What is the Warranty Available on Nutribullet?

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Buying a Nutribullet is a better decision as an investment when compared to buying any other machine that will cost you a fortune.

Fancying this super-food extractor is worth every penny of what you want to spend on it.

Many people fondly call this as the “super extractor” as they are spellbound by its fast action in pulverizing the food particles within few seconds time while retaining the goodness of the food in it.

This system of Nutribullet will help keep you healthy for a lifetime. If you abide by to maintain a lifestyle according to this system it will surely keep you fit.

What is the warranty on Nutribullet?

When you are thoroughly impressed with the system of Nutribullet and when you purchase this extractor, it is natural that you begin to wonder about the warranty on Nutribullet.

If you are planning to buy the superfood extractor then you have to know that there are two types of warranty available with the Nutribullet system.

One Year Warranty

First is the one-year limited warranty that is offered for the Nutribullet system:

  • The LCC of the system will warrant that the Nutribullet system is free from all defects when it comes to its durable materials and the workmanship, crafted to perfection. The warranty starts right from the day of your purchase.
  • If there is any normal wear or any tear then the warranty will not be covering it. The warranty is applicable to the consumers use only. It is also void when the product is utilized in any institutional and any commercial setting.
  • The warranty will be extended to the new customer-purchaser but it is not transferable. In addition, the proof of the purchase should be demonstrated. The warranty will expire if the subject has faced any accident, abuse or misuse.
  • The warranty will give you some specific rights and the rights will vary from country to country.
  • If there is any replacement or repair for NB then the exclusive remedy to the consumer will be the warranty.

Four Year Limited Warranty

There is also a four-year limited warranty available for the Nutribullet system.

If you wish to enjoy your Nutribullet for a longer time period then you are always welcome to use the four-year warranty on the system.

It is better to use this option since it will give you a warranty for full 5 years. The good news is the warranty will commence its period right from the day of its purchase.

Other Details

What are the other things that you must know about warranties on the Nutribullet?

  • The warranty is not applicable when it comes down to normal tear or wear on the system.
  • The warranty will not apply if the system is used for any commercial or institutional purpose or the environment.
  • The warranty provides you with some specific rights and these will be varying from one country to the other.
  • It is liable to expire if the system has faced any sort of accident or abuse or misuse.
  • The warranty is guaranteed to be extended to the new customer who is the purchaser but it is not allowed to be transferred to his or her name.

Reading all these points about the warranty of superfood extractor would have given you some idea of what it covers and what benefits would you enjoy as a buyer.

Although, the four year one is preferable because once you buy it you will not have to worry about its future for almost 5 years.

Trust the warranty system of this machine. It works wonders. Customers have been happy with the results and the service. Why don’t you try one of these two types of warranty and remain free from all worries?

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6 thoughts on “What is the Warranty Available on Nutribullet?”

  1. I need Base Gear Spare Replacement Part for Nutri Bullet for on Top of Power Base.

    I cant use are broken

  2. I bought the nutri blast system a year 1/2 ago.ive had nothing but problems with the lid staying shut. It has ruined my system. Ive tried everything, i dont ever over fill it and use it every day and no matter what, it always leaks. What are my options

  3. Okay so the ”
    The warranty is not applicable when it comes down to normal tear or wear on the system.” SO THAT MEANS your warranty is bogus!! What would the warranty be applicable to? Abnormal tear and wear?….
    Okay, so I was suckered into believing this company wouldn’t be cheesy enough (Swiss/Baby Swiss to be more precise), to randomly print selling points about this product knowing that most people wouldn’t read closely over the details of the warranty or what you get for paying more ($20 or better) ordering direct from the manufacturer as opposed to buying it much cheaper from one of the big chain stores?? WOW
    I was starting to believe this company had something of an edge in unique powerful home appliances that you wanted to have over similar more expensive devices with less features, power, etc. The part that broke on the device was an easy fix for even the most inept tool/handy kind of person to fix (like myself) And I’d bet lots of people have this same broken part.. I’ll bet this part cost no more than a couple of dollars to cast in plastic and mail out in total..
    And there’s several exclusions listed in there “not applicable under warranty” for both the 1 year and 5 year make believe warranty coverage on this product.
    Yeah I’m pissed.. Thanks.. BTW my roommate owns one of them navigator vacuums, we both own the (2) steam mop’s.. and quess what.. I’m gonna start looking at knock off manufactures from China or India as it might last longer or work better.

  4. Was Great While It Worked.

    Maybe A Year of Occasional Use.

    Motor Died, Now We Are Biting The Bullet 🙁

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