninja iQ from kohls few years back. it was working fine. now time change but motor do not start.no help from company.

  17. I just purchased another power motor head for the Ninja blender. Said it fits the one for model QB1000. It does not. The blade shaft on the older model does not fit the gear in the motor head. Shaft is smaller. Need to return but such a hassle. Ordered through Ebay.

  18. I started out with black gook getting on my hands while opening the lid of my smoothie, so of course it was also in the basin of the main unit where the spinning mechanism is. However, the actual lid with blades is fine, no deterioration that I can see, and I put in the dishwasher all the time for a few years. The goo happened for a few days. Now I am finding metal shards for a few days, then today found ball bearings. Sooo…they last a few years in my experience. I use it most everyday.

  19. QP600W-30 series rattles a bit when used but no deterioration or problems. I was looking to see if there was a lubrication issue or there is a procedure for maintenance (received complete setup from family) so no instructions or paperwork. The only issue so far is the safety latch setup on the blender cap blew apart and had to rebuild. The latches do not seat well so I have to hold the pin closed. (no biggle) works great!

  20. Bought the Ninja 1500 this summer, it was great for about 3months. Now it is over processing, have white smoke coming from inside the blender 40oz cup. Smells and taste like its burning. There is a dark brown oil like substance that comes off the base. The seal on the lid is not holding and leaking as it blends, even when there is only 16 oz of liquid. Very disappointed. Looking at the Vitimix

  21. My Ninja Model BL660C works fine when using the 72 oz Jug but when I put on the Goblet 10-12 oz, the power light is on, but the machine does not blend at all.
    We seldom use the machine 2-3 times per month and I cannot find the source of the problem??

  22. I have to say I bought two units 1500 model directly from ninja. With all the extras. One for daughter and one for my restaurant. Believe me, each of these units are used daily.
    Mine however, the blender has only been used a couple of times. Won’t work. And the food processor either. But I did get my money’s worth with the other parts.

  23. I purchased the BL610 professional blender 1000 used it maybe 2 dozen times and all of a sudden it will not even turn on. Will never spend that kind of money on a blender the cheap ones last longer.

  24. Our Ninja Blender 1500W has just sliced through the plastic jug while operating – sending fruit & juice contents and plastic bits around the laundry room – a very scary experience. Now left with a plastic jug with a gaping jagged hole. Nothing except chopped up fruit was in the blender. Have been using this blender for a long time without any issues – but now what a disaster! Have taken photos for follow-up.

  25. I have the Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender ​​BL770. I had fruit smash the plastic jug and splatter all over my kitchen! I make smoothies a few times a week and blackish gray goo is all the base and some got into my smoothie. I have felt sick and have a metal taste in my mouth that I can’t get rid of now!! Who should I talk to about this? what is this goo? is it dangerous?

  26. The blade base is leaking black gunk. And smell terrible and I have not had it for too long. So upset, it’s ruined some of my food whole cooking.

  27. The light on my ninja blender turns on but when I press the pulse it doesn’t turn on what is the problem?

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