Oster 4096-009 vs Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12 Piece

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Standard blenders perform blending operations at variable speeds and often come with a variety of containers.

The Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender is one of the classic blenders that are designed for handling all kinds of blending needs in your kitchen.

Some companies have also gone beyond the basic blending operation to include similar functions like dicing, chopping and grating too.

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12 is one such multi-functional appliance.

Key Specifications

Key specifications define the major aspects of these blenders.

Detailed comparison

To help you decide better, let us look at the parameters more closely.


The Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender and the Nutri Bullet NBR-12 are similar in their power rating, 500 W and 600 W, respectively.

This is a medium power rating, when it comes to blenders, with the minimum going down to 200 W and maximum of 1500 W. This power rating generally gives the blades enough power to blend well.

However, tough shells and seeds might be tricky.


The NutriBullet NBR-12 has two varieties of blades- the flat blade and the emulsifying blade. The Flat blade or the Milling blade is used for grinding and has two blades at the same level.

The Emulsifying blade or the Extractor blade is used for general blending operations and looks like a standard four-blade system that is present in most blenders. These blades are removable and easy to clean.

The Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender has a single set of blades, which resemble the standard blade assembly for blenders.

If you are not satisfied by the functioning of these blades, you can buy the Oster fusion blades that work with all Oster blenders and perform much better.

You can also buy a milkshake blade to extend its functions. The blades are made of stainless steel. In fact, the whole blade system is made of stainless steel so that it is not corroded easily due to the high speed blending operation.


In this regard, the Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender is superior to the NutriBullet NBR-12 since it offers more speeds.

The Oster blender has two speeds which rival the single speed offered by the Ninja NBR-12 blender. There is standard bore speed and a pulse option, so that you can choose the kind of blending option.

This is one way which this appliance tries to achieve versatility, even though its functions are limited to blending only.  The NutriBullet, on the other hand, boasts of a single speed that it deems to be enough to perform all its functions well.


The Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender has a glass jar with a capacity of 48 oz or 6 cups suitable for all its blending operations. This is medium-sized jar that can serve more than one person at a time.

The glass jar is thermally stable. The NutriBullet, on the other hand, is packaged with three containers- one tall and two short cups.

The tall container has a capacity of 3 cups. All NutriBullet cups are made of BPA-free plastic so that they do not contaminate your food.

Power Base

The Oster 4096-009 Blender has a conical shaped base that is heavy and sturdy. It has a single toggle switch that be flipped to the speed that is desired.

The glass jar fits on the small top of the base. The NutriBullet also has a strong base which is required for this 600 W machine. The base is considered as the strongest among other Magic Bullet machines.

Safety Features

The Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender has a spout with a measuring cup that also acts as a cup. This opening is designed to ensure there is no spillage.

The glass jar is tested under different temperature conditions so that it does not break or crack when food materials of different temperatures are used in it.

The NutriBullet has features like a non-slip base and BPA-free plastic which provide physical and chemical safety, respectively.


Since the Oster blender does not have removable blades, it is more difficult to clean it.  However, you can pour hot water and detergent and clean most things with some blending action.

The NutriBullet has removable blades which makes it easy to clean it.


The Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender has a 3 year warranty while the Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12 has a 1 year warranty (which can be extended to four years).

Please read the terms and condition carefully before invoking the warranty clause.

Return Policy

The Oster Designer Series beehive blender and the Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-12 have a 30-day return policy which is subject to several terms and conditions.

Please note that the cost of shipping and restocking is deducted from the refund, in most cases.

Final Recommendation

Both blenders have their pros and cons which come to the forefront once you have to decide between the two appliances.

The Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender is ideal for those who want to limit their blender functions to blending and often make smoothies and drinks for numerous people (since it has a larger capacity).

NutriBullet, on the other hand, is apt for personal drinks and you can even seal the drink with its re-sealable lid and store it for later.

The NtriBullet performs other functions like chopping, dicing and grinding too which give it an edge.

Priced at $ 120, the multi-functional NutriBullet is a definitely a catch since it rolls several appliances in one and gives you a powerful blending experience.

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