Nutribullet Gasket Replacement – Where to Find Them!

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Gasket plays a key role in ensuring that the nothing comes out of the blender while it is operations. While these are simple rubber rings if they do not work properly a lot of messy situations can be created.

Based on our analysis of comments of nutribullet gasket replacements is one key requirement.

A gasket may loosen up after continuous usage and thus lead to spills etc. but in some case even the newly shipped units have faulty gaskets.

If your unit is under warranty, you can just call the call center 1-855-346-8874. The unit should be replaced promptly.

But what if your nutribullet is old and not the gasket stops working? Well, you do not need to worry as there are several options available to replace the faulty gaskets now. These replacement gaskets are available in the pack of 2,3 and 4.

These gaskets are available at several online stores but we only recommend buying them from Amazon primarily because of prompt delivery, great customer care and secure payment facility. Here is the list of replacement gaskets available on Amazon:

  • Buy pack of 4 Nutribullet gaskets from Amazon here
  • Buy pack of 2 Nutribullet gaskets + lip ring from Amazon here
  • Buy pack of 2 Nutribullet gaskets from Amazon here

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  1. When I look at amazon, there are gaskets for nutri bullet OR magic bullet, the top part says nutri bullet the base says magic bullet, which ones do I need?

  2. Those links are great and all, but I live in Canada (along with a lot of other people) and those are all links that don’t ship to Canada. So…were do WE get them ?

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