Nutribullet Extractor Blade Replacement – Where to Buy Them?

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Extractor blade in some sense the heart of nutribullet. It is the blade which does all the hard work of breaking through tough seeds, stems, peels / skin and everything else you put inside the blender.

While in most cases the blade works for a long period of time but there are possibilities of it getting rusted or damaged due to some reasons.

Also, there can be leakages which may happen and oil may come out of the blade.

If you extractor blade is damaged and your nutribullet is under warranty then you should simply call the customer care and get it replaced.

But if the issues happen after the warranty, then you will have to buy replacement extractor blade. But you do not need to worry, they are available in the market.

Nutribullet extractor blade replacement is available online on a few portals but we recommend you buy it from Amazon.

The customer service, prompt delivery and secure payment services of Amazon are unmatched and thus our recommendation. Here is the link to help you buy it from Amazon.

Available extractor blade replacement comes along with a tall cup, small cup and a lip ring. The price is steep but if every other part of your nutribullet is working fine then this is your best bet to save money by buying another.

Again, here is the link to help you buy it from Amazon.

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