Can My NutriBullet’s Parts be Replaced?

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Nutribullet is a fantastic new age blender, which extracts the nutrients from various fresh fruits and juices, and then the nutrients are made available through a delicious healthy drink.

A regular intake of this nutritious juice would help you to be healthy and lead a good quality life.

 But regular use and damage due to accidents can disrupt its proper functioning or break it down totally. What should you then?

Can the parts of NutriBullet be replaced?

Good news is yes! almost all parts of this amazing blender are possible to be replaced.

The popularity of NutriBullet and its regular use make its parts work overtime and thus the time comes to replace it.

It is very important that with time you should replace your replacement parts of NutriBullet. This would help you in many ways like:

  • When you replace your NutriBullet parts at regular intervals, your NutriBullet would perform better and serve you well.
  • You would enjoy the nutritional smoothies and juices from NutriBullet as the new parts would extract the right amount of nutrition for you.

NutriBullet replacement parts are available in the market

Most users of NutriBullet would point that these replacement parts are easily available in online stores. The first parts of NutriBullet that you would require to change are as follows-

Nutribullet Cups

NutriBullet users use these cups daily for a few times and they easily succumb to wear and tear. They are available in reputed online stores in small and tall cup sizes.

They are usually clubbed with the extractor blades which are the next part which need replacement. You can order replacement cups here

Extractor Blades of NutriBullet

The extractor blades of NutriBullet perform the important function of extracting the vital nutrients from fresh vegetables and juices.

When they do not work properly then you would not get your juices rich in nutrition. Thus you need to replace them.

They are available in combo replacement packs with cups in popular online stores. You can order your replacement blades from Amazon here

NutriBullet’s Power Base

The Power Base is an important component of NutriBullet as it gives power to this unique blender to make its juices.

When you buy this Power Base you receive warranty period for a limited period and your registration number is also taken. With a little more care you can stretch the life of your NutriBullet’s Power Base in these ways which are:

When you are using the NutriBullet for blending, do not blend it for more than one minute. Otherwise, the motor would wear down easily.

Never use water in your Power Base. You can clean it after regular use by cleaning with a damp cloth. Do not open the inner portions of the Power Base. You might create problems in the motor.

Invest in a warranty with protection plan features. You can order the power base with warranty from Amazon here

If you are not looking for a warranty power base, you can order power base here

NutriBullet Gasket

Gasket plays an important role in NutriBullet. It prevents the air from entering the engine.

It is made of high quality silicone rubber. Gasket replacements are available in a pack of four (generally) from several online websites. Here are some quick links:

  • Buy pack of 4 Nutribullet gaskets from Amazon here
  • Buy pack of 3 Nutribullet gaskets from Amazon here
  • Buy pack of 2 Nutribullet gaskets from Amazon here

NutriBullet Milling Blade

The milling blade is a flat blade, which helps to whisk your nutritious juice into a smoothie consistency. The milling blade can be bought as a replacement part from any online store.

It usually comes in a combo pack with fresh top lid and ring. Order replacement blades from Amazon here

NutriBullet’s Fresh top lid

The fresh top lid is an important feature of NutriBullet. When the cups are used to blend and extract the nutritious juices from fresh fruits and vegetables, the fresh top lid keeps the juice in intact and prevents from spilling out during the juice making process. Order Nutribullet caps from Amazon here

Maintenance Tips for NutriBullet & Its Parts

If you maintain your NutriBullet on a regular basis, it would serve you well. Here are some simple tips for the same:

  • When you use your NutriBullet place it on a clean surface, which is not oily. This would prevent it from slipping and breaking down.
  • Before using the NutriBullet check your electric plug connection and whether your home is equipped to make use of the 600 WATT power blender. Otherwise, it would be wastage of money.
  • Keep your NutriBullet out of the reach of your kids. Let them just enjoy the nutritious juice instead! 🙂
  • Do not pour water or submerge your NutriBullet in it. This would destroy the blender.

Your Nutribullet would help you enjoy great health and you can always replace its parts and enjoy it for many numbers of years.

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41 thoughts on “Can My NutriBullet’s Parts be Replaced?”

  1. My dad bought my brother's a mine off a television. In my brother's the gear on top of the base cracked and flew apart and destroyed the gears on the blade as well. He was told to buy a new base even tough it was under warranty so he threw his in the trash. 

  2. Hi there,
    I bought a brand new nutribullet from USA. On the bullet it's written 110 V however in New Zealand the electricity voltage supply is 230 V. Unfortunately I plugged it in directly and it has burnt.There is any chance it can be fixed. Or would I need to purchase new one?

    • You can try contacting the customer care in NZ. If not maybe try talking to US customer care. Though not sure if they will do anything as the voltage suppley is clearly mentioned.  

  3. The clear plastic disc on the nutri bullet unit has broken.

    Please advise where I can buy a replacement part.


    Thank you.



    • Hi, Is it under warranty? if yest best to contact the customer care for that for help. We have mentioned the link to get lids in the post. Sorry cannot post links in comments 🙂

      • The same thing happened to mine. The plastic peice just shattered. It’s not under warranty anymore so I just need to find where I can buy the peice. It’s the thing that spins the blade. Any advice?

  4. I bought my Nutribullet about a year ago and use it on a near daily basis.  I absolutely love it! It's one of the best things I have purchased for my health. I now eat fruits and vegetables that I never ate before. I haven't been sick at all this past year. Not even a sniffle.  I actually add a whole organic lemon or lime to most drinks.

    My equipment has been 100% durable!  I rinse the blade after each use under the faucet and let it air dry. Never a rust problem. Only now does it seem dull and I'm thinking of a new getting a new one. Motor works fine, same with gasket.  Perfectly happy with mine.  Purchased at NB website. Don't care much for their customer service however. Terrible.

  5. Sirs, I am missing one of the rubber 'teeth' at the bottom of the 'Power Base'  There should be 3, but I only have 2.

    Where can I find a re-placement?    Mark

  6. Hi- I'm looking for the 3 little rubber feet/ spacers parts at the base of the nutribullet. do you have any idea where I can buy them?

    Thank you!

  7. I bought the 900 nutribullet new from an individual.

    Is there any warranty I can buy for it?


    more important:

    It seems a small rubber/plastic piece came out of the inside top of the base.

    There are 3 clear rubber/plastic (pliable) curved pieces, each with 2 bumps in the bottoms that fit into holes in the base.

    There is 1 other hole inside the top of the base. It has no plug or rubber/plastic thing. I wonder if I somehow lost it or if it's supposed to be open, which I doubt. Can I buy a replacement? So far I put a piece of plastic tape over it to protect it from moisture. I sure don't want to buy an entirely new base because of it.


    occassionally the cup overflows while I'm blending (from filling the cup too ful) and stuff gets into the inside top of the base. how to clean it out really well? Q-tips or what?



  8. Love my Nutribullet… but I assumed the blades were dishwasher safe… and now I hear water inside there. What should I do?

  9. I need a new extractor blade for my NUTRiBULLET but I am not finding just the extractor blades. I don’t need any cups, we have more than we need. Can I just by the blades because though they are still sharp they are no longer spinning freely and I’m afraid it will put too much stress on the motor and wear it out.
    My wife uses it 7/365 and loves it for making smoothies every morning. We had the original MagicBullet for a number of years but it was wearing out, making too much noise so I bought her one of the new big NutriBullets and it has been great and much quieter; she gets up real early and it doesn’t awaken my any longer.
    Please direct me to where I can purchase just the extractor blades.
    Thanks for your time!

    • I just purchased the blades from the Nutrisystem website for 9.99 with 3 bucks extra for shipping. I wanted to order 2 but it appears to only allow you to order one at a time. Hope that helps. Does anyone know if you should add wd-40 to the blades and remove them to clean them out? My blades appear to start to rust and the nutribullet makes a louder noise now when spinning.

    • My nutribullet rx motor is working but the blade is not working, I need to change direct drive socket, where can si order one pls in Miami, Fl

  10. I’m looking for the small white rubber pieces that are inside the base where the blade sits on. they are easily wiped out while your cleaning inside

  11. I need the replacement gasket, but the only ones sold on Amazon are the ones with the lip, and mine doesn’t have that. What now? Amazon is what the website recommends. :^(

  12. Hi can anyone tell me where or give me a link to the White rubber seals that go into the blade top round the edge ? My came adrift and got part blended!!

  13. I purchased a NutriBullet 24 OZ Tall Cup with handled lip ring and a NutriBullet 600w 900w Extractor Blade I just received them.

  14. Hi, I was just wondering if you can buy any of the 3 little white things that are missing in this picture

  15. Have had three nutri bullets and where the base connects to the blade (plastic piece attached to the motor) has broken apart twice (very dangerous), was wondering why not make it out of metal? or make it replaceable? This happens after about a year of regular per instruction use.

  16. I am looking for a white rubber O ring – which sits in the blade base area and protects the cup when you insert it

  17. My NutriBullet NB_101B model activators stopped working. I disassembled it to find that two of the plastic housings for the activators had broken which meant that the springs could no longer be retained. Can you advise where I could purchase replacement housings for the activators as I have not been able to find any source online or even a service/parts manual.

    • Has anybody been lucky to find a replacement of the activators (3 white plastics the gets pushed down and makes the nutribullet grind)? I dont want to throw away my year old nutribullet coz it’s too expensive. I’ve got the 900 series. I’m a lil desperate here. Thanks.

  18. The switch support bracket in my Nutibullet-Magic bullet has broken just after 2 years – can I get a replacement and from where?

  19. I have the same problem on my Nutribullet RX NB 301, How do I attain a replacement the drive socket?

  20. Anyone yet find the latest drive socket for their rx? Looks like the Vitimix one but theirs has a side Allen screw while ours has a center philips screw.

  21. Had my nutribullet just over a year and dint really use it much till a few months ago and now the motor has stopped working and also getting rust from inside the blade base part, what crap for such a expensive price typical American shit

  22. My Nutribullet RX’s base gear/socket also stripped or broke. Also looking where I can buy the spare part?

  23. I bought the NutribulletRx awhile back, but the blue button fell off. There is still a switch there to press, so I tried pressing that and it did work, but it gave me a mild shock! Can I get the button replaced?

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