Nutribullet versus Juicer – Which One to Buy When?

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Are you considering purchasing a nutrition equipment to restore health? What happens to be the advantages and disadvantages of these two?

Duel: Nutribullet versus Juicer (Centrifugal, Masticating & Twin Gears)

Ahead of starting the discussion on the advantages as well as disadvantages of each, there is an analogy that ought to be shared first. It is essential to compare Nutribullet & Juicers.

The Nutribullet system makes drinks that do have the pulp or drinks, which are simply known as smoothies, and on the other hand, juicers get rid of 90 percent of the fiber from fruits as well as vegetables. This happens to be the most important difference between the two.

However, on the basis of your diet & strategy, you may well want the juice devoid of the fiber or to drink your veggies that has the fiber included. We will be looking into this later on. So which one you should buy. Here is a quick comparison to help you decide.


The Advantages that the Nutribullet has Over Juicers

  • It happens to be a great deal simpler to use, clean up as well as prepare. Simply prep the veggies & fruits, put them inside the tall cap, put in the extraction blade & subsequently bring it into play it on the Powerbase. In a time of less than 30 seconds, you would be having a drink, which has been “pulverized” by means of its cyclonic motor of 600+ watts. It is a tasty drink and is healthy as well. The process of cleaning is simply rinsing out the container as well as the lid having the blades and placing them inside the dishwasher subsequently. That is it, & it is a Godsend in comparison to having to rub the juicer for more than a few minutes, greatly trying to get
  • Inside every hidden nook & cranny by means of the particular toothbrush-like cleaner that is already provided.
  • At a price of about $100 it happens to usually be more economical than the majority of masticating Juicers.
  • You are also able to mill fruits, nuts, as well as additional stuff and subsequently, turn them into a powder form. In this manner, you are going to enjoy all of the benefits of such superfoods while not having to eat them whole.
  • It does include all the fiber of fruits as well as vegetables and so you would be feeling full as well as satiated after having a drink from nutribullet.
  • Replacement parts are easily available online and offline. This is important if you run your Nutribullet regularly for a long duration.

Some limitations of Nutribullet system

Well, these are not exactly limitations, but yes, some customers may not them to be like this. For example, period of the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

There happens to be an option of a warranty of 5 years in the event of you paying around $14 for upgrading the warranty.

This happens to be a deal that you ought to include/ask at the time of making the purchase. Well, not all customers know about it while buying and miss it.

It does produce thick drinks, on the basis of on the fruits as well as vegetables which you’ve made use of (it’s due to the fiber). So, if you are the one which do not like thick juices, you may not like Nutribullet.


The Advantages of a Juicer

  • It does extract more or less all of the enzymes and does separate the pulp of the veggies without difficulty.
  • Offers excellent taste owing to the reason that it is just water, fruits and veggies. Some people like it that way and not thick juices.
  • A number of veggies/grass would not be digested by your body. Thus, you will not be able to consume the fiber in such plants. Nevertheless, they happen to be great constituents when juicing. Some classic examples would be parsley and wheatgrass.

Limitations of a Juicer

  • It happens to be too time-consuming to maintain. – You must clean after preparing juice with fruits or veggies & you must clean the kitchen afterwards.
  • No fiber in the drinks. That happens to be the point in juicing. When the fiber and pulp is abstained from the juice, what is the point in consuming that juice?
  • With no fiber, there is a great chance of you getting hungry as it does not have enough body or volume to make you feel full for a long time.
  • Generally tough to get spare parts easily in case of breakdown.

What is Next?

Overall, the Nutribullet & Juicers aren’t the same!

For those who would like to feel full as well as enjoy the “full” goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables, NutriBullet is the first choice as it offers fiber rich drink! However, if you just like to have the “juice” then the juicer is what you should go for.

Further, if you are pressed for time Nutribullet may suit your requirements better as it is easier to use and maintain as compared to a juicer.

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