9 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Bread Maker Today!

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Innovation in technology for the past years has allowed for home chores to be easier, thus making work in kitchen easy to handle.

A bread maker is one such invention.

A bread maker or a bread making machine is a home appliance for making bread. Bread has always been consumed along all kinds of food, hence making it necessary in all meals, be it, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The process of bread making is a tedious and time consuming process and as in today’s world, people don’t have the time to go through the whole process, bread makers have become a necessity.

While a person can always buy bread from markets, making bread at home will always be a healthier option, as bread can be optimized according to the person/family’s tastes and health preferences.

However, bread can be made using ovens as well, so why a bread maker should be used instead?

Why Buy a Bread Maker?

There are multiple reasons as to why a person should consider using a bread maker instead of any other options available to him/her. Bread makers have always been a more convenient option to chefs in restaurants, home-makers, working women and so on.

This section covers such advantages of bread makers which provide ease to all of them alike.

1. Ease of Usage – automatic and simple

Most bread makers available in the market are automatic.

This feature of bread makers benefits its users by reducing the time and effort they put in. The chef, home maker or any other user of a bread maker can add the ingredients to it and it completes its function automatically, without any supervision on the part of its user.

Bread makers allow users to do other necessary chores such as cooking of the main course, dessert and so on, thus decreasing their workload.

However, it is important to note that not all bread makers are automatic. Only the expensive bread makers provide automatic functions.

Some bread makers require the dough to be kneaded and then added to the bread maker to complete the bread making process.

Also, Bread makers are easy to use and handle for consumers of bread than ovens. Suppose, a person does not know how to bake or even does not like baking, bread makers are the perfect alternative for such consumers of bread.

Further, it is also possible that a person wishes to make a certain kind of bread, such as French bread, at home but does not know how to make one using an oven. In such cases, a bread maker aids one to make such bread, as it often comes with alternative cycles or settings.

2. Allows For Multi-tasking – great for busy people

This benefit is an extension of the previous point. As the user of the bread maker, he/she can focus on more important tasks like preparation of other kinds of food and other household chores.

Further, it aids its user in preparation of cakes, jams, and pizza and pasta dough, thus helping in saving time and effort on special occasions and busy days.

As bread makers are perform multiple functions, they help in tackling tough and tedious situations, where a home-maker has to prepare a lot of food, such as birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other such holidays.

3. Tidier process as compared ovens

Using ovens to make bread often ends up in a messier kitchen like dirty utensils, counter because of the various processes that need to be done before baking the bread in the oven. These processes include kneading, mixing and measuring of ingredients to make that perfect loaf of bread.

For instance, kneading requires a lot of effort and is probably the messiest of all the different processes of bread making. A bread maker has built-in dough paddles which knead the perfect dough required for bread making.

Secondly, for making bread, yeast has to be added to the dough. Bread makers have yeast pockets that automatically add yeast after the kneading process, allowing for the yeast to make the bread rise at the required temperature.

Therefore, a bread maker eliminates all such problems as all processes of bread making can be done in one container, therefore making it easier to clean the kitchen afterwards.

4. Saves money in long run

It is known for ovens to use high amounts of electricity than any other home appliance, thus, leading to a high electricity bill. Bread makers are energy- efficient as they work on lesser amount on electricity than traditional ovens use for making bread.

Secondly, bread makers allow for reduced raw material wastage than ovens. Many a times, it so happens, that a person is less experienced in making bread, which may result in them wasting flour if they are unable to knead dough properly or add very little yeast to the dough, which therefore,  may cause the bread to not rise.

Bread makers allow tackling the above scenario as bread makers only require one to put the ingredients into it and further they do everything by themselves, making them more cost-friendly.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, one can always buy breads from grocery stores and bakeries, so why should a person make bread at home? It is because one can easily save money by shifting from bread bought from markets to home-made bread. Fresh ingredients are a cheaper and a healthier option to all consumers of bread than buying bread from the market.

It may sound like expensive option as it requires capital investment. But if you are frequent user of bread, a bread maker will save money in long run.

Also, it is a healthier choice as a person can not only observe the bread making process but also can always choose what he/she wants to put in his/her bread such as dry fruits, nuts and so on and also the kind of bread he/she wants to consume.

5. Can also make other delicacies – wow!

Bread makers are not only capable of producing bread. Several bread makers have jam cycles to make jam. They can also make cakes and knead pizza and pasta dough.

Also, if a person prefers to go on with traditional method of baking bread using ovens, instead of kneading the dough manually, they can use a bread maker for the same as dough-kneading is a time and effort consuming process.

After the bread maker completes this process, the dough can be removed from the bread machine and the rest of the process can be carried out with the help of an oven.

6. Can time Bread making

Timers help in facilitating addition of various ingredients, according to a timely manner, to ensure perfect results. As a result, this saves effort put in by the user while ensuring a good loaf of bread.

An instance of this can be Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker which allows for yeast to be dispensed in the dough at a certain time to ensure that the consumer enjoys perfect bread according to their preferences.

Similarly, Zojirushi allow for addition for ingredients like dry fruits, herbs and so on at a pre-decided time to ensure good results.

Timers also aid users of bread makers by commencing the bread making process at a pre-decided time by the consumer. Suppose, a working woman programs her bread machine to make bread while she is not at home so that when she comes home, she can enjoy a home-made loaf of bread.

Thus, bread makers with timers are advantageous to working women as they can set up a pre-decided cycle to make bread while they are not at home and consume bread when they return. Similarly, bread makers can be timed to make in the morning for breakfast.

Timers benefit users as it gives them the privilege of enjoying bread after a busy day at work, with no need to enter the kitchen to supervise bread making unlike while using ovens and stand mixers.

7. Better texture – make the bread you really love!

Modern Bread machines monitor internal variables such as ingredients, how much the dough has been kneaded etc. and according to that Intervals at which yeast is poured in and the quantity of yeast is monitored, thus providing a better texture and a consistent raise to the bread.

You may not get the particular variety of bread you like in market as the options are limited. But in case you own a bread maker you can experiment and bake whatever you like!

8. Control over ingredients used – eat healthy

The consumer of bread can optimize the bread produced according to his/her liking. For instance, while some prefer whole-grain breads, others prefer gluten-free bread. Bread makers also provide the option of adding other ingredients to the loaf of bread they are producing.

The most expensive bread machines like a Zojirushi have an ace up their sleeve which extends bread options much further.

They have separate pockets to hold dry ingredients like fruit, cheese, sundried tomatoes or maybe herbs and these pockets then release the contents into the dough at the correct time for perfect results.

This also means you can chose healthy and the best ingredients for your family.

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Bread makers provided all the above-mentioned benefits to each of its users.

To working women, they reduce their workload in their household, by taking off one tedious process of bread making using ovens of their shoulders. Bread makers can also be programmed to make bread before they return home from their work, thus allowing them to enjoy fresh bread as soon they arrive.

To chefs, it reduces the stress and workload also, thus allowing them to focus on more time-consuming tasks such as preparation of main courses, desserts, starters etc. in the restaurant kitchens.

Also, if your family loves bread, you can save money in long run by using a bread maker machine.

Bread makers have become a necessity in the modern maker to all people who consume bread. Their popularity has escalated drastically as they fulfill the demands of customers and will further rise in the coming years.

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