Advantages of Nutribullet Over Eating Raw

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We have already discussed the differences (benefits and limitations) between juicing and extracting using Nutribullet.

But what about eating raw and using Nutribullet? Why spend $100+ on something when you can get the same nutrition eating your fruits and vegetables raw?

Here is what we think.

Eating Raw vs. Nutribullet

Okay, so eating raw food has several major positives than the cooked ones and that is the reason why ‘raw diet’ has become so much popular these days. Some of the most important benefits are:

Your nutrients remain intact: This is one of the key advantages as heating / frying etc. can destroy several nutrients, vitamins etc. of our food.

Cooking is well known to destroy important and delicate enzymes of natural food. Heating above 118 degree Fahrenheit is also known to destroy the majority of nutrients (as much as 80% in some cases).

According to studies food heated for more than 3 minutes at temperatures above 118 degree Fahrenheit can destroy most of its enzymes and upto 50% of minerals and vitamins.

Basically, nothing remains in such a food except taste. On the other hand eating raw provides you all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients.

Are digested well and with ease: Cooked foods take lot more time to digest as compared to raw food. Some estimates say while raw food is digested in span of 24-36 hrs a cooked one can take as much as 40-100 hrs!

Cooking generates harmful chemicals: According to studies cooking of food generates numerous mutagenic (carcinogenic) products which when eaten cause diseases including cancer.

Even already harmful substances such as pesticides, chemical manure etc. become even more harmful after the process.

Promotes general health: raw food is great in promoting the general health of a body. This includes every part of our body – brain, heart, spinal cord, bones etc.

Easy to have anywhere, anytime: Raw food can have any time. Just wash them and eat! The process of cooking / heating is more elaborate.

So these were a few important benefits why one should eat raw food. Note that the above advantages also apply when you process your food with Nutribullet as none of your ingredients are actually discarded in the process. But there are some additional advantages of using nutribullet over just raw eating. Here they are:

Mix and match and make awesome blends: When you eat raw it is tough to get a blended taste of the food. For example, the taste of carrot-beet juice will not be same as eating carrot and beet in raw form as they are not blended!

This is a great advantage as it makes raw food delicious to have which otherwise may not be the same.

Many people do not want to eat spinach (or other particular vegetables) but would happily do so when blended with other better tasting ones! Isn’t that great? You can make an unlimited number of blends with an assurance that you are getting full benefit of raw food.

Makes your raw food more portable: Can you roam around with beet, carrots, spinach, etc. to office? Well most likely you will not.

But yes, you can make a great tasting blend out of it and carry it anywhere you want and drink it at your convenience irrespective of location or time.

Most of complain not eating healthy lunch at the office, what about having great raw food extract in office? sounds great right?

Helps increase your intake of raw food

Let’s face it is time-consuming to eat raw food just like that especially when you want to east 5-6 varieties of them on a daily basis. Also because of this your intake also remains limited.

But not when you extract those using Nutribullet. Imagine how much raw food you can include in your diet when you have 2-3 glass of blends in a day!

In the end..

Eating raw food is great for health and using Nutribullet to include it in your diet is even better method then just eating it like that. So next time you want to try raw food imagine how much tastier and easier it would be if you have it as a delicious blend 🙂

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