What all Do I Get in My Nutribullet ?

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Buying a Nutribullet blender is really a sensible decision.

This is because the super extractor is a great addition as a kitchen gadget that can help you enjoy the goodness of fruits and vegetables in its liquid form.

If you are on a weight loss diet or planning to lose some extra pounds in a natural way, investing in the Nutribullet is a wise decision.

When you buy a NB machine for your home, you can be assured that you are one step nearer to bid goodbye to all other bothering health issues that need medical supervision.

You can do your favourite work outs with new found energy and face each day with loads of confidence as you have the goodness of fruits plus veggies in a cup with the massive Nutribullet in action!

What all do I get in Nutribullet ?

Here is what you get in your 12 pieces Nutribullet. Note that there are a few changes when you go for other variants but most of the things remain the same. For specific details please see our articles on various Nutribullet models.

The extractor blade: It is an all-new extractor blade completely different from all the others and when it is combined with the magic bullet the cyclonic action from it gets into action.

The power from it breaks right through the seeds that are very tough and the thick stems with the tough skin that always tends to hide the nutrition inside it. Since the blades are specially made of stainless steel there is no need to be sharpened.

The milling blade: The flat blade that is available with NB is basically used to mill grains. You can even grind the fresh herbs and chop the nuts with the help of it. Again, this blade is also made out of stainless steel so you will never have to make an effort at sharpening it.

The power base: The heart of the Nutribullet machine is its power base. You will simply have to plug in the Nutribullet machine and to just place the cup into a 600 watt power (is of 900 W in case of 900 series and so on). The high torque power base needs to be to be pressed. There are no complications with unnecessary buttons. It cannot be easier than this as it exerts easy operation.

The tall cup: You must be thinking that what all I would get with Nutribullet? or do they also provide me with a tall cup? Obviously, they do. The machine’s most important part is the tall cup. It is extra large and it is used to create the healthiest and most nutrition filled and emulsifying the nutriblasts. You can have fresh juice made with freshly cut fruits and vegetables to provide for your family or your friends in just one go with the tall cup!

Lids: Lids are available to keep your drinks fresh and safe for long time. Two of these resealable lids are available along with the NB extractor. Use them every day to keep your mixture fresh and nutritious.

Recipe booklet: You will be given a recipe book along with the Nutribullet machine when you purchase it. These recipes are highly interesting as they have some unique fruits and veggies combination that you will love your nutriblast drink even more.

1 short cup and a handled lip ring: This self-blending cup is short and helps you to serve a single drink with it. Use it to prepare the drink and sip from it. You can hold the cup easily with its handled comfort ring.

1 handled short cup and 1 comfort lip ring: This is also similar to the standard short cup that allows you to drink the nutriblast drink you prepare using this. The comfort lip ring helps you to enjoy the drink by holding the cup.

So, these are very basic things which one gets with a Nutribullet. You can be assured that you get good value for your money when you buy this Nutribullet super extractor. Nutribullet is synonymous to good nutrition and is the most helpful one at your home!

Happy Health!

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