Nutribullet Pro 900 Series – Features and Benefits

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Nutribullet pro 900 series is the latest series among the Nutribullet machines.

This newly introduced super blender has received good responses from its users as it can offer super smooth drinks without any fruit or vegetable bits in it.

With this machine, you do not have to juice or to blend anything but you will only have to extract the nourishment using the machine.

The new series of the Nutribullet is equipped with a powerful motor that is 50% more efficient. It gives you an opportunity to extract nourishment from all the ingredients that you want to blend in this machine.

Nutribullet pro 900 series is the latest one from the Nutribullet family. It has a much more efficient operation and innovative design that allows it to gain an upper hand in the market.

Features of the Nutribullet pro 900 series

The feature of this pro 900 series is almost similar to the normal Nutribullet blender machine but it enjoys a bit of improvement as it has the high-powered 900 watts motor and enhanced capacity. It has been equipped in a much modern sense. The new features that are now available with the newly introduced pro 900 series are :

Sharp extractor blades of pro 900 series

The extractor blades in the new series of Nutribullet are extremely sharp. You will not have to worry about the blend that it will make. The blades are completely made out of stainless steel so there is no chance of it to get blunt.

It will always stay sharpened and can deal with tough ingredients such as wheat grass, turmeric root, seeds, nuts etc with great ease.

These extractor blades can liquify all kinds of vegetables, fruits and stems to liquefy it into a delicious drink.

Flip Top To Go Lid

This is a brand new feature in this blender that enables you to carry your nutriblast drink to your workplace or gym while maintaining the freshness of the drinks. You can take it anywhere you go because this lid would keep your drink safe without causing any spillage or mess.

Colossal cups or tall and small cups

Normal Nutribullet blenders consist of only tall cups but the new series has launched it with an availability of 32 oz. colossal cups along with 2 tall cups and a small cup.

This feature of the machine is very important because it is the cup that is only required to blend the ingredients you want to blend into this machine.

Accessories available with Nutribullet pro 900

There are certain accessories that are available with the Nutribullet pro 900 series system

The Nutribullet pro 900 series machine is available with some exciting accessories with it. These accessories are very helpful when it comes to using the machine. Some of these accessories available with it are:

Cook books with a natural healing capability

These cookbooks are available with the machine itself. They are very helpful when it comes down to eating healthy.

It provides you with a token of natural nutrition and healthy recipes, which never fail to keep you, fit for life. These recipes are basically remedies to any sort of health issues. All the information required for the cooking of these recipes is supplied in the book.

Energy boosters

Blend good quality products like fruits and green tea, chia. They will help to boost up your energy level. Well-maintained energy is highly required for a proper and healthy lifestyle.

These boosters will have to be consumed so that they work properly in your body to supply the right amount of energy.

Fat burning system

It is equipped in the perfect way to burn the fat in the food itself with the super food technique of burning fat in them.

It is extremely helpful to burn extra fat and to keep you in shape with this capable system. This service is provided with the Nutribullet itself. It will even supply you with the most delicious blend of proper green tea and that is one way to burn extra fat in your body.

The blending that takes place is so methodical and what every consumer would like their fat to be reduced. It even consists of various organic ingredients to burn the fat. Have it as prescribed to look at a slimmer figure in short time.

Energy boosting formula of Nutribullet pro 900 series

However, the most breakthrough formula available with Nutribullet is the energy boosting one.

It deals with the most potent products and ingredients from all over the world. This is one rightful medium of indicating what causes aging. The formula is a magic to lead a healthy life.

Availability of the travel kit

A very fun to go accessory with the Nutribullet pro series is the travel kit that is available with it.

You can easily carry the blender in the travel bag and go to distant places for picnics and lunches and even tours. The blender will never make you feel like you are in trouble as it comes with a travel bag.

Benefits of this latest version

The pro 900 series has excellent blending capability as its 25,000 RPM motor makes it possible.

With bigger cups with increased capacity, you can prepare smoothies and juices for many members at the same time using this extractor.

This 900 series arrives with 50% more power than the normal Nutribullet, also available at all leading online stores. This is because the 900 series uses the power of 900 watts whereas the Nutribullet uses 600 watts.

Where to buy the Nutribullet pro 900 series?

It is available at many offline stores or you may even purchase it online. If you are planning to get one then make sure, you make a small study about the top websites that sell these blenders.

Purchasing it online will be an easier transaction since it is hassle free and comfortable. Go for a reliable online shopping portal like the Amazon to have a worry-free shopping.

Purchase one of these super extracting machines and experience the difference yourself.

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