Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine Review

Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine
Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine Review
Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine Review
Easy to use and clean
Offers more features for lesser price
High Durability
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Looking for a very affordable bread machine but you don’t want to compromise on the features then Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread machine is what you need.

About the company

Sunbeam Products is an American brand that has been producing electric home appliances since 1910. The company’s slogan is ‘Life just got easier’. It is owned by Jarden Consumer Solution and has its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sunbeam Products manufactures kitchen appliances, bedding, home, and health products. Some of the popular products of Sunbeam apart from bread machines are Mixmaster Mixer, Coffee Master, the Sunbeam CG waffle Iron and the fully automatic T20 Toaster.

Dimensions and Power

  • Cooking Setting: 600 watts
  • Dimensions in inches: 14× 9.75 × 9.5
  • Weight in pounds: 19.4
  • Safety Fuse: Available

Quick Features List

  • Loaf Sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra –Large
  • Functions: 12 baking functions which includes dough mode
  • Crust types: Dark, Medium, and Light
  • Bread options: Basic, Whole-wheat, Sweet, Quick, French, Sandwich, Pizza, and Cake

Programmable Menu:

  • Delay Timer: 13- hour preset
  • Indicator: Bake/Dough cycle completion
  • Express Bake: Less than an hour i.e. 58 minutes
  • Multiple Cycles: Yes
  • Jam Cycle: Yes

Key Aspects of Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Bread machine


It fits on your countertop and many customers say it is big and bulky. So if you are planning to buy this one make some space on your countertop and check the size of your cabinets. It has a very easy to read LED Display accompanied with touch control panel and a large viewing window to see the operation in progress.

Many customers feel that it does lack in the aesthetic section due to it being on the heavier side. Unlike some other machines, which give out an inaudible signal for fruit and nut addition this one gives a clear audible signal.

You need not worry about cleaning as the kneading blade and non-stick baking pan are completely dishwasher safe. It does not have dual paddles.

Ease of Use

Sunbeam 5891 is relatively a very basic bread machine and most of the customers who were beginners say that it is one of the easiest machines, for the beginners, available in the market.

Several of the customers appreciate the LED display which makes it easy to select the size, type and crust options. The machine is very intuitive and the setup is very simple with easy to follow instructions.

This machine is foolproof and bakes a good loaf every single time you bake even when the users were unsure about it. Most of the bread takes three hours to bake and the fastest cycle bakes bread in 58 minutes.

Many users love its dough cycle; a research shows that quite a number of experienced bakers use this machine to make the dough as it is quicker and also works well with thicker batters. As it comes with a non-stick inner pan, there is less mess and cleaning the pan is super easy.


It comes with a kneading blade and a user manual that provides step by step instructions which also has few recipes included in it. Many customers have suggested to refrain oneself from trying out the recipes given in the booklet as they did not come out well.


Always wear oven mitts while handling the hot surfaces or allow them to cool before using hands directly. Do not place the appliance near the hot surfaces and burners. Always supervise when the appliance is used by or near children or incapacitated persons.

Few customers have complained about the appliance walking on the counter when in operation so do not place it on the edge of the counter as it may fall off.

Always follow the exact measurements given the recipes and use fresh ingredients to bake a delicious bread. Adjust the recipe if you stay in a place that is 3000 feet above sea level. One best way to make sure that you bake a perfect loaf is always checked the dough and adjust by adding little water or dough until it just feels right.

Even though it is mentioned as dishwasher safe, it is always best to clean the baking pan with hand as customers have said that the coating is thin and easily scrapes off. Use the power cord accordingly and never let anything rest on it.

If the power cord is damaged, do not operate the appliance instead take it for servicing at a recognized service center.

Customer reviews

We analyzed the online reviews by buyers on various portals to find out what users feel about the product. We found that, apart from few little quirks, most of the people who bought the product are happy with it. We discuss some of the key points mentioned by buyers in detail below.

Key Positives about Sunbeam 5891

Very basic and highly intuitive: People who are terrified of too many buttons and options can easily use this bread machine as it is very basic machine. Many customers have loved this machine because it is said to be highly intuitive and helped them bake wonderful loaves of bread even in the times when they were unsure.

More for Less: This bread machine offers many features also including a jam cycle for just US$ 75. Customers including both beginners and experts have loved this product for wide range of features it provides at such an affordable price and say that it is the best value bread maker.

Great Durability: More than 90% of the customers who have bought this machine said that this machine is of good quality and is very durable. There are customers who have been using it for more than 5 years, who claim that it still bakes good loaves of bread.

Few customers complained about the non-stick coating being very thin and that it scrapes of easily but careful hand washing the pan can prevent this.

Key Limitations

Inadequate Recipe Booklet: Nearly 95% of customers were unhappy about the recipes provided in the recipe booklet. Users said that even after using fresh ingredients and following the recipe carefully, step by step, they could not bake a good loaf of bread.

It is suggested to buy a separate bread machine recipe book from reputable publishers.

Noisy and Tends to Walk on the Counter: Few customers complained about the machine being noisy during the kneading operation. Noise during kneading operation is quite common but customers say that sometimes it becomes quite noisy.

Even though few customers have said that it is bulky they have been complaints about it moving on the counter when in operation.



Q. Can we just bake in this using already kneaded and raised dough?

Yes, we can use the Bake only option and bake the already kneaded and raised dough.

Q. Does this machine have a setting for Pizza Dough?

It has a function to make dough which can be prepared dough to make dinner rolls, pizza, specialty breads, etc, which you can shape by hand, allow to rise and
then bake in an oven.

Q. What is the size of the loaf? Is it tall or brick like?

The space that holds the mix is 7 inches in length, 6 inches tall and 5.5 inches in width. Most of the time it depends on the type of the bread you are
baking, the bread mix you’re the using and also whether the bread will rise or not.

Q. Can you bake gluten-free bread?

Yes, you can bake gluten-free bread. But it may not be as soft as the white bread with gluten.

Q. Is the paddle removable?

Yes, the paddle is removable and makes it easy to clean.

Q. Is the product warranted?

Yes, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Q. Can I bake breads with fruit in it?

Yes, you can bake breads with different fruits. The fruit and nut addition indicator will indicate when to add them.

Q. How many kneading blades it has?

It has one kneading blade and an extra blade is provided as a replacement.

Q. Can I open the lid to unstick the dough when it is stuck to one side?

It is not needed as after a while the machine does so by itself. But, if you wish to do so you can by all means as it would not affect the end product. But do not open the lid when it is baking as it leads to loss of heat affecting the quality of the loaf baked.



Whoever told that good bread markers are expensive didn’t try Sunbeam 5891. This a very affordable bread maker priced at $75. If you want to try a bread maker and are not sure if you want to spend a lot of money, then this is the one you should be buying.

For the price you pay, Sunbeam 5891 offers you a good number of features. It is very simple to use and a beginner would be quite comfortable with this one. You can bake loaves of 1.5 or 2 lbs. It has 12 cooking functions, 3 shade selections, 13 hour delay break, LED display, touch- control panel and a window top.

When using this you have to put the liquids first if you are using the delay timer and always go for the light crust option because the dark crust gives you dark and slightly drier bread.

Few complaints have been heard that oil leaks from the paddle leaving stains on the bread, this is a defect with the bread pan and with the one year warranty provided you can get the pan replaced. If you are seasoned or a rookie baker on a tight budget then I suggest you go for Sunbeam 5981.


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