Use Nutribullet and Not Juicing!

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Nutribullet is not a juicer and thus when you are thinking on how to get best out of your fruits and vegetables you have to decide which one to choose.

Juice – why and why not?

There are of course advantages of having juice.

A glass juice provides a spike in energy levels of our body thus helping us do work (especially physical work) comfortably.

Juices are very easy to digest and thus are suitable almost any time of the day for all ages.

But with these advantages there are limitations too. When we juice the pulp which contains all the fiber is discarded.

It has been proved scientifically that pulp / fiber is one very important part of diet and promotes healthy digestion in our body. Thus, when we discard this portion, we are discarding health!

Nutribullet advantage

Well, one obvious advantage of Nutribullet is whatever is present as your ingredients stay there. Nothing is discarded. So in another words, all nutrition, pulp and everything else remains there.

Another advantage is (primarily as pulp is retained in the process of blending with Nutribullet) is you can use the product as a meal substitute.

The reason is that the fibre which is mostly in the for of pulp is filling and your stomach considers it equal to food. Basically, after drinking the blend you will not feel hungry.

This is why many diet programs recommend using blended vegetable and fruits as part of their program.

The next benefit is more related to convenience rather than benefits. When there is nothing to discard the whole process is a lot less messy.

We all have faced challenges in discarding leftover pulp after juicing. With almost no other way to use it, that goes waste.

Well, based on our analysis of comments people using blenders the main reason of not using a blender is ‘bad texture’.

This is because the product of Nutribullet is thick (because of pulp) and frothy. Our only point on this argument is – health is a much more important point to be considered then the texture of your food! 🙂


So overall, if you are looking for a spike in your energy levels, there is no better option than a glass of juice.

But if you are looking for a wholesome substitute to your diet and include benefits of fibre then Nutribullet extractor is the way you should go.

Hope this helps!

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