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Founded sixty years ago by Julius Kay and Dr. Lambertson, Lambert Kay company focuses on developing and manufacturing high-quality products that are used and recommended by professionals in the animal industry.

The company produces pet products in the fields of grooming, household, supplements and health.

The company’s many product lines include Boundary, Petivia, Prozyme, Sure Glow 100, Dyne, Linatone, EMT, Evict, Ear-Rite, Pet Pectillin, and Fresh ‘n Clean.

Key specifications of Lambert Kay Fresh n Clean Dog Shampoo

The key specifications of Fresh ‘n Clean Shampoo include the following:

  • Can be used for day-to-day cleansing
  • Contains fragrance, wheat protein, Vitamin E and aloe which are naturally derived.
  • Other ingredients include:
    • sodium laureth sulphate,
    • disodium oleamido mea,
    • sulfosuccinate,
    • cocomidopropyl betaine,
    • cocomide dietanolamne
  • Wheat protein and vitamin present in the shampoo is used to protect and strengthen fur coat
  • Vitamin E and Aloe Vera sooth irritated and itchy skin
  • Removes dirt and contains signature Fresh ‘n Clean fragrance that removes bad smells for up to two weeks
  • Conditioners leave the skin moisturized and the coat soft and shiny while also preventing mats and tangles.
  • Suits the skin as the pH balance of the shampoo is compatible with the normal pH of the animal’s skin.
  • Shampoo can be used on cats as well, except Persian Cats.
  • Available in 18-ounce

Directions of use

  • Wet fur coat with warm water.
  • Pour shampoo along pet’s back.
  • Massage and work into coat. More can be added if required.
  • Rinse thoroughly and shampoo once more.
  • Rinse until water is free of suds.

Customer reviews of Lambert Kay Fresh n Clean Dog Shampoo

Lambert Kay Fresh n Clean Dog Shampoo Review

After studying various product sites, customer review blogs, forums and e-commerce websites, it can be confidently stated that this product is a unanimous hit among users with several hundred positive reviews.

What customers like about the product

  • High quality – it gives great results
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Available at a great price given its quality
  • Sufficient amount in the bottle to last for a decent duration
  • The main ingredients are naturally derived

Comments by users on its quality and effectiveness:

  • Leaves fur shiny and soft
  • Effectively removes bad smells and smells great
  • Moisturises the coat. One reviewer of the product stated that his dog suffered from very dry skin, but after using this shampoo for a month, his dog no longer experiences itchiness or irritation.
  • Many customers loved the smell of the shampoo and praised its long-lasting fragrance which for some lasted for a whopping 30 days!
  • Unlike other shampoos that take a while to rinse off, this shampoo rinses off in no time
  • The fragrance does not aggravate sensitive skin
  • Does not leave an oily residue on the skin
  • Long lasting results. Many customers stated that they only washed their dogs once every four weeks or once a month due to the shampoo’s long-lasting effects.

Several customers stated that they have been using the shampoo for months and even years, and would happily recommend this to anyone in need.

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What customers do not like

There were close to no negative reviews – only one or two being a complaint about spillages during shipping processes from e-commerce websites.

Our recommendation

Not only is Lambert Kay a trusted company with years of experience in the field, its dog shampoo has been well-received by all of its customers.

Therefore, it is safe to say that you can go ahead and buy Lambert Kay’s Fresh ‘n Clean Shampoo for your dog’s daily wash.

Where to buy?

The shampoo is available easily offline and online. But we recommend buying it from Amazon simply because of the convenience and best deals.

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