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Eemax is a company that exclusively manufactures tankless water heaters of the electric type.

The company was founded in 1988 and has produced powerful units that are more precise and powerful than the models from other competing brands.

In 2015, Eemax was acquired by Rheem, a leading manufacturer of tankless water heaters.

Eemax continues to produce only electric tankless water heaters despite being owned by one of the leading innovators in gas tankless technology.

Eemax offers a large variety of tankless water heaters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Eemax Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Over its years of operation, Eemax has produced a large number of tankless water heaters with continuous efforts to improve the existing models and build new ones.

The numerous models are grouped into several series based on their similar features and improvements from the previous models.

Almost all models from Eemax are 99% energy efficient and do not have power cords and plugs. All Eemax units need to be hardwired to dedicated circuit breakers.


Eemax HM013240 HotMax 0.5 GPM 240 Volt 13 KW Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater with Microprocessor Controller

HotMax is the latest series of point-of-use tankless products from Eemax. These units come attached with an entire near-boiling hot water dispensing system that is ideal for commercial food-service applications.

Eemax has released only one model that has a maximum rated flow of 0.5 GPM under this series. The model is named HM013240 and requires 13 kW of power for operation.

It is equipped with a Heat Prime Technology that continuously provides near-boiling water.

  • The faucet can be easily mounted on a sink opening.
  • It is a compact unit that can be mounted anywhere.
  • It provides near-boiling water with a steady and safe flow that prevents scalding.
  • Meant only for point-of-use applications.
  • Requires 240V power supply that may need expensive upgrades from the existing electrical connection.

ProSeries XTP

Eemax HA008240 240V 8.0 kW Electric Tankless Water Heater

This series consists of commercial tankless heaters with SafeStart Technology that prevents dry fires. It has advanced self-diagnostic features that make the troubleshooting process easy for these units.

There are several models under this series and the maximum rated flow rate is 20.1 GPM.

The heater can be operated in either the ‘test mode’ or the ‘maintenance mode’ depending on how the user wants the maintenance to be done.

These units have a digital LED display and a high-temperature limit button that ensures safe operation.

  • These units require only one input water line
  • These are high-performance units that are capable of producing high flow rates with high efficiency
  • Most units under this series require a 480V supply

AccuMix II

These are compact, low-flow rate units that are designed for single dedicated applications such as hand washing and lavatory sinks.

The AccuMix II heaters are ideal for sensor or metering taps.

These units are capable of providing hot water flow rates up to 1.5 GPM for a 46˚F temperature rise.

The heating elements are replaceable and are made of nichrome. The largest unit in this series works on 10 kW power and almost all the units require a 240V supply to operate.

This series includes several features that ensure safe and precise operation of these units.

  • Can be mounted in any orientation that the user desires
  • All models except for one (AM012240T) guarantee silent operation
  • Has limited warranty of 5 years on all the units
  • Temperature is factory set and cannot be changed easily. Trying to do so may also void the warranty


Eemax HATB007240 - Auto Booster 30 Amps AC 8 W 11-1/2 H

The AutoBooster is a mini electric tankless heater that is meant for installation on a gas or electric tank-style water heater. It is used to increase the capacity of tank water heaters by up to 45%.

The only model under this series is HATB007240 which works on a 240V supply.

It is capable of producing a temperature rise of 20˚F at 2.5 GPM flow rate. 7.2kW is the power requirement for this model.

The heating elements are field replaceable and the heater does not require any additional electrical fixtures if being installed on an electric tank heater.

  • Enhances the working of a tank-style heater without having to replace it completely.
  • It can also be wall-mounted if space on the tank is limited
  • Cannot be employed if the unit in use for hot water purposes is a tankless one


Eemax SPEX4277 FlowCo 2 GPM 4.1 Kilowatt 277 Volt Electric Point of Use Water Heater

The FlowCo series consists of single-application tankless units that come with a fixed temperature setting. There are plenty of models under this series ranging from 1.8 KW to 10 kW of power requirements.

The models are equipped with self-diagnostic features and can be mounted in any direction.

The maximum flow rate available in this series is 2 GPM. There are no control buttons or display screen available in these models.

  • Ideal for fixed-flow applications and can be installed easily.
  • Compact in size and can be mounted in any orientation based on the available space
  • Only an LED indicator is available. Troubleshooting is quite difficult
  • Temperature settings cannot be changed

HomeAdvantage II

This series has units that can be commonly used for residential purposes. The models range from low to medium capacities and can be used for single or multiple applications.

All units are 99% efficient and can be installed and operated easily.

The largest unit in this series requires 36 kW and provides 8 GPM at its highest performance. The heating elements are made of Copper with Brass tips for more durability.

These units have unique features that prevent bacterial growth and reduces calcification and sedimentation.

  • The water heaters under this tankless series are capable of inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • A wide range of models is available in this series for point-of-use, multiple and whole-house applications.
  • The heating elements are threaded for easy replacements.
  • Electrical upgrades to meet the requirements of the heater may be necessary. This procedure can be expensive


Eemax EEM24027 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue

The ProAdvantage series consists of tankless water heaters that are equipped with digital display and controls. These heaters are mainly meant for residential applications.

The features of these units are similar to that of the HomeAdvantage series.

One unique feature in this series is the glass-reinforced heating chamber in these units. This accounts for maximum heat transfer and improves the lifetime of the heating elements.

The largest unit has a maximum rated flow of 2 GPM and works at 32kW.

  • All the units are field serviceable. All major parts in all the models can be easily removed and replaced.
  • 99% energy efficiency is available from all the models
  • Easy installation of units that require no soldering. The heaters can be wall-mount with no difficulties
  • The units require 240V, 277V, or 480V supply which calls for expensive upgrades from the existing electrical configuration


PR018240 ProSeries Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater (18 kW, 240V)

Tankless water heaters that are applicable to single or multiple applications are included in this series. These units have very low installation costs and do not require T&P valves.

The temperature can be adjusted between 80˚F and 140˚F.

These units also have the ability to inhibit calcification, sedimentation, and bacterial growth. The ProSeries tankless water heaters are meant for light commercial, heavy commercial, and industrial applications.

The maximum flow rate available in this series is 8 GPM.

  • This series has models that can be used for a wide range of applications.
  • All major components are readily available in the market and can be easily replaced.
  • Copper elements with brass fronting ensure increased durability of the heaters.
  • These are commercial models and are not flexible for installation in houses
  • The plumbing and mounting configurations must be followed strictly


SafeAdvantage series has units that come with thermo optical sensors and predictive control algorithms that ensure optimum moderation and management of heat energy.

A wide range of units that work with 32 kW to 150 kW is available in this series. The heating elements are made of Nichrome in this series.

The largest unit in this series can produce an impressive output flow rate of 40 GPM.

Units under this series also feature high levels of sedimentation and calcification tolerance. These heaters are ideal for emergency safety equipment.

SpecAdvantage units have similar features but with improved accuracy and efficiency. These units also have a better user interface than the SafeAdvantage units.

  • These are high-performance units with a wide range of output flow rates.
  • The units are enclosed within a stainless steel outer cover that is extremely durable and protects the inner elements from harsh conditions.
  • SpecAdvantage units can be used for heavy-duty commercial applications
  • There is no digital display in SafeAdvantage units and troubleshooting may be difficult due to this

Series 2/3

Eemax EMT2.5 2.5-Gallon Electric Mini-Tank

The Series 2 and Series 3 models are the typical electric tankless units that can be used for common residential and small commercial applications. Series 2 units can be used up to 4 GPM, whereas, Series 3 can go up to 5 GPM.

All the units have glass-reinforced heating chambers that improve the durability of these products. All the units under both series require a 240V supply.

These units are ideal for shopping malls, schools, offices, small commercial buildings, small houses, and single bathrooms.

  • These are compact, light-weight units that can be installed easily with no soldering necessities.
  • All main components of the units are easily replaceable and are readily available in stores.
  • Prevents bacterial growth and reduces sedimentation
  • Upgrades from the current electrical configuration may be necessary
  • These units do not come with power cords


Eemax EX180T3 DI 18KW 208V 3Phase T3 DI Electric Tankless Water Heater

As the name suggests, these are commercial and industrial units that are compatible with 3 phase connections. These units feature all the advantages of the other Eemax heaters and are extremely efficient.

The largest power requirement in this series is 32 kW and these units are capable of providing a maximum flow rate of 5 GPM.

No temperature and pressure valves are required during installation, making the process a simple one.

  • Ideal for industrial applications where the units can operate on a 3 phase supply
  • Parts can be easily changed with readily available replacement parts
  • No power cords are available and the units need to be hardwired to a dedicated circuit breaker


Eemax is the number 1 supplier of electric tankless water heaters in the US and it manufactures a wide range of models for different applications.

All the Eemax products have impressive efficiency ratios and are some of the most efficient units available in the market.

All the Eemax products have some great features and advantages. However, like any other product, these units have their limitations as well.

It is up to the users to understand what type of product they need and choose one that best fits their needs.

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