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In Brief: Best Dog Whitening Shampoos

  1. BioSilk – Best Overall
  2. Perfect Coat White Pearl – All natural
  3. Wahl Dog/Puppy Shampoo
  4. Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo
  5. Nature’s Miracle Supreme
  6. Chris Christensen
  7. Lillian Ruff – Best Vegan
  8. Alpha Dog – With Conditioner
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best overall rating

BioSilk Dog Shampoo

BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo | Best Brightening Dog Shampoo for White Dogs to Keep A Clean, White Coat, 12 Oz Shampoo Bottle for All Dogs
  • All natural
  • Puppy safe

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best overall rating

Perfect Coat White Pearl

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo For Dogs, Coconut Scent
  • all natural
  • Awapuhi extract & aloe

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best overall rating

Wahl Dog/Puppy Shampoo

Wahl White Pear Brightening Shampoo for Pets – Whitening & Animal Odor Control with Silky Smooth Results for Grooming Dirty Dogs – 24 oz
  • Great Brand
  • Coconut, tea & sea kelp extracts

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If you have a white dog you know that keeping their coat bright white is a difficult task that may even seem impossible if you have an active dog who loves to play outside.

Shopping for pet supplies can be quite difficult since there are so many different products available.

It can be hard to tell which is the best and which might be cheap, use less shampoo.

Comparison Table – Top Dog Whitening Shampoos

To help you in your search, some of the best whitening dog shampoos have been compiled and reviewed based on their descriptions as well as user reviews. Here is a quick table with the most important parameters of whitening shampoos to help you decide.

Brand Suitable for Volume Key Ingredients USP Our Rating Price


BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo | Best Brightening Dog Shampoo for White Dogs to Keep A Clean, White Coat, 12 Oz Shampoo Bottle for All Dogs

BEST Overall

Light and white coats 12 fl oz Hawaiian White Ginger, papaya & lemon extract All natural, Suitable for puppies too 9.7 Check Price

Perfect Coat White Pearl

Curaseb Medicated Shampoo for Dog & Cats - Treats Skin Infections & Hot Spots - Chlorhexidine & Ketoconazole – Veterinary Formula

All natural

Light and white coats 32 fl oz Awapuhi extract & aloe All natural 9.6 Check Price

Wahl Dog/Puppy Shampoo

Wahl White Pear Brightening Shampoo for Pets – Whitening & Animal Odor Control with Silky Smooth Results for Grooming Dirty Dogs – 24 oz
All coats 24 fl oz Coconut, tea & sea kelp extracts PEG-80 free 9,5 Check Price

Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo

Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo, 12-Ounce
All coats 12 fl oz Cleansers derived from coconut oil Tearless, no-bleach formula 9.5 Check Price

Nature's Miracle Supreme

Nature's Miracle Supreme Whitening Odor Control Shampoo, 16 oz.
All coats 16 fl oz Awapuhi extract & aloe Controls odor 9.4 Check Price

Lillian Ruff

Lillian Ruff Brightening & Whitening Shampoo for Dogs – Tear Free Coconut Scent with Aloe for Dry & Sensitive Skin – Adds Shine & Luster to Coats (16oz)

Best Vegan

All coats 16 fl oz Coconut and aloe extract Vegan, safe for puppies 9.4 Check Price

Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog Series Bright White Grooming Natural Dog Shampoo and Conditioner with Aloe Vera, pH balanced Shampoo for Dogs, Tear-Free, Moisturizing Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin - 26.4 Oz

With Conditioner

All coats 26.4 fl oz Aloe & fruit / vegetable extracts Shampoo and conditioner 9.4 Check Price

Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen White on White Dog Shampoo, Groom Like a Professional, Brightens White & Other Colors, Safely Removes Yellow & Other Stains, No Bleach or Harsh Chemicals, All Coat Types, Made in USA
All coats 16 fl oz NA This is semi-permanent color with shampoo 9.3 Check Price

Review of the Top Dog Whitening Shampoos

Now that you have a good idea of how to pick out the best whitening dog shampoo for you and your furry friend, you’re ready to begin your search. Here are five of the best whitening shampoos currently available.

They’ve been analyzed based on their specifications as well as user reviews so you have a better idea of what to expect if and when you purchase any of them. overall rating

BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo

BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo | Best Brightening Dog Shampoo for White Dogs to Keep A Clean, White Coat, 12 Oz Shampoo Bottle for All Dogs

Made by the same company that makes human hair products, this whitening shampoo is made to cleanse and brighten your white dog effectively.

It uses the same ingredients that are used in BioSilk’s human shampoo but formulated specifically for dogs.

It’s considered suitable for dogs ranging from as young as eight weeks old through adulthood.

Here, there are no sulfates or parabens in the formula making it safer than other shampoos for dogs with allergies.

Similarly, it can be used in conjunction with topical flea and tick treatments since it isn’t as strong as other shampoos.

Besides whitening your dog’s coat, this shampoo will also cleanse them, moisturize their skin and coat, and leave their fur shiny.

According to user reviews, pros and cons of the shampoo are –

  • pH balanced formula
  • Gentler with more natural ingredients
  • Purpling agents brighten white coats
  • Fragrance isn’t overpowering
  • No serious issues!

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Nature’s Miracle Supreme Whitening Odor Control Shampoo

Nature's Miracle Supreme Whitening Odor Control Shampoo, 16 oz.

Nature’s Miracle is a popular pet supply company that is known for making effective shampoos meant to keep your dog clean and fresh.

This specific shampoo is meant to not only bring your pup’s white coat back to life but is also meant to control odors and clear away dirt and grime.

The formula contains no soaps, dyes, or parabens making it relatively safe for allergy-prone dogs.

Instead, the shampoo contains natural cocoa surfactants to clean away debris and condition your dog’s skin and coat.

It also contains awapuhi extract to help brighten their fur.

It should be noted that this shampoo seems to have more of a cumulative effect for whitening and will take several washes to see a visible difference instead of being a quick fix.

According to user reviews, pros and cons of the shampoo are –

  • Eliminates static electricity
  • Makes dogs’ coats soft and manageable
  • Maintains dogs’ natural oils
  • Has pleasant fragrance
  • Dried out some dogs’ skin too much

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon overall rating

Bio-groom Super White Pet Shampoo Top Bluing Shampoo

Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo, 12-Ounce

This is a bluing shampoo that is considered to be one of the best on the market.

It’s made specifically to enhance your dog’s white color while also leaving their coat manageable, smooth, and shiny. The shampoo will also cleanse your pup’s skin and coat of all dirt and debris.

It should be diluted in a 4:1 ratio to get out light stains without any bleach or dye.

Like most whitening shampoos, there are artificial ingredients in the formula but this one also uses some natural ingredients like coconut oil.

This should be applied like a normal shampoo but for best results, it’s recommended that you lather and rinse twice before drying your dog and grooming them like you normally would.

According to user reviews, pros and cons of the shampoo are –

  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Helps break up matted hair
  • Cleans and whitens simultaneously
  • Lower concentration than other whitening shampoos
  • Takes more than one application for each bath

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon overall rating

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo For Dogs, Coconut Scent

When you need to bring out the white or light colors in your dog’s coat, this shampoo is a good option. It’s one of the top-selling shampoos on the market trusted by pet owners all over.

It uses aloe vera and pearlescent whiteners to do the job while also conditioning your dog’s skin and coat to make their fur manageable and smooth.

This shampoo also has a coconut fragrance to leave your dog smelling fresh and clean.

Its concentrated formula means you don’t have to use a lot of it to get the desired results making the shampoo last longer than some of the other similar products.

Considering the gentle formula and its use of natural ingredients, this is a good option for sensitive dogs or dogs prone to allergies.

According to user reviews, pros and cons of the shampoo are –

  • Whitens coats well
  • Leaves coats soft and smooth
  • Long-lasting coconut scent
  • Dried out some dogs’ coats

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon overall rating

Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets

Chris Christensen White on White Dog Shampoo, Groom Like a Professional, Brightens White & Other Colors, Safely Removes Yellow & Other Stains, No Bleach or Harsh Chemicals, All Coat Types, Made in USA

If you’re looking to get the yellow out of your dog’s white coat, this optical enhancing shampoo (with bluing agents, too) is a good option.

It can even be used on light-colored coats that aren’t pure white.

The formula contains no dyes, bleaches, or softening agents making it a gentler formula than other whitening shampoos while still being concentrated enough to work.

The Chris Christensen brand is trusted by groomers due to its consistent results and value for the price. It also has cleansing agents to rid your pup’s skin and coat of debris. Finally, the shampoo has a pleasant fragrance that isn’t too overpowering.

According to user reviews, pros and cons of the shampoo are –

  • Effective formula without peroxide or bleach
  • Makes coats manageable and soft
  • Covers up urine stains better than other shampoos
  • Slightly expensive

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How Do Dogs Get Stains?

1. how dogs get stains

Dogs are known for getting into mischief on a regular basis.

From rolling around in grass and splashing in the mud, stains can happen frequently.

Even if your dog isn’t outside much they can stain their fur eating, by drooling, from urinating and defecating, from licking themselves, or from their tears.

While most of these stains are easily removed with whitening shampoos, it should be mentioned that that tear stains can’t be removed this way since these shampoos are too harsh to use on your dog’s face.

You’ll have to use other products for those stains.

You can take them to your groomer who has all of the necessary tools to get your dog looking their best or you can find the best whitening dog shampoo available and do the work at home.

How Do Whitening Shampoos Work?

2. working of whitening shampoos

Each type of whitening shampoo works differently.

Bleaching and dyeing shampoos work as their names suggest—they bleach out the stains or use dye to cover the stains.

Optical brighteners and bluing shampoos are shampoos that enhance the white fur while diminishing the appearance of the darker patches of fur.

Here, optical brighteners covert UV light to visible blue light to make the white coat appear brighter while the bluing shampoo uses blue or purple coloration to create an optical illusion that makes the white look brighter than it is.

Finally, enzymatic shampoos break down proteins that are caught in your fur and causing discoloration.

Buying Guide – How to Buy a Good Dog Whitening Shampoo

3. buying guide

When shopping for whitening dog shampoo, there are certain things that you should look for and certain things that you should avoid.

By understanding what makes a good whitening shampoo and what might make a cheaper, potentially damaging product you can narrow your search and properly compare shampoos to make an informed purchase decision.

Types of Whitening Shampoos

The first thing you should think about is the type of whitening shampoo you want for your dog.

There are different kinds of this type of shampoo and each does different things in their own way to get your dog’s coat white again.

By understanding what each does, you can figure out which one is best for you and your pup and narrow down your search to include only those types of shampoos.

Bluing shampoos: These are whitening shampoos that use bluing elements to make your dog’s white coat look brighter than it is.

These elements work by neutralizing other tones like orange or brassy tones while highlighting the white and light tones.

This helps to enhance the white in your dog’s coat so they look brighter than they might be.

Bleaching shampoos: These are quite harsh and do what their name suggests—they bleach your dog’s fur to remove stains.

You should use this shampoo with extreme caution and rarely since the strong formula can damage your dog’s fur and skin.

Clarifying shampoos: These shampoos remove stains and make your dog’s coat bright again.

Since they’re made to remove oil, residue, and general build-up from your dog’s skin and coat, they’re harsher than other shampoos and should be used with care especially with sensitive dogs.

Dye-based shampoos: Instead of removing stains, these types of shampoos cover the stained fur with dye.

These shampoos have a lot of artificial ingredients and aren’t great for dogs with known allergies or sensitive skin that is prone to reacting negatively to artificial products.

Enzymatic shampoos: These are also good for removing stains by dissolving particles that might get caught in your dog’s coat.

If your dog has longer fur, they could easily get stains from urine, feces, saliva, food, and tears.

This kind of shampoo can dissolve all of that to eliminate the stains and make your furry friend clean again.

Optical brightener shampoos: These enhance your dog’s white fur using fluorescence that change UV light into visible blue light similar to the way detergents work to make white clothing brighter.

While these might sound harsh and dangerous, they pose less of a risk than others.

Whitening shampoos aren’t meant to be used frequently so you might be able to use some of the stronger formulas to get the results you want. This is especially true if your dog isn’t sensitive and won’t suffer any adverse reactions from the whitening shampoo.

If your dog is known to react poorly to harsh shampoos or you know your dog has allergies that can flare up from certain ingredients like artificial dye, be sure to pick a whitening shampoo that won’t harm your pup.

How to Use Whitening Shampoos

4. how to use

Unlike other dog shampoos, whitening shampoos have specific instructions which can vary from one product to another.

For that reason, it’s imperative that you read the label of whatever product you buy before you use it.

In general, most whitening shampoos need to be diluted with water since some are too strong to use on their own.

If you fail to do this with shampoos that call for it, you risk irritating or drying out your dog’s coat and skin or you can end up dying their white fur blue or purple.

After diluting the shampoo properly, wet your pup and apply the shampoo allowing it to set for (usually) five to ten minutes.

Then, rinse it thoroughly so no residue is left behind to cause irritation.

If your dog has stubborn stains that are proving difficult to come out, you can try changing the dilution slightly and apply the shampoo right on the stains after the initial shampooing.

However, use caution here since you can do damage to your furry friend.

Most groomers suggest you brush your white dog daily to try to eliminate grime before it stains their coat.

This will also untangle their coat and eliminate mating that can make your dog look darker. It’s best to use rubber curry combs for short-haired dogs and smooth brushes for long-haired pups.

How Long Does the Whitening of Dog Shampoo Last?

5. how long whitening shampoo last

Your dog’s renewed white coat should ideally last until the next time it’s stained.

Preventing your dog from getting too dirty is the best way to ensure that your whitening shampoo lasts as long as possible.

Brushing your dog daily and bathing them with normal shampoo to make sure stains don’t set in can help them stay white for longer periods of time.

That being said, most whitening shampoos last for about four weeks as long as your dog doesn’t re-stain their coat.

Are Dog Whitening Shampoos Safe?

6. are dog shampoo safe

In general, these shampoos are harsher than other dog shampoos. If you use them as their instructions direct you to, they shouldn’t do damage to your dog.

However, sensitive dogs and dogs with allergies will always be at risk of irritation to some degree (some more than others).

To be sure that the product you’re using won’t do damage to your pup, try testing the shampoo on them first.

Whitening shampoos can be harmful to your dog’s face. Some harsher formulas can’t be used on the face at all while others need to be used carefully.

With those shampoos, you should use eye salves to keep your dog’s eyes shielded from the product to limit their risk.

You should also make sure your dog doesn’t shake or rub their face against anything since that will cause the shampoo to get in their eyes.


Which type of whitening products works better?

Whitening shampoos require a successful amalgamation of enzymatic, bluing, cleaning agents and optical brighteners. No whitening shampoo comes with only one of these products. The mentioned products are some of the safest inorganic agents that help restore your pooch’s color and shine.

Are whitening shampoos only for white dogs?

Certain whitening shampoos available today are customized for the different colors of dog. Shampoos that contain bleaching agents are specifically designed for dogs with white coats. If you use this on your dark-coated animal, it may lead to the lightening of their fur making them look more orange than their original color. Color correction shampoos are available for black or dark-coat dogs as well that have specific dyes as an ingredient.

Are whitening shampoos harmful to my pup’s eyes?

Getting shampoo in your pup’s eyes is a nightmare, as the burning sensation could cause severe discomfort. The bleach and other whitening agents present in a whitening shampoo are especially cruel to your dog’s eyes, hence, you should avoid the slightest contact with their eye area. For added precaution apply eye salve in their eyes to avoid accidents.

Can you use whitening shampoo for dogs on human hair?

Whitening dog shampoos or any dog shampoos are gentler than human shampoos due to the sensitive and fragile skin of the species. Human shampoos are too acidic for your fur-friends; hence, they may not be suitable for our shampoos. Contrastively, using a dog whitening shampoo is not considered harmful to humans, as they use milder formulas designed for the pooch.

Does dog breed affect the whitening shampoo I choose?

Dog whitening shampoos work better on some breeds than others. Breeds like Bichons and Poodles will absorb the shampoo better because of their porous hair texture. On the other hand, Westies and terriers will need a different formula to work at their coat. Hence, on the bottles of shampoos, you shall find the breeds that the product is designed specifically for. If you are confused consult your vet or dog groomer.

What is the best dog whitening shampoo for Maltese?

Due to their extreme white coat, Maltese tend to yellow with age and activities. Certain whitening shampoos are medically backed with ingredients that are especially helpful in brightening your pooch’s fur. You do not need to invest in a bleaching shampoo, as simple bluing and enzymatic whitening shampoos perform well on their coat. You can go with organic whitening shampoos with Vitamin E and green tea extracts that are gentle on their skin.

What warranty should a dog whitening shampoo have?

Look for dog whitening shampoos with customer-friendly warranty periods. Reputed brands offer a warranty period of at least two years. It is safer to invest in brands that you are acquainted with or which has several good reviews. In case you face any issues after purchasing, you can rest assured that your problem will be addressed professionally.

How safe is it to purchase a dog whitening shampoo online?

Buying dog whitening shampoos online is equivalent to buying other grooming products online. If you invest in a reputed seller, then you shall not get cheated. Go for popular e-stores like amazon or online pet stores that have a good background in handling their customer queries. Moreover, if you receive any damaged product, good sellers should be able to give you complete refunds or exchange.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a good shampoo to make your dog’s dull white coat look bright again, you have plenty of options available on the market.

By knowing what to look for and what each one does, finding the best whitening dog shampoo can be relatively easy.

Any of the products here are great options, but there are others that might do well, too.

Remember to keep your dog’s needs in mind along with your personal preferences.

If you’re concerned about products harming your sensitive dog, consult your vet or a groomer to find out about whitening shampoos might be better for you and your pup.

Here is the list of top dog whitening shampoos again for you. Click on the links to check specs, reviews, and pricing on Amazon –

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