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Why You Need a Professional to Install a Tankless Water Heater?

Quick Answer: Should You Install Tankless Water Heater Yourself? The installation of a tankless water heater is a critical procedure that should not be attempted by a homeowner without the relevant skills. A user may not be aware of how to choose an installation location, the local or state ...

What Are The Signs Of A Busted Water Heater (Tank / Tankless)

Tank as well as tankless water heaters eventually wear out after continuous use and give rise to various problems. Some of these issues may go unnoticed by the user, but there are several signs that indicate that your water heater needs repair or replacement. These factors include water leaking of ...

How To Prevent Overheating Of Your Water Heater

Overheating in a water heater is a sign that there is some issue in the working of one or more parts of the water heater. This is usually caused by extensive limescale accumulation, failure of the pressure relief valve, thermostat failure, or problems in the electrical connections. Some preventive ...

How To Optimise The Use of Your Tankless Water Heater

The performance of a tankless water heater is affected by many factors including the efficiency of the heater, the piping architecture, how well the heater is maintained, insulation, etc. The major methods by which its operation can be optimized include proper sizing of the heater and its pipes, ...