Nutribullet 15 Piece Blender Features, Benefits and Where to Buy?

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The Nutribullet 15 piece blender cannot be called just a blender, ‘extractor’ would be the right term used to describe it. This is because a juicer separates the juice and discards the fiber.

On the other hand a regular blender does keep the juice and fiber together, but the Nutribullet breaks down the fiber much better than a regular blender.

This ensures that your body is easily able to utilize the fiber and the other nutrients to its benefit.

Hence we can say that the Nutribullet extracts the maximum in terms of nutrition that any food item you put in it has to offer.

This blender with 600 watt motor is a great choice to invest as it can pulverize all kinds of super ingredients you add to it .

There are several Nutribullet models available in the market, including a 12 piece and 14 piece one. But if that does not meet your requirements, there is a 15 piece Nutribullet too!

Features of Nutribullet 15 piece blender

The 15 piece Nutribullet blender or extractor comes with all the parts necessary for your blending and extracting requirements. They are:

High torque power base: This houses the 600 watts motor, does not have any buttons to make it complicated. Simply plug in the base, place the cup on the base and press to operate

1 tall cup is the main cup used for making the blends

2 small cups with 1 handled and one non handled lip ring – These are meant for single servings as you can make the drink and drink it from the same cup. The lip rings are meant to make the drinking action more ergonomic.

1 extractor blade has a unique design which when it is combined with the cyclonic action of the power base, is able to break tough seeds of fruits, tough skin and thick stems of vegetables which extracts the maximum nutrition. The blade is made of stainless steel and you will never need to sharpen it.

1 milling blade is excellent when you want to mill grains, grind fresh herbs and nuts. This blade too doesn’t require sharpening and is made of stainless steel.

2 re-sealable lids which keep the drink fresh and eliminate the need of plastic wrap or storage container. There are two lids one to fit the tall cup and one for the short one

Pocket nutritionist tells you which foods should be organic, how to create a weekly menu, how to select fresh food items, the amount of food items to buy, the health benefits with the food items you choose, etc.

A manual to keep track of your progress which also has a recipe book.

As a bonus, you get a flip-top lid with an oversized mug for taking huge amounts of nutriblast drink without any spills or leaks, even while on the move.

Green smoothie bible book which is a bonus recipe book containing 300 delicious green recipes that can alkalize, energize and aid in weight loss.

There is also a nutribullet book that describes some excellent natural healing foods which can recharge your body and health in a very short period of time.

Why choose NutriBullet 15 piece model?

The interesting part of the Nutribullet is that it packs a lot of power in a small package. It is almost half the size of a regular blender, but it still has a motor of 600 watts which arrives with a power base with high torque.

  • The equipment is also very well designed and practical that the size makes it possible to place it on your office table or any small space. Apart from that all the extractors are designed in such a way that they can be used as cups. If you are in a hurry, you can just fix a lid on top of the extractor cup and toss it in your bag.
  • The nutribullet has two different blades depending on how thick a liquid you desire.
  • What’s more important is that these blades are designed in such a way that they are safe to use and clean. Usually cleaning the blades of blenders with sharp edges is quite a pain, but you will be saved from that with the Nutribullet.

Benefits of Nutribullet 15 piece Model

If you process your food in a regular juicer or blender it will not give you the same benefit as food processed in a Nutribullet.

This is because the regular machines only process the food, they don’t really extract the maximum nutrition out of each food item processed in them.

To make matters even more interesting the Nutribullet is accompanied with recipe books that will give you innovative combinations that taste delicious.

Even if you want to treat some specific area or problem you will be able to find suitable recipes. For instance, there are recipes for men, women and children separately.

Then there are recipes for proper hormonal balance (both in men as well as women), lowering cholesterol levels and sugar levels, protein shakes, recipes which will make you appear and feel younger and a lot more.

Apart from this, there are also some great recipes for kids which give them the nutrition they require in the taste that they like.

Most of the customers bought the Nutribullet to see what the hype was all about. They were instantly impressed with the quality of parts and design.

They were also quite happy with the effort that had been put into creating the recipe books and the manual for daily progress.

That is not all when they continued to use the Nutribullet and the recipes mentioned in these recipe books they actually noticed a tangible improvement in their overall health.

This is well evident in the 5 stars and 4 star rated reviews at some of the popular online shopping portals like Amazon.

Where to Buy Nutribullet 15 piece model?

The best part is that the Nutribullet is easily available and ordering it is extremely simple.

The first place to look of course it the Nutribullet official website. You can also buy the Nutribullet from The popular shopping site ‘ ’ or at other leading shopping sites.

Hence the Nutribullet is easily available on the internet and apart from the USA, it is also available for shipping to some other countries.

You can conduct a search on the internet to see if you can get this extractor in your country or you can contact the Nutribullet customer care centre.

Bring home health and nutrition with a wise decision to buy this 15 piece NB.

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