Most Common Problems Associated with Nutribullet

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For the body to be able to take up nutrients from food, the stomach must break it down beyond the cellular level.

Food extractors happen to be employed for breaking down food into a “pre-digested” condition and enabling the stomach to reach vital nutrients & vitamins with no trouble.

The NutriBullet’s a food extractor that’s used for grinding up all kinds of foods into drinks.

You are not just able to use it to put together health shakes & juices, but you’re also able to make dressings, soups, desserts, flour, & peanut butter.

Problems associated with Nutribullet

There is almost no device on earth which does have any limitations or complaints against it. It is no different in the case of Nutribullet too.

We researched on negative consumer feedback on various review sites and analyzed them. Here is what some of the consumers are saying about it.

Made of plastic

A great deal of it is made of plastic which includes even the power base parts. According to the user guide, one can use it for a few minutes to get a juice or smoothie as it can provide it within a couple of minutes.

Many consumers feel that after having made use of it for a few minutes, they experienced a smell of plastic but were very surprised at everything they had put inside it was soft in liquid form, except for 2 ice cubes.

As the jars are BPA free there is no need to have any concerns regarding it!

Leaks and messy

Really?: The Nutribullet is believed to be such an easy task to clean up, but in the view of some consumers, they feel it as a bit difficult. This owing to the reason that the Nutribullet has a tendency of leaking.

However, according to many customers, the leaking doesn’t occur if people follow the instructions provided. One has to leave enough room (or airspace) inside the container for allowing blending to happen.

This is an important thing to remember as when you fill it above the mark, there would no airspace and the liquid would be coming out owing to the cyclonic action and as a result, it would be leaking.

According to them if you do follow the instructions and don’t fill higher than the line marked on the container saying – max fill line and have the base screwed on strongly and it would be working perfectly. So cleaning would be easy and can be done within few minutes!


It does come with all kinds of accessories and that is the reason for which you think that you happen to be getting a grand deal for your money. It does come with 2 short cups, 1 tall cup, handles, lids, and so on.

Some consumers have stated that they have no use for the handle & the lids. However many are of the opinion that the two cups give them the advantages of being able to drink directly from the small cup itself and thereby cut down on the amount of clean up time while the lids make sure that the drinks remain fresh always.

The handle can be attached to the cups to enjoy maximum functionality as it allows one to drink it directly from it while you might need the lids to keep the smoothie, juice or dips safe in the refrigerator to be used at a later time!

Smoothie not cold?

Many consumers claim to have tested the Nutribullet by using many ingredients, all at once: ice, banana, blackberries, protein powder, almond milk, sesame seeds, & cold water.

They said that NB did blend well and did have had the best consistency. Nutribullet asserts to be able to do, and to support that there is a quote that is on their website which says: “the NutriBullet does come with the all-new Extractor Blade which is able to emulsify even the toughest of components that include seeds, nuts as well as stems.”

While some customers have expressed their smoothie not being much cooler, the issue can be easily tackled when they add lots of ice cubes to the drink, as it would offer their drink a slushy rich texture and offer an ice cool drink at any time of the day.

Stock up on ice cubes to make a delicious smoothie or drink as cool as you would prefer on a sultry hot summer day!

Will Blades rust?

Some customers have a doubt whether the blades would rust after using NB blender a few times.

But cleaning immediately after every news and drying it with a soft towel can make nutribullet have shiny rust free blades that can be highly durable.

When you take care of it properly and maintain it well then you will not have any issues with it for many years together!

So what do we conclude?

Having discussed the potential problems with the Nutribullet, you might be aware that these issues are not very serious in nature and can be overcome easily with a few ideas and a bit of care while operating it.

Based on our research of numerous customer reviews, most of the customers are happy and contempt with the efficiency and functioning of the NB blender while only a few experiences a bit of problem.

Overall, this efficient blender is a must-have one in your kitchen to help you enjoy the full nutrition of fruits and vegetables.

No wonder this blender is in huge demand among the fitness freaks and health-conscious people as it helps them to enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits and veggies.

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54 thoughts on “Most Common Problems Associated with Nutribullet”

  1. I have become very concerned since my Nutribullet has become loose at the blades.  I noticed a brown liquid around the blades and at the attachment.  The liquid is getting sucked up into the cup when the unit is running.  How long have we been drinking this brown liquid, and what is it?  Is it rust, or the black rubber base breaking down and getting sucked into the drinks?    What is the composition of the liquid getting sucked into the drinks?  Someone should look into this and file a lawsuit!

    • I have exactly the same problem – it is rust because they have used mild steel components as the bearing surfaces instead of 316 stainless steel. I wish to get rid of mine and buy a nutra ninja which seems to have much better quality blade system.

    • I have the same problem and my wife has been sick to the stomach for more than 2 weeks. Today, July 09, 2020 after I made the pineapple juice, I went to wash the unit and noticed that on the bottom of the blades there was a brown liquid. As I kept on washing, brown rust keep coming out. I got a small brush to reach deeper and kept on washing for more than 30 minutes and brown liquid keep coming out. Apparently the blade seal is not working.
      Wen you are blending, the liquid goes down to the bottom, but when you remove it from the base, you have to turn it upside down to be able to pour the liquid to a glass, then the rust get mixed with the drink.

      • My nutribullet started leaking grease recently. I filled the bladed part with water and the water leaked through the bottom so there is a chance the grease can get through to the vegetables and fruit that is being blended. I hope your wife is okay. This seems like a major problem. And yes we have never overfilled the container.

      • Feeling ill about this….just realized I have been ingesting this oil substance. Have been feeling ill for 3 weeks….wrote my story on another review below….did you get any resolution to this?

  2. My gasket came out, an I can't get it back in Is there a trick. also it leaks often, making cleanup  a chore.  Not filling ti too full, it seems to unscrew itself as it blends. Also always smells like Ozone every time it is used. I've had it 10 days' 



    • I have never used my nutribullet that it does not leak.  My model was sold with a separte gasket.  It does not fit properly.  The gasket comes out during use, sometimes ends up the the drink. Several gaskets cut by the blade.  I ordered new ones.  They have the exact same problem. It is a serious mess.  Love the idea of the machine, but it is not worth the hassle and mess. It also smells of burnt oil every time it is used. 

      • Yup, burnt oil smell, cup loosening from blades during blast, regular leaks through gasket into base and now brown liquid from gasket area seeping into drinks. I have 1000w version and always followed instructions exactly as £200 is A LOT of money to me, so I would always want to keep it in tiptop condition. Feel conned. Friends have £50 machines with no such issues. I’ll NEVER buy this brand again. Some problems started after a couple of weeks, then more the longer I owned it, but I waited too long to complain and bullet was out of 1 year warranty when I eventually messaged them. A £200 machine should be guaranteed for longer than a year.

    • I too have had this problem. You’re not alone. Jeez they said that people were reporting minor issues. I wouldn’t call all of this minor. I almost threw the damn thing across the kitchen just now because I couldn’t open it. I actually used a steak knife and lifted the edge very slightly and it worked. I’m assuming it gets vacuum sealed while blending?!

      • I am having a problem after using it 10 times the the the spinning piece that connects to the bottom of the blending container that the motor spins the blade just spins now and looks like the screw got a little loose but I can not tighten the screw or even tighten it so the motor will spin and blade does not? Has anyone else had this same problem?

  3. Oh, wasn't running it without gasket. I'm just stuck with an expensive piece of junk until I get the replacement. part.


  4. I just used my bullet for the first time. I thought it would shut off, it didn't. So after 2 min or so, I unplugged it. I opened it up and it it was under pressure and smelled a bit off. It liquid was brown and very warm as if the motor had cooked my ingredience! What did I do wrong?

  5. I have followed all of the manufacturer instructions, I have hand washed and dried the unit promptly after use, I have not filled past the fill line and I still have the rusty looking leaky stuff underneath the blade unit and inside the base unit. I have even noticed orangy-rusty stains on my countertop underneath the blender. The metallic smell is so strong, that I can taste it when I clean it. The sound has become increasing louder, to the point that it is almost deafening. The only thing we use this blender for is to make smoothies, made with 1/2 cup of crushed ice, 4 oz of yogurt, a splash of almond milk, 3-5 strawberries, depending on size and 1.2 a banana. These items only fill the cup about 1/2 way. I am very dissatisfied, especially since this is my second unit, the 1st just stopped altogether after the sound increased. 

  6. Great product and way cheaper than a slow juicer.

    Trying living in New Zealand and buying this. We pay $300 (as everything in this country is double price).

    The only problem I had was just when i finished juicing I tried to unscrew it to drink it. The grip to help you unscrew the lid is hardly there. Don't screw it up tight or you'll never get it off. A simple get slightly annoying design flaw. More grip needed and it's almost perfect.

  7. My gasket came out and got tangled in the blades. It was newly purchaced and I was only grinding Flax/Linseeds ! I surely can not be the only one with this problem ?…Design fault ! ! !

  8. My girlfriend and I have both had problems with our nutribullet because the cup get stuck on the machine and it’s extremely difficult to get off without force. Have any of you out there experienced this and what to do about it? Please let me know

    • I didn’t have issues for my first usage but ever since it gets stuck every morning and the fight is on to get it off! I thought I was groggy but I am reading a lot of people have this problem!

    • We have the same thing going on,is there a way to fix this issue? it seems difficult to twist is on to get it started and then it is a struggle to twist it to stop. If anyone has a suggestion, I am all for trying it.

    • Yep after about ten uses the cups get stuck. Last one jammed so bad it was impossible to free it without brute force after 20 mins of trying. “Not happy Jan” The only solution is. DO NOT TWIST IT IN. Will have to just push It on and hold it down. I was very impressed with unit until this happened, am concerned of damage may have been done trying to unjam it and we were being as careful as possible. Based on this issue which is crucial to normal usage I would not recommend them.

    • It just happened to me 2 minutes ago! I thought I’d never get it off! Has anyone found that it’s not grinding the ice cubes no matter how much you run the machine?

  9. My cup gets stuck in the machine I don’t no why this happens if anyone is having the same problem can you please share I have the nutri bullet 600 .

    • I have had my machine over a year and now can not get the blade apparatus to go down far enough to be able to turn it on. Never had this before. It sits 1 inch above the top if the motor. It has nothing to do with the white tabs. Sits way above them. Should have suck with my Osterizer blender. Waste of money.

  10. I found after a couple uses that, when mixing their is a smell of burning rubber and smoke. when cup is removed from the unit, I found melted black rubber, and that the blade(extractor) was quite tight and hard to rotate. Had to purchase a new extractor blade attachment. NOT HAPPY!!!!!

  11. I have used the nutrabullet only a couple of times, i went to use it again and one of the white pieces you push down on to get it going is stuck.

    • Mine has the same problem. I have it upside down in an inch of water to see if the two that are stuck will come loose, thinking that maybe a spill made them stick.

  12. I have the Nutribullet 900 and it has gotten so difficult to twist on and off the base. We have cleaned and cleaned the best we can any ideas? the little white plastic things sorry I don’t know what else to call them get stuck when I twist the cup and blade down and also when I try to pull it up. It is becoming more of a struggle everyday. IDEAS?

  13. I found that if you “lean” on one side of the cup and then the other it will come off and as you use the Nutribullet it will stop as everything loosens

  14. I accidentally filled my nutri bullet to just above the max line with water. It was fine, and then leaked slightly from the bottom. The next time I used it I am unable to put the blade/cup combination onto the base. I have tried so many times and I cant get it low enough. Have I broken it? Is this something that can be fixed?

  15. I could not push the cup down to start the blades turning. One of the white tabs would not recess therefore the cup could not start the motor. After contacting customer service they sent me a reply form email with a canned message that if the Nutribullet was over a year old it was out of warranty. Mine was. I tried calling but after being on hold for 10-15 minutes, the call was automatically terminated. So I decided to try and fix it myself. I sprayed some 3 in 1 oil on the stuck white tab and waited a few minutes. Then I placed a flat head screwdriver on the tab and tapped it a few times till it gave. I oiled the other two tabs as well (just slightly). Now it works great. I don’t know if this will cause any future problems but it did fix my current one.

  16. Warning….After a year or so, my nutribullet started leaking a brown oil. I filled the cup with clear water and blended it. Ugh, the water was brown. I don’t know how long I was ingesting this oil as it was covered up by added fruits and vegetables. I read many complaints of this happening to other folks and customer service isn’t helpful.

  17. This company is living in denial – its a shame because the basic product is good – they have used cheap materials in the most important area of the unit… – that is the blade bearing arrangement. They have used mild steel because it is cheaper than stainless steel. If they had done this properly people would not have the brown soup of water/rust mix that oozes out of the blade arrangement and often in to the beverage that is being made. I wish they would put their hands up – they have certainly made enough money to step up to the plate and do the right thing! Not sure they are going to do so – perhaps and I hate the words …lawyers, class action etc…

    • My Nutri Bullet has major problems and I do not know if the company will respond or not. The Extractor blade is ‘frozen’ and will not move. I suspect it is rusted inside somewhere? I do see brown leaking out a bit. Can this part be replaced? I still use my smaller Magic bullet, but bought the Nutri Bullet for making more smoothies at one time. I see it is made in China and possibly no ‘quality control’ there at all ? thank you.

  18. Three main problems with this product and solutions

    1) When the motor is running, vibrations cause the pads on the bottom of the base to
    rub against your kitchen counter top. This leaves black rubber scuff marks on your counter top.

    MFG Fix: Redesign the base pads and don’t use black rubber or plastic that leaves scuff

    User Interim Fix: Put a piece of folded up wax paper under the machine. The pads will mark up the wax paper and not your counter top.

    2) The three screws at the bottom of the extractor blade assembly work their way loose.
    Your machine will get noisy when this happens and grease will leak out of the extractor blade seal assembly. This is the stuff that looks like black crud. It is a food safe grease.

    MFG Fix: Apply a thread locking compound to the screw threads before they are installed, or redesign the screw length to accommodate a small washer/lock washer combination beneath each screw head.

    User Interim Fix: Periodically tighten the three screws with a phillips head screwdriver. They must be tight, not just snug! You may have to do this once a week, or more often if you see leaking grease.

    3) There are times when the food in the cup gets jammed tight and does not work its way to the bottom of the cup. Frozen foods are the biggest culprit. When this happens the motor and blades spin at their maximum RPM speed, out of control. Most people will twist the extractor
    blade/cup assembly while the machine is running at max speed to stop the motor (i.e. to turn it off). Under these high stress conditions the back rubber screw gear gets quickly worn down and the extractor blade assembly is stressed to maximum conditions. These conditions will result in premature wear and tear failures which leads to tons of Customer complaints.

    MFG Fix: Put a simple ON/OFF switch on this product! (Forget about the PRO so called
    “smart” approach that automatically stops and starts the machine to allow gravity to suck the food down into the bottom of the cup. It does not work. Most times you have to stop the machine, remove the extractor blade/cup assembly from the base, and then physically
    give it a good shaking fore/aft and then side to side to loosen up stuck chunks of food.)

    User Interim Fix: Insert the Nutribullet’s electrical plug into an external electrical
    adapter socket that has an ON/OFF switch on it. You can now safely
    turn the Nutribullet ON and OFF using the external switch. This
    approach will significantly reduce the wear and tear on your machine.
    In addition, for those folks that complain that their food does not
    get chopped up finely enough, you can now safely stop the machine so
    that you can remove the extractor blade/cup assembly and give it a
    good shaking by hand. Now reinstall it, twist the assembly back into
    the base, and turn the machine on via the external ON/Off switch.

  19. My nutriBullet started smoking and a very bad burning smell came from the motor. After a few seconds it stopped, this is only the second time i used it. I bought it from a stall in a large shopping mall for cash.

    • Mine too, the first time I used it for 10 seconds, it was smoking with burning smell. But the the second and third time It didn’t smoke, but still had a little burning smell.
      I also can hear some loose screw or something when I shake the motor base. Wonder if it is ok

  20. Bought mine 2 months ago, and have only used it a few minutes a week. It died on me Saturday, after about 15 seconds….No matter what I do… it still remains a giant paperweight on my counter. So, not very impressed with the product at all.

  21. I used the large container today and made a small smoothie in my Rx. The ingredients were no where near the “max” line. Still, the rubber seal inside the blade attachment, detached during the blending process and liquid seeped down into the machine, onto the counter, and seemed to seep inside of the blade attachment as well. This can’t be good, right? I LOVE this thing but I’ve only had it 6 days. What am I doing wrong?

  22. I notice the cups have 3 tabs. Two being angeled and one square does it matter which ones go into what insert??

  23. My Nutribullet is officially dead…it’s been a year and a half of maybe using it once to twice a week at most (on average) but it will not start anymore.Before it completely broke it was making this awfully loud grinding noise that made me want to pull all of my teeth out and throw that thing across the house.So I believe the motor has had it.I will not be buying another one because as much as I loved that thing at first it was so loud and a bit messy even when it was screwed on tightly and not overfilled…I think the idea of a single cup has also wear off on our family and it will be nice for once get a big size blender and make just once smoothie for the 4 of us instead doing it twice or 3 times for larger cups.

  24. My issue is hygiene. The base with the blade in it does not disassemble. Removing screws on bottom no help. I cannot get in and completely clean around and under the gaskets. Take a toothpick and drag it under the lip of the gaskets and gross decayed green gunk comes out. If food matter gets in there it means it can come out into my smoothies. I think I am going back to my other smoothie maker, a good blender that can be properly cleaned.

  25. Do you sell just a replacement for the Nutri Bullet extractor blade,in the a screwtop? I do not use my Nutribullet for frozen items much, nor have I used it much at all, but the extractor blade is frozen and no amount of trying to get it to move from the underside or the blade side will work. It does not move at all when screwed in to the container and plugged in either. The flat blade works great, so i just need an extractor blade top replaced. Thanks so much!

  26. I have had this device for a few years now and really love it. The issue with the gasket is real but I got some replacement blades when mine became dull and NO gasket as it was built in. Mine leaked a lot with the removable gasket but not with the new blades. I use mine everyday and still love it. Ordering yet another new blade today as they do get dull after a year. Never had any issues with rust. I always clean mine and never let it stay submerged in water so maybe that is the answer for the rust. The rust won’t kill you anyway, free iron.

  27. I bought a Nutri Bullet blender via Amazon. The first day I used it, the motor was bringing out black dusty, smelly smoke and loud noise. It even sparks on the motor of the blender. I concluded that I was sent a faulty blender but could not return it as it has exceeded the time frame to make a return. Please, can I get help from any Nutribullet company?

  28. Hi Justina,

    I have no association with Amazon or Nutribullet but you can contact Amazon and I am sure that they will solve your issue by replacement or refund. You have 1 year warranty directly with Amazon. Hope this helps!


  29. Forever having to repair my NutriNinja. The seals are poor quality and soon leak liquid into the ball bearings which soon seize, either overloading the motor, or more likely spinning the bearings in the plastic housing which then melts. I have replaced seals with higher quality seals AND sealed type ball bearings. If the Ninja leaks, it drains down through the motor housing via the micro-switches which then also fail. All easy to repair (microswitches are cheap, but more bother than the hype would suggest. As for the NOISE! They should be supplied with a dB warning and ear muffs.

  30. I just bought replacement blades for my Nutribullet Rx. They don’t fit, therefore I get leaking. I am in contact with the complany to see if they can replace them with ones that fit because I really don’t want to have to buy a new one. In response to the people who have the icky brown stuff, I think it may be time to replace your blades. I know that in my instruction book it says to replace the blades often. I actually went several years before deciding to replace mine, but now I can’t use my blender because of the fact that they don’t fit right. I can use the tool and force them on, but then it’s almost impossible to get the blade back off, even with the tool! Also, if you do get leakage, that stuff is everywhere inside the blade. I rinsed the heck out of my old one and it was ok. I also stopped putting the ice inside the blender, just used some frozen fruit and then put ice cube in to cool it down later.

  31. With my nutribullet I found that the 3 plastic bits on the cups have to be put in the right place on the base or it doesn’t work. I couldn’t get it into the base one day and forced it breaking one of the plastic bits anyway it will still works with only two of them but again it must fit into right position in the base or it doesn’t go. I have had no other trouble with it for 4 years until 2 days ago when I made a smoothie & the lid will not come off. I’ve tried soaking it in warm water also another suggestion was to put it in the freezer for 10 minutes & a 3rd suggestion was to unscrew the 3 screws on the lid to let some air in & that will release the sucken a bit allowing me to remove the lid. None of these have worked. Any ideas from anyone on how I can get the lid off?

  32. Well just another design fault of the nutribullet 1000 is that the blades are driven in the same direction as you would unscrew the cup so at start up if the blades strike some resistance they will naturally loosen the cup from the blade holder. A reverse thread or left hand thread on the cup would fix that problem or to run the motor and blades in the opposite direction would also work. Not Rocket sience.

  33. I have dark brown oily substance leaking from my nutribullet it poured out all over the kitchen floor it seems to contaminate the juice I recently purchased a new blade as the original one seemed to be grinding metal dust it worked until now and now I have this leaking problem what am I to do. Jan Craig

  34. It’s crazy to see how widespread these issues are. I also had the brown oil, I also had the blades coming off, I have in the past smelled burning, and finally last night the thing decided to die completely. I think I will avoid this brand when I get my replacement. I didn’t realize everyone is having issues with this expensive piece of scrap metal. Do better nutribullet.

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