Can I buy Nutribullet at Costco?

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Nutribullet has taken the blender world by storm. In such a short span of time, it has become one of the bestselling blender extractors in the US.

There are various ways you can buy Nutribullet and one way is popular stores. Many of like to sop our stuff from Costco. Good news is Nutribullet is available with Costco.

When we checked they were selling NutriBullet® Deluxe 14-piece Blender Set with Extractor Blade on their website.

But this item is available for members of Costco (there are several others which anyone can buy too). We were not able to confirm the price too because of this reason.

Can I buy Nutribullet at Costco

While Costco can be a great place to buy lots of things but we do feel it is not the best for Nutribullet.

The reason is simple, there is just one model available with the store where there are several models of Nutribullet available with other portals such as Amazon.

Also, we were not able to find any replacement parts available. So if you are looking for them you will be disappointed too.

So overall, while Nutribullet is available with Costco, it is a just single model and no replacement parts are available and that too only for members. We would rather recommend buying your Nutribullet from Amazon instead.

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  1. You failed to mention Costco’s return policy.
    With Cosco’s return policy they will give you a full refund of your money spent no questions asked.
    Then you turn around and buy a brand new one.( How easy is that! )

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