Best Dog Shampoos Brands for Dandruff & Why Use Them?

Since dogs are covered with fur they require shampoos to clean and condition them, just like human need shampoos for their hair.

Human shampoos are harsh on the dog and disturb their oil and pH balance. Therefore, there are special products made especially for dogs and other pets that should be used on them.

Dog shampoos generally contain a number of natural ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil since they are gentler on the skin. Compatibility with skin type is an important attribute of any dog shampoo.

Why do Dogs get Dandruff?

Your dog is also susceptible to dandruff, just as you are. In scientific terms, dandruff is known as seborrhoea.

It is generally caused due to dry skin. If your dog has a dry coat, it will be very clear when he has dandruff. On the other hand, if your dog has a light fur coat, it is hard to determine whether he has dandruff or not.

So you should pay close attention to it when you are bathing the dog. Dandruff is not as scary as it seems, it is just a bunch of dry skin that keeps falling off in clumps.

You will find a number of scabs or bumps near the flaky skin. You will also observe that your dog must have started scratching himself more often than usual.

The dog’s fur may also be getting thinner in places. This is a sign of a severe case of dandruff which you need to treat immediately.

Some dogs that are more prone to dandruff are West Highland terriers, fox terriers, Scottish terriers, pugs, schnauzers, dalmations, retrievers, bulldogs, poodles, pit bull terriers, Cairn terriers and Irish setters.

Let us look at some cause of dandruff in dogs.

  • Allergies– Sometimes allergens like dust or pollen may settle on your dog and cause dandruff where they settle on the fur.
  • Chyletiella mites– These are also known as ‘walking dandruff. These are mites, white in colour, which lay eggs on your dog’s skin and causes a severe case of dandruff.
  • Fungal or bacterial infections– These infections can cause the whole skin to dry up and have dandruff all over, unlike localised diseases like the above.
  • Low humidity– If the dog is in low humid conditions, then the whole skin might become very dry. Dogs tend to get itchy due to the lack of moisture which makes it worse.
  • Poor diet– If the dog does not have enough water to drink or enough vitamins, then the skin’s quality will deteriorate. The dog will become susceptible to dandruff.

How can Shampoos help in Dog Dandruff?

Some shampoos are specially designed to cure dogs of shampoo. These shampoos usually have sulphur or salicylic acid to cure dandruff.

You should keep a note that your dandruff shampoo will also be too harsh for dogs, so you should not use them. Some shampoos also protect your dog from contracting dandruff.

These shampoos generally keep the fur moisturized and clean. Some shampoos attack the root cause of dandruff which may be mites or allergens.

Apart from changing the shampoo, you should also concentrate on your pet’s health and diet so that dandruff does not return.

Popular Dog Dandruff Shampoo Products

Best Dog Shampoos Brands for Dandruff

There are a number of high-quality shampoos in the market that is useful in treating dandruff, for dogs. Let us take a look at some of the most popular products.

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These products are discussed in detail below –

1. SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care for Dogs

SynergyLabs is one of the leading brands in the pet care market. It helps to relieve a number of diseases. The ingredients in the shampoo are salicylic acid, micronized sulphur and coal tar.

The diseases that are tackled by this shampoo are Mange, fungal infections, greasy skin, seborrhoea, bacterial infections and parasitic infections.

The formulation does not have paraben, soap or dye which may cause allergies. It has allantoin and colloidal oatmeal which hydrates the skin and lets it heal quicker. Read detailed reviews on Amazon>>

2. Five Star Natural Pet Care Dog Shampoo

This dog shampoo is made in the United States of America. It is made wholly from natural ingredients. It provides relief to your dog against itchiness, dry skin, dandruff, and so on.

It suits both long haired and short haired dogs. The end result of shampooing your dog with this shampoo is that you get a coat that is soft, shiny, clean and free from knots, mats and tangles.

It provides a mild and fresh smell to your dog s that it does not smell like a damp dog does. The shampoo is made for the ease of dog owners.

It lathers up quickly and washes off easily. The gentle formula ensures that your dog does not develop any allergies or rashes. Read detailed reviews on Amazon>>

3. Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

Earthbath is a leading manufacturer of natural and biodegradable pet care products. This shampoo is also 100% natural and completely bio-degradable.

It is available in 10 variations depending upon the key ingredient, like aloe vera, tea tree oil, orange peel and so on. It is a scented shampoo which is gentle yet effective against dandruff. It is soap-free and safe. Read detailed reviews on Amazon>>

4. Vet’s Best Moisture Mist Conditioner for Dogs

This is a waterless shampoo that is marketed by Vet’s Best, a popular name in pet care products. It not only rejuvenates your dog’s skin and hair, but it also removes flakes caused by dandruff.

It gentle formula helps to heal the skin and fur naturally. The moisturizing ingredients keep the skin soft and do not allow itchiness and dandruff to creep back.

The shampoo needs to be applied on the dog and left in. It makes the coat lustrous and full of body. Read detailed reviews on Amazon>>

5. Fresh n Clean Medi-Cleen Medicated Shampoo

This is a unique, fragrance-free shampoo that is meant for dogs only. It is a medicated shampoo that works against scaling, itching, dandruff, dry skin and dermatitis.

You can use it in place of your regular shampoo during bathing and it will give you the same result, and treat diseases too. Do not use the same formulation for cats. Read detailed reviews on Amazon>>

6. Cardinal Laboratories Furrever Medicated Shampoo for Dogs

Furrever manufactures this product in factories that are solar powered. The packaging is bio-degradable and recyclable.

The shampoo is formulated with botanical extracts of aloe vera and natural chamomile. It does not contain sulphate. It can be used to cure dry, itchy, scaling skin that has dandruff. The product can safely be used with flea drops. Read detailed reviews on Amazon>>

Precautions to be taken with dandruff shampoo for your dog

We always recommend that you take the advice of your pet whenever you are headed to buy something special for your dog.

In case you want to purchase something without consultation, you should take care of a number of points. For example, your dog may be allergic to a number of chemicals or dye.

To ensure that you do not get products which have those chemicals. Going with shampoos that have natural ingredients is the best method.

  • Do not use human shampoos on your dog
  • Wash the shampoos off really well to ensure that the chemicals do not remain on the fur
  • Try to get a consultation from a vet before proceeding
  • Shampoos that have methylisothiazolinone may react with your skin while you bathe your god. Be aware of these chemicals.
  • Some spray shampoos have alcohol which is not healthy for dogs.
  • Some shampoos may have the opposite effect on your dog like increasing dandruff instead of reducing it
  • Find the underlying reason for dandruff and do not just concentrate on curing the symptom.


There are numerous manufacturers of dandruff shampoos in the market like vet’s Best, SynergyLabs, Earthbath, Furrever, Bayer, Five Star and Fresh n Clean.

You should select a shampoo that treats the underlying condition of your dog’s dandruff. Apart from using the appropriate shampoo, you should also take care of your dog’s diet so that he does not contract the same disease again.

Always take the advice of a vet for all these decisions regarding your dog since they know what is best for them.

Here are the most popular dandruff shampoos once again for you, check them out –

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