10 Best Inline Water Filters in The Market Today

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In Brief: Best Inline Water Filters

  1. Camco 40045 TastePURE Inline RV Water Filter,
  2. Watts Inline Water Filter
  3. DuPont Universal Whole House Water Filtration System
  4. LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter
  5. Omnipure Inline Water Filter
  6. GE GXRTDR Exterior Refrigerator/Icemaker Filtration System
  7. Woder Ultra High Capacity Inline Water Filter
  8. EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line Refrigerator Filter
  9. Inline Water Filter Kit for Ice Makers
  10. EZ-FLO In-Line Water Filter
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Review of Best Inline Water Filters

Camco TastePURE Inline RV Water Filter

Key Specs Overview:

  1. Water filter lasts 3 months
  2. Compatible with water and garden hoses

Camco’s main focus is their customer service, they know they make quality products so they want to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied. This brand grew from being a one-man show with a single selling product in 1966 to a company with five different manufacturing facilities and over 3,000 products.

The Camco product we’re focusing on in this review is their TastePURE inline filter. Designed for RV camping use, this little filter is a fantastic deal and a high-quality product that will definitely come in handy if you need an inline water filter on the go.

Uses granular activated carbon filtration
Comes with two 3-month filters
A 20 micron sediment filter
Made of material that protects against bacteria growth during storage
NSF certified for lead reduction
UV resistant case
Easy to install and use
Flexible hose protector included
Manufactured in the U.S.A

Silt will clog the filter
This is a really handy inline water filter to have around if you have an RV or a boat, or even if you just want to have clean filtered water from your hose (to drink or to clean your cars better).

Watts Inline Water Filter

Key Specs Overview:

  1. 20,000 gallon filter capacity
  2. Compatible with most refrigerator brands, under the sink and in RVs and water fountains

Watts Premier loves to design, develop and market solutions for all of our water filtration problems. Since 1989 they have been dealing with strictly water business.

The Watts inline filter is so versatile you can use it almost anywhere, inside your home and outside. With a huge filter capacity, this little filter requires very little maintenance.

Kinetic degradation fuxion water filtration technology
Includes 10 inch KDF Inline Filter and 1/4 inch brass connectors for easy installation
Reduces chlorine and scale build up in appliances
Filter materials inhibits bacteria growth
Assembled in the U.S.A.
NSF and WQA certified

No 3/8” adaptor option
Must do an initial flush of about 15 gallons
If you’re looking for an inline filter that works with just about any water line inside and outside your house, the Watts inline filter is an easy to use and low priced choice.

DuPont Universal Whole House Water Filtration System

Key Specs Overview:

  1. 15,000 gallon filter capacity
  2. Compatible with household water lines

DuPont is a huge company with brands in diverse areas like electronics, transportation and even nutrition. DuPont takes engineering and science seriously to innovate their products using technology that helps its customers live happy healthy lives.

DuPont’s water filter is designed to provide your whole house with cleaner water right from the source. Why bother with individual filters at each faucet, fridge or shower head when you could accomplish the same thing with just one filter.

Uses universal 500 Series Poly Block cartridge
Can be used to customize your whole-house water system
Has 3/4 inch inlets and outlets
Most other brand cartridges fit in this housing
3 year warranty

Instructions are shipped inside the filter housing
Most customers need more than one of these filters
If you’re looking for a filter to add an extra layer of filtration right to your water source, DuPont’s filter is easy to install and could be a great complement to your water filtration system.

LASCO Ice Maker Inline Filter

Key Specs Overview:

  1. 2,500 gallon filter capacity
  2. Compatible with ice makers

Lasco specializes in plumbing, spa and industrial fittings. Their commitment to sustainability and customer sets this company apart from the rest.

Lasco’s inline filter is designed to be installed with your refrigerator ice maker to provide you with clean, fresh ice straight from your fridge.

Removes Sediment, chlorine, bad taste, THMs and turbidity
Uses 1/4-Inch compression connection fittings
NSF certified
Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

O-rings can leak
May need to purchase different adaptors
If you’re tired of cloudy, strange-tasting ice coming out of your refrigerator and contaminating your drinking water, give this Lasco filter a try in your fridge.

Omnipure Inline Water Filter

Key Specs Overview:

  1. 1,500 gallon filter capacity
  2. Compatible with ice makers, refrigerators, beverage equipment, drinking fountains and under the counter systems

Omnipure is a filter company. We love that they focus on one product and ensure that they’re providing their customers with the best filtration possible.

They’re responsible for bringing the first inline carbon filter to the market and their goal has been to bring clean water to everyone ever since then.

Omnipure’s inline water filter can be customized to fit your water filtration system needs. Use it alone to make better tasting ice or in conjunction with other filters to create a multi-level filtration system at your water source for fresh water at every tap.

0.5 GPM flow rate
Reduces Chlorine, taste, color, and odor
ANSI and NSF certified
Parts are welded not glued
Available in different sizes
1/4 inch quick-connect compression fittings

Instructions may be difficult to follow if you aren’t handy
For an inline water filter you can use alone or with other filtration methods, the Omnipure filter is a great choice at a great price.

GE Exterior Refrigerator/Icemaker Filtration System

Key Specs Overview:

  1. Filter lasts 6 months
  2. Compatible with refrigerators without built-in filtration

GE is a huge brand that we know best for their appliances, including refrigerators and freezers. GE manufactures its own filters for refrigerators so you know you’ll get a good fit if you have a GE appliance. Even if you don’t, their filters are compatible with non-GE fridges too!

This inline filter is meant to be used in most fridges that don’t already have built-in filtration. Attach it to the water line for clean, clear ice anytime. Just be sure to check that your fridge model is definitely compatible with this filter.

Easy to attach to your existing fridge or ice maker water line
NSF certified to reduce chlorine
Comes with adaptors
Fast flow

Quick connectors may not work with all fridge connections
Must flush filter before use
If you need an inline exterior water filter for your fridge or ice maker, GE has a great option for you!

Woder Ultra High Capacity Inline Water Filter

Key Specs Overview:

  1. 10,000 gallon filter capacity
  2. Compatible with all unbraided ¼” PVC or 1/8” PEX

Woder brand says they’re all about the water and it shows! Their company’s goal is simply to make clean water accessible to everyone.

They do this using a unique selective filtration technology in their filters, unlike most filter systems they don’t rely on reverse osmosis which can leave contaminants behind.

Look no further than Woder’s inline filter if you need a versatile water filtration solution for you home. Since this device works on any ¼” or 1/8” pipes, you can install it on most water lines for a truly flexible filtration method.

Advanced filtration system leaves behind beneficial minerals
WQA and NSF certified to remove Lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury and more
Long lasting
Easy to install

If you need an addition to your fridge filter (or you’re looking to avoid buying a pricy replacement from your fridge manufacturer) check out this fantastic pick from Woder.

EcoPure in-Line Refrigerator Filter

Key Specs Overview:

  1. Filter lasts 5 years
  2. Compatible with most refrigerator brands

EcoPure has nearly 100 years of experience in the water field so you could say they know what they’re dealing with when it comes to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality water filtration systems that meet the strictest standards for water quality.

This inline refrigerator filter can be installed behind your fridge, under the floorboards or wherever your waterline sits thanks to its universal design. Enjoy clean water and ice straight from your existing fridge.

Push to connect installation is quick and easy
Comes with adaptors if push to connect isn’t compatible
Reduces sediment and chlorine taste and odor
Long lasting filter so you replace less often
BPA free materials
Assembled in the U.S.A.

May not be easy to install on some fridges
Additional fittings may be needed
For an inline filter you can use alone or to complete an existing filtration system, this inline filter has so many uses.

Pure Water Filters Inline Water Filter Kit for Ice Makers

Key Specs Overview:

  1. 1,500 gallon filter capacity
  2. Compatible with ice makers

This inline water filter comes with everything you need to attach to almost any kind of fridge ice maker and even better, Pure Water Filters products are made in the U.S.A.

Reduces chlorine taste and odor
NSF certified
Comes with 15 feet of water line
Comes with various adaptors
Free lifetime warranty
Easy to install

Must flush filter before use
We love this great, versatile filter from Pure Water Filters and we’re sure you’ll appreciate being able to connect it to any water line you need it for.

EZ-FLO In-Line Water Filter

Key Specs Overview:

  1. 1,500 filter capacity
  2. Compatible with under the sink and countertop systems

EZ-FLOs inline water filter is so compact, you can connect it to any sink or waterline in your house that would benefit from some extra filtration.

Comes with ¼” brass compression fittings
Reduces impurities and chlorine taste and smell
Great low price

May leak if you don’t use plumbers tape
Check out this easy to use inline water filter for safer, cleaner water in your whole house.

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