Why You Should Buy NutriBullet? [Must Read Before Buying]

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Purchasing a NutriBullet blender isn’t nearly as large an investment as purchasing a great Vitamix machine; yet, you would have to make certain whether that hard-earned money that you are spending on this new fashionable “superfood nutrition extractor” is, in fact, worth it.

And for the ones who aren’t acquainted with the NutriBullet system, the phrase “superfood nutrition extractor” happened to be coined by the corporation producing this blender for being able to draw attention to the powerful food-pulverizing & food-liquefying characteristics of the NutriBullet.

So, let us now have a look at the variety of benefits of purchasing a NutriBullet

Top benefits of NutriBullet blender

Amazing Ability to break down ingredients into fine particles yet retain nutrients

There happen to be an abundance of blenders in the marketplace, and the majority of them would be doing a high-quality job of mixing constituents.

However, there’re massive differences in how comprehensively blenders break down constituents. The ones designed to break through the smallest & hardest constituents would be turned to creamiest smoothies.

Such blenders moreover assist unlock vitamins, minerals, as well as essential fatty acids or EFAs, which have been locked in inside the cell walls of vegetables, nuts, fruits, as well as seeds.

This fact has made it the most recognized blender brands present, has become renowned for its high-powered motor as well as laser-cut blades that are able to turn even the toughest ingredients into a healthy drink that has an extremely smooth, velvety feel.

Even as the 600-watt motor of NutriBullet is small in comparison to the motors of other blenders, it is able to provide serious contest to the Vitamix blenders as far as making the smoothest smoothies is concerned.

The NutriBullet system is characterized by patented extractor blades which, in cooperation with a motor outfitted with cyclonic action is able to be sufficient to turn even heartier vegetables as well as ice into smooth drinks thick with fiber & vitamins. Its 600-watt motor is also able to tear through frozen berries, chard, chia seeds, almonds, etc.

Can fit into compact space

One of the most excellent things about the NutriBullet happens to be that it’s a great deal smaller than the majority of additional blenders of identical capacity.

You are easily able to leave this compressed machine on the kitchen counter while hardly noticing it, or store it at the corner of the cabinet as it is just 13 inches tall when compared to the height of the standard kitchen counter of 18 inches.

This is an added benefit as you need not search for a separate space to hold it.

The cups & lids happen to be dishwasher-safe

On the other hand, the NutriBullet is exceedingly simple to clean up.

The cups as well as lids which come with this blender happen to be dishwasher safe and are able to be washed on the top shelf of any standard dishwasher.

You can also hand-wash them by using a sponge and tepid soapy water. However, do remember that the blades aren’t dishwasher safe and need to be hand-washed only.

The NutriBullet is unexpectedly versatile

Taking into consideration it’s rather a miniature size, the NutriBullet’s extraordinarily versatile. With the miniature workhorse design, NB blender is able to make lip-smacking soups, desserts, dressings, ice creams, dips, as well as sauces.

The NutriBullet moreover includes a milling blade which is able to turn nuts into creamy nut butter or dips, rice into very fine flour, & wheat grains into super-fresh wheat flour.

Try different recipes with NB blender

Tired of the same soups, dressings and juices? Give it a break!

The NutriBullet happens to be becoming among the happening and high profile kitchen devices in the US, & you would be offered free recipe booklet along with this blender.

Certainly, there is no need to abide by smoothie recipes, which have been designed exclusively for NutriBullet owners.

You are able to use nearly all smoothie recipes you like, which include the healing smoothie recipes that can make you healthy and slim.

The NutriBullet is highly affordable

Perhaps one of the most convincing advantages of purchasing a NutriBullet is its affordable price. It is extremely cheap when weighed against the blenders offered by other companies.

However, it’s sufficiently powerful in turning out remarkably smooth smoothies and juices.

It’s easy to clean up

The NutriBullet can be rinsed clean in literally within 30 seconds. Obviously, it should be rinsed right after you use it, else it will be difficult to clean it.

There will be no leeks if one follows the instructions in the manual

One requires leaving sufficient room (or airspace) inside the container for allowing blending to take place smoothly. This is essential because if there is no airspace – liquid would be pushing out at any seam it comes across and as a result, it would be leaking.

Make sure to follow the instructions and don’t fill higher than the line marked on the container and have the base screwed on strongly and it would be churning out your favorite drinks and dishes effortlessly.

Replacement parts available in the market

In case your NutriBullet breaks down due to accidental damage or otherwise, do not worry. Most spare parts are easily available in the market and thus easily replaceable.

In the end

NutriBullet has taken the blender market by storm. It is one of the most bought and highly rated blenders available today.

All this is of course because of its great qualities and benefits it provides. So, if you are looking for a great way to extract benefits out of foods and superfoods, look no further. Your answer is right here!

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