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The Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker lets us enjoy bread baked according to our preferences. We have reviewed the product in detail in the following article.

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Key Dimensions and Power

Let us start with the key dimensions and Power of the bread maker.

  • Dimensions (in inches): 12.2 inches x 18.1 inches x 14.06 inches
  • Weight: 15.8 pounds
  • Power Supply: 110V
  • Material: Plastic

Next, list of some key features which we all look forward to in a bread maker.

Quick Features

Here are some of the key features of Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe.

  • Delay Timer: Available (13 hours)
  • Size of Loaf: 1.5, 2 or 3lb loaves
  • Baking Cycles: 10 pre-programmed cycles
  • Crust Settings: Light, Medium & Dark (automatic temperature adjustment for regular or dark crust)
  • Viewing Window: Available
  • Keeps Warm: Up to 60 Minutes
  • Automatic Fruit and Nut Dispenser: unavailable

Key Aspects of Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe

Ease of usage

The Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker is an easy to use bread machine. Only the ingredients need to be added and it does all the work by itself.

In case any other extra ingredients are to be added, the bread machine gives out an audible signal and they can be manually added.


The Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker is designed in such a way that it doesn’t take up too much counter space in the kitchen.

The bread machine makes horizontal loaves. It suits all kinds of modern kitchens. The white plastic body gives a pristine, yet stylish look to the bread maker.


The Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker comes with two kneading paddles, a bread pan with the capacity of 3lb, measuring cup and a measuring spoon.

The bread machine also comes with a user manual which includes many recipes.

Customer Reviews

The Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker mostly has positive reviews from its customers. However, there are some customers which are unhappy with some parts of the bread machine.

We analysed large number genuine customers reviews over various online portals selling this model, below are the key take aways.

Key Positives

1. Additional Capacity: the Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker offers more capacity than any other bread machines. Users can use the bread machine to make 3lb loaves. This feature isn’t available in any other bread machines which are used in homes.

The additional capacity comes in handy while making bread for large families or on special occasions. This also eliminated the need of going through the whole process for making more loaves.

2. Takes up less counter space: the bread machine has been designed in such a manner that it doesn’t take up too much of counter space in the kitchen. This gives home makers more space to work in the kitchen.

Secondly, the compact size of the bread machine also allows for it to be stored easily in cabinets and drawers, when not in use.

3. Not too noisy: most bread machines are too noisy while going through various cycles of mixing, kneading, and baking. This can become quite irksome for users. The Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker, however, goes through all processes so quietly that one might not even notice that it is working.

4. Large viewing window to show the progress of bread: the bread machine allows for the user to know exactly what is going on within the bread maker- the kneading, mixing and baking.

This keeps the user in sync with the bread making. The feature isn’t available in any other bread machines.

Key Limitations

Based on customer reviews, here are a few limitations of the model

1. No power button to turn off bread machine: the bread machine is equipped with a lot of buttons. However, the power button doesn’t perform its function of turning the appliance off. The bread machine can only be turned off by taking off its plug from the power supply socket.

The power button on the appliance only works for starting and stopping the multiple cycles in the bread machine.

2. User manual not very user-friendly: the user manual of the Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker is poorly written, making it completely unhelpful to customers of this bread machine. The manual provides wrong information in one section and also, doesn’t include information about one of the references.

3. Lack of lightening for LCD Display: the bread machine comes with a large LCD display which shows the settings and time taken for each cycle. However, there isn’t any light available in the same, making it very difficult to read.


Q. Is it possible to make low carb breads using this machine?
Yes, there is a setting for making low-carb bread.

Q. How many kneading paddles does the bread machine have?
The bread machine has two kneading paddles.

Q. Does it make gluten-free bread?
Yes, there is a setting available for gluten-free bread.

Q. What is the warranty period?
The warranty period for the bread machine is two years.


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