Best Waterless Dog Shampoo Brands & Why Use Them?

Similar to human hair, dog hair also gets dirty and contracts lice.

They shed and dogs get itchy skin due to rashes or dryness. They require a special formulation that is safe for animal skin. Standard human shampoos are too harsh for them.

Human shampoos often affect the pH level and natural oils on the dog’s skin which causes a number of allergies, diseases and even dryness.

Dog shampoo is generally made of more organic and natural products like tea tree oil and aloe vera. Some contain hydrocortisone and other chemicals.

Since shampoos come in contact with the dog’s skin it is essential that you choose a shampoo that does not react adversely with the dog’s skin and fur.

What is a waterless dog shampoo?

A waterless shampoo is a unique variety of shampoos.

These do not require water for their action on the skin and fur of dogs. You simply apply the shampoo on the dog and make sure it spreads well. In order to spread it, you can work it well with a towel.

After a while, you can brush it off so that the chemicals don’t remain in.

These are generally used for those dogs who are scared off or do not like water. It is a convenient solution for such dogs and dog owners.

These shampoos can also be used on other dogs as a replacement for the normal shampoo.

For example, if you do not want to go through the tedious process of bathing the dog or you have to bathe the dog often because it keeps getting dirty, you can spray on some waterless shampoo.

Since bathing once a month may also be too much for a dog’s skin, you should consider using a waterless shampoo if it gets dirty in between.

If you choose the right shampoo, the dog and you will not feel the difference between a conventional shampoo and the waterless one.

Some brands in the market can match traditional shampoos to such an extent that they make the fur as soft, remove the smell and do not leave extra oils behind.

As is the case in traditional shampoos, in waterless shampoos too, the organic and natural ones are most well-received from the side of both the dog and the owner. They tend to cause minimal damage and are gentler.

Benefits of Waterless Shampoo

  • If your dog does not like water, it is the most convenient option for you to bathe him or her without a fuss
  • You do not have to go through the cumbersome process of bathing the dog, which has a number of fine steps to be followed accurately
  • The shampoo can be sprayed on and wiped off in a few minutes, so it takes very less time for this cleaning process
  • Quick and easy fix for a clean up if your dog gets dirty very often

Limitations of Waterless shampoos

Although these shampoos clean up the dog well, it often leaves a greasy layer behind which attracts more dust and dirt to settle in and make the dog dirty again.

Cannot replace conventional shampoos and bathing completely.

Popular Waterless Dog Shampoos Brands today

Best Waterless Dog Shampoo

We surveyed the market to see which waterless shampoos are most popular with dog owners. Here is a list of some new and popular varieties that are most commonly bought.

Last update was on: May 24, 2018 7:16 pm

These products are discussed in detail below –

1. Miracle Coat Spray-On Waterless Dog Shampoo

This product is manufactured by Miracle Coat which markets some of the leading products in the market for dog care, especially shampoos.

This shampoo is packaged in an easy, spray container that works noiselessly and with ease. Both natural and standard pharmaceutical grade ingredients have been used to formulate this product.

This shampoo not only enriches the natural qualities of your dog’s fur but also makes it better. This product is specially designed for the convenience of pet owners.

2. Hartz Groomers Best Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

This is another convenient spray-on shampoo. A quick spray cleanse will rejuvenate your dog’s fur coat. This shampoo helps to freshen your dog. It also deodorizes the skin and coat.

The makers of the product claim that the shampoo is so gentle that it can be used every day without worrying that the shampoo will make your dog’s skin dry and itchy.

The bottle is designed in such a fashion that it is not only aesthetic but also easy to use. The spray nozzle sends out a strong jet of shampoo that is gentle on your dog.

3. Bio-Groom Waterless Cats and Dog Bath Shampoo

This unique formulation for waterless shampoo is a calm blue coloured liquid. The shampoo can be safely applied to dogs since it is tearless and maintains the pH of the dog’s skin.

Washing your dog with this shampoo will make the dog’s coat more lustrous and shiny. Unlike most spray products, this shampoo does not contain alcohol, since alcohol can cause a number of allergies and even cancer.

For those dog owners who also own cats, this is a treat because it works on both dogs and cats.

4. Earthbath All-natural Dog Grooming Foam

This is a special kind of waterless shampoo which is actually foamy in nature. It is manufactured by Earthbath which makes all its products in the United States of America.

They have tested it comprehensively so that it is safe for both people and pets. It does not cause any side effects because it is free from parabens, artificial dyes, harsh soaps, artificial fragrances, toxins and phosphates.

The heavily scented shampoo uses natural and non-toxic ingredients for its formulation.

5. FURminator deodorizing Waterless Spray

FURminator is a famous brand among pet owners. They understand the need for a waterless shampoo that can act as a substitute for real bathing and can fight off a bad odour.

This shampoo comes in an easy spray bottle. Its unique blend of ingredients, all natural, makes it an effective product.

There are absolutely no chemical dyes or parabens in this product since they react with your dog’s fur and skin in an unwanted way.

They neutralize the bad odours that your dog often picks up between its baths. The product is manufactured in the United States of America.

6. Pet Head Dry Clean Waterless Spray Shampoo

This shampoo is sold in an attractive flask-like spray container. Pet Head is one of the leading manufacturers of pet products and this product no doubt has their signature standards.

This formulation is designed to be gentle on the dog. Hence, there are no harsh dyes, parabens, DEA, sulphate or petroleum derivatives.

Care should be taken to avoid spraying in your dog’s eyes or ears since the shampoo is not tearless and may cause irritation in the dog’s ear. Use generously for great results.

7. Burt’s Bee Waterless Shampoo

The Burt’s Bee Waterless shampoo is another popular product in the market. It is specially formulated for dogs so that the pH of their skin is maintained.

There are no sulphates or artificial colouring which might cause allergies. The product is not only gentle on dogs but also gentle on nature since it does not harm the environment like synthetic chemicals do.

It fights bad odours that are often a big problem for dogs between their baths.

Precautions to be taken with dog shampoos

Some specific / general precautions before buying a shampoo for your beloved dog”

  • Shampoos should generally be bought after consultation with a vet. They know what is best for dogs. In case you want to purchase a shampoo without consultation you should be aware of the effects of most chemicals in the shampoos. Some may have minor effects like dryness and itchiness while others may cause cancer. Therefore it is essential that you take some precaution.
  • Never use human shampoos on dogs since they are too harsh on them
  • Consult your vet before choosing shampoos and conditioners for your dog
  • Shampoos methylisothiazolinone may react adversely with your pet, so see the label before you purchase a product
  • Spray formulations may have alcohol which causes allergies in dogs
  • Hydrocortisone and Lidocaine may also cause allergies in some cases
  • Some spray on shampoos might leave a greasy and heavy fur. Avoid these shampoos.


When it comes to waterless shampoos, we recommend that you consult a specialist (vet). Spray conditioners come in handy to clean up the dog between its baths, especially to remove odour.

A product that is used so often requires some research. Always look at the label so that you are aware of the chemicals in the shampoo and their effects.

Also be aware of the chemicals that your dog is allergic too so that you buy the right shampoo.

Here is the list of top waterless dog shampoos for you again, do check them out  –

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