Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12 Vs Hamilton Beach 58184A Elite

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Customers today want their blenders to perform more functions than the basic blending operation. In response to this need, blender manufacturers have designed various ranges of appliances.

Two of the top sellers in this range of devices is the Hamilton Beach 58184A Elite Multi-Function Blender and the Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12. Both are versatile blenders and perform a variety of functions.

They also have a number of differences that draw different categories of customers towards them. Let us look at them more closely.

Key Specifications

Key specifications define the major aspects of these blenders.


Detailed comparison

Let us see these differences in-depth through a detailed comparison of every facet of these blenders.


The Hamilton Beach 58184 Elite Multi-Function Blender and the Nutri Bullet NBR-12 are similar in their power rating, 700 W and 600 W, respectively.

This gives both these machines high power to pulverize food materials that are put in them, especially hard foods like flax seeds and fruit skins.


The NutriBullet NBR-12 has two different types of blades which are suited for the different functions, as advertised for this model.

The Flat blade, also known as the Milling blade, has two blades at the same level and is used to grind food materials. The Emulsifying blade, also known as the Extractor blade, is like a standard four-blade system that can be used for most blending operations. These blades can be removed and used as is convenient for you.

The Hamilton Beach 58184A has only set of blades which are like any standard blender. Versatility is achieved by different speeds that these blades can be rotated in. Blades for both machines are made of stainless steel which makes them resistant to damage by food.


In this regard, the Hamilton Beach 58184A blender is superior to the NutriBullet NBR-12. The former has four blending buttons which can be used for twelve separate blending functions (Mix, Milkshake, Easy Clean, Puree, Smoothie, Icy Drink, Dice, Chop Salsa, Grind, Crush Ice and Grate).

This provides you different speeds which are more suited to one type of blending operation. This blender also has a Wave Action system which continuously draws food to the blades, allowing it to blend food consistently and effectively.  The NutriBullet, on the other hand, has a single speed, that is Pulse.

The blender is advertized to perform all its operations, like blending, chopping, pureeing, at this speed.


The Hamilton Beach Elite Multi-Function Blender comes with only a single container made of glass. This jar has a capacity of 40 oz. or 5 cups.

This capacity makes it a medium sized container which can be used for making more than one drink at a time. The NutriBullet, on the other hand, comes with 3 cups- one tall and two short.

The tall cup has a capacity of 24 oz. or 3 cups. These containers are made of BPA-free plastic.

Power Base

The Hamilton Beach 58184 Elite Multi-Function Blender has a heavy base which has a number of push buttons for the different speed options available to the user.

Each button is clearly labeled for the function that it performs, like ‘Mix’, ‘Milkshake’ and so on. The NutriBullet has a strong and non-slip base which makes it apt to stabilize a 600 W machine.

This base is much stronger than other Magic Bullet bases. There are no switches on this motor base since it has only one speed. The cups fit into the base comfortably. To prevent leaks at the joint, the container should be filled only up to a certain mark.

Safety Features

The Hamilton Beach 58184A Elite Multi-Function blender has a spout with a lid that is tilted at such an angle that the user can add food material without the threat of splashing or leakage.

The glass jar is tested for conditions of extreme temperature changes so that it does not crack easily. You can add ice at one time and hot soup immediately after that without fearing that the glass will crack.

The NutriBullet has safety features like a non-slip base, re-sealable lids and BPA-free plastic.


Both blenders are regarded as easy-to-clean blenders. The NutriBullet cups can be washed easily with hot water and soap.

The Hamilton Beach blender has a special speed at which cleaning is the easiest. Moreover, it has removable blades which make it easier to clean the machine.


The Hamilton Beach 58184 Elite Multi-Purpose Blender comes with a three year warranty scheme while the Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12 comes with a one year warranty (extendable to 4 years).

Both these warranties are subject to several terms and conditions which the user should be aware of.

Return Policy

The Hamilton Beach 58184A Elite Multi-Function blender has a 60-day return policy while the Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12 has a 30-day return policy, subject to terms and conditions.

These refunds are usually given after subtracting the cost of shipping and restocking.

Final Recommendation

As mentioned earlier, both blenders are versatile in their functions so you do not have to limit yourself to simple blending operations with these blenders.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12 is ideal for personal consumption since the cups are smaller. Its removable blades, extendable warranty (up to four years) and non-toxic plastic make it superior to the Hamilton Beach 58184A blender.

The Hamilton Beach 58184A Elite Multi-Function Blender, on the other hand, has a greater capacity (almost double) and offers more choice in speed. Its price is about $ 80 lower than the NutriBullet NBR-12 which makes it light on your pocket.

Where to buy?

Amazon. com is the best place to buy these blenders. We have analysed the prices and Amazon’s prices are better than most other places. Also payment security, prompt customer care and quick delivery is an add on.

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