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Nutribullet has recently launched another superfood extractor model with the name – Nutribullet Rx.

It is interesting that Nutribullet even went ahead and developed a new dedicated website for this product! This for sure tells how excited they are about it.

Okay, so let us dive into our review of Nutribullet Rx and understand how it is different from the previous Nutribullet models.

What’s Exciting about Nutribullet Rx – Key Specifications?

Here you go:

An Ultra-Powerful motor

Nutribullet is known for their powerful superfood extractor motors. The Nutribullet Pro boasts of having a 900 W motor.

But you will forget that when you hear how powerful the motor of Nutrubullet Rx is – 2.3 horsepower High torque base! That roughly translates into 1,700 W of raw power.

It is now easy to imagine how efficient this machine would be in breaking even the toughest foods into fine and smooth pulp! Just amazing! None of the extractors available in the market even come close to this power range.

The Nutribullet rx is so powerful that to hold the machine, they have put rubber stoppers at the bottom. Stoppers are not there is Pro 900 or 600s.

One of its kind SMART technology

There are more surprises and we were really blown away to read this one. There are no switch on / off buttons and no speed adjustment buttons on Nutribullet Rx! Yes you heard it right.

Based on its new technology the extractor starts and switches off on its own. It even varies its speed automatically to suit the requirements based on food type and quantity.

The extractor is preprogrammed and there is a great advantage one does not have to worry about shutting the machine down. It shuts itself down after one cycle, which is of 1 min.

Of course, you can again run the machine for another cycle if not satisfied with the results.

How about making some hot soup?

Yes, Nutribullet Rx can also make soup for you. Just with a press of a button (the button is called G Button and need to be pressed for 2 sec to activate the mode), the extractor is turns on its Soup-Making Mode.

This is a 7 minute heating cycle which creates soup (the company calls them SOUPERBLAST and rightly so) of the extracted fruits and vegetables. So now one has another great use of Nutribullet Rx which was not there in previous models.

How to activate the soup mode? Once you have placed the container on the machine, it automatically starts. The G button turns green when the machine is on. If you want to have soup, just press the G button for 2 sec. before 1 minute (the cycle time of machine) and that’s it! 

Some cool features of Nutribullet Rx

Apart from its powerful machine and SMART technology. There are a few other cool and very useful things about Nutribullt Rx

Large Cups

For a large family or juice loving people even the 32 Oz cup of Nutribullt Pro 900 may fall short. But do not worry Nutribullet Rx solves that issue by having 45 oz cup! That is almost 50% bigger than 900 model.

Blade design

A new blade design of Nutribullet Rx has tried to address the issues of clogging in previous models. Also Nutribullet Rx has just 4 blades (but bigger and sharper) as compared to Pro 900 which had 6.

Ensures proper mixing

The machine dies down after 30 seconds of operation, this ensures that all larger chunks settle at the bottom and thus can then again be extracted. This gives smoother results.

4 years of extended warrant

Like Pro 900 series, Nutribullet Rx also has an option of 4 year extended warranty

What all is included in your Nutribullet Rx

A brand new, Nutribullet Rx comes with the following:

  • A 2.3 horsepower, high torque power base
  • One Liter souperblast Pitcher – this pitcher has to be used for soup making as its vented lid ensures escape of both pressure and heat during the 7 minute soup cycle.
  • Extractor blade
  • Two-piece souperblast Lid
  • One 30oz Short Cup – the regular size ideal in most cases
  • One 45oz Oversized Cup – great for large families and people with bigger appetite.
  • Stay-fresh lid – Use this while storing or transposing the extract. This fits both short and oversized cups.
  • Lip ring – Why use a glass when you can use Nutribullet lip ring to drink it directly!
  • Pitcher lid
  • Blade remover – If you want to change your blade or clean it, this can be of help.
  • NutriBullet Rx Recipe Book, with more than 150 recipes
  • User manual – A must read. Most users fail to do so and then face issues which could have been oterwise avoided.

Pricing, warranty and refund details


Nutribullet Rx is available through two types of payment modes:

  • One time payment: At the time of the review, the onetime price is $200. Check current price at Amazon
  • Installment payment: One can also buy it through Nutribullet website by paying 5 monthly installments of $39.99. Thus again, total payment of $200.

Installment can be great way to buy if you want to spread out the expense as the total price remains the same.


Like all other Nutribullet products, Nutribullet Rx also comes with a 1 year warranty. This warranty covers the defects in machine and workmanship. This will not cover issues caused due to usual operation of the machine, wear and tear.

There is also an option to extend the warranty to total 5 years (extend by 4 years) by paying a onetime charge of $19.95. The company repairs or replaces the machine under the warranty.

The warranty of course comes with a few riders for example, shipping and handling charges are extra, and the warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable.

Important: If you buy an extended warranty, do not forget to register it at This is important. In case you need help with any info here is the customer care number – 1-844-696-2791


Nutribullet Rx comes with a 30 day refund but with conditions:

  • The refund will be after deducting shipping and processing charges. There is no mention of how much they are though.
  • The company does not take back open products.

If you have bought Nutribullet Rx from Nutribullet website and would like to return, follow these steps:

  • Call customer center and get your Return Authorization Number, note it is valid for 7 days so hurry once you have received it.
  • Package your item + recipe book + accessories
  • For faster processing, use return label which is present in the original invoice on your package and mention your Return Authorization Number
  • Send the returns by Mail. The company clearly states that it does not entertain any walk in returns. All returns should be through mails.
  • Get refund, takes upto to 2 weeks

Comparing Pro 900 and Nutribullet Rx

One of the most common question is which model to buy – Nutribullet Rx or Pro 900. To help you with your decision here is comparison table of key features (which really matter)

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As you can see from the table above. A family of 2 or 3 with the limited requirement can do very well with Nutribullet Pro 900. But of you are looking for large servings, Nutribullet Rx can save your time and effort. Also, if you love soup, the choice becomes a no brainer :).

You can get some more idea by watching this video:


Available accessories with Nutribullet Rx

Here are some add-ons available with Nutribullet Rx:

Various Superfoods Boosts –

  • Nutriliving superfoods superboost
  • Superfood soup boost
  • Superfood supergreens
  • Superfood super reds
  • Superfood protein boost
  • Superfood fat burning boost
  • Superfood energy boost

Additional extractor blade – Blade replacement is recommended after every 6 months

Customer reviews of Nutribullet Rx

Most of the customer reviews of the product has been positive.

What buyers love about the product:

  • Awesome power: With 1,700 W power you can very well understand how effective the machine will be in extracting all nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Users just love how smoothies made by Nutribullet Rx
  • Soups: People love soup, especially when it’s freezing outside. The soup option is a great addition which ensures that one does not have to spend time in making it after extraction.
  • Larger cups: users with larger families have commented that they can now make smoothies for the whole family in one go. Saves lots of time and effort.

Some issues pointed by users:

  • The motor gets heated and thus the smoothies too. The solution to this is really simple. Just put cold water in the cups and not the normal water!
  • Some buyers faced issues with leakage and blades not working properly

Read more customer reviews on Amazon

Our Recommendation

Nutribullet Products have been the best sellers, no doubt about that. Nutribullet Rx comes with several added advantages but you should consider it only when you really want them.

A small family which seldom has soup will do just fine with Pro 900 series. But if you are looking for a better, bigger and advance version, Nutribullet Rx is a product!

Where to buy

Nutribullet Rx is available through the website of Nutribullet Rx and other online portals. is a great place to buy this product if you are planning not to buy from Nutribullet website itself.

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  1. I am having a problem turning off the RX during blending. Where exactly is the OFF button?

  2. Blade replacement is recommended after every 6 months? Is anyone else bothered by this?

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