Best Shampoos for Dog Odour Control & Why Use Them?

Dogs are active pets and may get dirty and even smelly by the time the day is overdue to various reasons.

One cannot stop them from playing or running around, but one can definitely make sure that they remain neat and clean by bathing them regularly.

Some people notice that even after bathing and making sure that their pet is clean, the odor problem remains. This indicates the fact that the problem might be due to some other issues.

One needs to address this immediately as this could be the symptom of some serious diseases.

The following sections of the article attempt to explore the different kinds of causes underlying the odor problems and how the various dog shampoos available in the market can help in resolving this problem.

What are dog shampoos?

One needs to know that the normal human shampoo cannot be used to bathe the dogs. The beloved pets have very sensitive skin and their skin pH is different from ours.

Therefore, there are some specially designed cleansing agents known as dog shampoos.

These come in a variety of types that target the different issues that are faced by the dogs.

They can be classified into many types of organic, natural, medicated, non-mediated, dry skin, moisturizing etc. One can select any of these according to their needs.

Why do Dogs get Odour Problems?

Everyone loves their dogs but no matter how cute they are, it is, in fact, difficult to live with a smelly dog.

Therefore, it is important to understand first the source of the odor and then eradicate it effectively. The following are some common causes that throw light on why certain dogs suffer from odor problems.

  • They might have just rolled around in decaying stuff or something equally smelly. They do this to camouflage themselves and this is a habitual thing.
  • They might have gotten sprayed by skunks. Both this problems and the previous one can be categorized as external factors and can be solved by a scented bath with a deodorizing shampoo.
  • The dog could be suffering from a case of bad breath with is a symptom of more serious diseases like diabetes or kidney problems.
  • There may be some dental infection due to which there can be bleeding in the gums, or a sore mouth or infection in the gums all of which can cause very foul odor.
  • The dog may be suffering from an ear infection in which case it might constantly be scratching its head. This can be worsened by bathing if the water enters the ears.
  • Another cause may be flatulence which can be caused due to bad feeding habits. Some flatulence is acceptable but if there is too much odor, then there is some digestive or intestinal problem.
  • The anal glands or sacs are responsible for secreting an oily and smelly substance whenever the pet is very excited or scared. This may coat the surrounding fur and can lead to a very smelly pet.
  • The dog may be suffering from skin conditions which cause it to sweat excessively and this can cause bad odor.
  • Poor grooming and irregular bathing schedules can be the cause of bad odor especially in the case of long-haired pooches.
  • Certain ingredients that are used in medicated shampoos or the medicines that are administered orally to the dogs may contain elements that are very foul smelling.

How can Shampoos help Dog Odor?

The following points focus on how a shampoo can help in removing the odor and making the dog a more pleasant smelling companion.

If the unpleasant odor is caused by any contact between the dog and any smelly substance or due to a skunk, the shampooing with a proper shampoo can help a great deal in eliminating the odor and replacing it with a fragrant smell as it will wash away all the dirt and grime.

  • If the use of certain grooming product is causing an unpleasant odor then it can simply be stopped being used.
  • If the dog is suffering from excessive sweating, shampooing can wash away the particles and some shampoos are also designed to regulate the oil and sweat glands. This can help a great deal.
  • The shampoo not only kills and removes the bacterial infections that cause the bad odor but also instead replace the odor with a pleasant smell.

Why are Shampoos Effective in Controlling the Odour?

The shampoos for odor control contain certain ingredients that are key to its efficiency. The following points discuss these ingredients.

  • The shampoos that are used for odor control effectively kill the bacterial buildup and also wash away the extra oil secretion in the skin which is mainly responsible for the foul odor.
  • They rinse rather easily and work up a rich lather which helps in effectively cleaning the coat and skin by penetrating deep into the pores and cleaning them.
  • The salicylic acid which is present in certain cleansing shampoos can successfully check the activity of overactive sebaceous glands to control the amount of oil that is secreted. If excessive oil is secreted and stays in the coat then it can cause the typical “wet dog” smell.
  • The shampoos are further infused with lavender oil, tea tree oil, vanilla extracts and other fragrances which are then transferred onto the dog’s coat and skin after shampooing giving it that pleasant and invigorated freshness.

Popular Odor Control Dog Shampoos

Best Shampoos for Dog Odour Control

All dog shampoos are not created equal and thus it is very important to choose the right dog odour shampoo for your dog. Look for right and quality ingredients and positive customer feedback before buying.

The following is a brief list of some of the widely used and successful odor control shampoo. They are popular with the customers because of their effectiveness in completing the task.

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These shampoos are discussed in detail below –

1. Kenic Supra Odor Control Shampoo

It is made with the finest natural ingredients that are found in nature and works to remove the odor issues. It is designed to be mild and gentle yet it is effective. It is also completely soap and detergent free.

The customers who have used this product seemed to be genuinely happy with the results and have given it a 5-star rating.

It also does not contain any alcohol and cleanses the skin and coat without depriving it off its natural moisture and oils. Read buyer reviews and specs. on Amazon>>

2. Nature’s Miracle Supreme Odor Control Shampoo and Conditioner

It is a soap-free formula that can be used safely with other medicated shampoos.

It contains no dyes or parabens. Its 4 in 1 benefits include completely stripping the skin and coat off the unpleasant odor-causing agents, deodorizing the skin and neutralizing all the different kinds of odors, cleansing and conditioning.

It comes with a refreshing hibiscus plum scent. Read buyer reviews and specs. on Amazon>>

3. Sergeant’s Whiff Odor killing Dog Shampoo

It is formulated using a patented technology capable of controlling strong odors.

It leaves a fresh fruity fragrance after every wash and leaves the coat feeling fresh and invigorating.

Most of the customers were satisfied with the results and have given it a 5.0 rating and positive reviews. Read buyer reviews and specs. on Amazon>>

4. Bark Logic Natural Deodorizing Shampoo

It is a natural, gentle and hypoallergenic product that is designed to be mild yet firm on the dog’s skin.

It successfully eliminates the agents that causes the odor and cleanses the coat by removing dust and grime to leave the coat feeling fresh and smooth.

The product is enriched with the benefits of lemon tree fragrance which leaves a fresh and cooling after effect. Read buyer reviews and specs. on Amazon>>

5. SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Soothing and Deodorizing Oatmeal Shampoo

This shampoo contains baking soda, zinc and aloe vera which work together to effectively remove the odour-causing agents.

It has an exceptionally long-lasting water lily and lavender fragrance which leaves the dog with a fresh and invigorating feeling after each wash.

It not only neutralizes the odor but also leaves the coat soft and shiny to touch after each wash. Read buyer reviews and specs. on Amazon>> 

6. Oster’s Oatmeal Naturals Shampoo

This shampoo works on an oatmeal based formula which is known to cleanse the skin and coat deeply. It has an ultra-long lasting orange burst fragrance that leaves the dog revitalized and fresh after each wash.

The oatmeal granules ensure that the dust and grime causing the odor are washed off. Read buyer reviews and specs. on Amazon>>

7. SynergyLabs Richard’s Organics Deodorizing Shampoo

It comprises of baking soda and zinc which work together to remove the odour and also, prove to be 100% natural. The product is completely biodegradable and does not have any unwanted side effects.

It removes the odour-causing agents and replaces the pungent smell with a refreshing fragrance.

The product is infused with rosemary extracts and lavender oil which make bathing a pleasant and fragrant experience. Read buyer reviews and specs. on Amazon>>


One should be aware of the root cause of the odor.

If it turns out to be internal problems like dental infection or flatulence etc., then the use of odor control shampoo cannot help.

Also, the ingredients of the shampoo should be taken note of before use if the pet could be allergic to any of it so as to prevent any aggravated conditions.


Dog odor problems can be caused by a variety of factors.

One should always consult a vet when in doubt to ascertain the cause of the troubles before deciding on a future course of action. One can always rely on any of the aforementioned products for odor control.

Here are the list of popular shampoos again for you – 

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