15 Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Home Security

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Ensuring home security and safety of family members is of paramount importance.

It becomes an important aspect of ensuring a healthy and relaxed family life.

Moreover, in today’s times when the crime related to burglary has increased manifolds, it becomes quite mandatory to ensure a well-secured home deterrent of any criminal intrusions.

Anyone can become a victim of crime. However, the general psychology of people has been to take precautionary steps after falling to the prey of criminals.

This approach should have been the other way round. One does not really need to get shocks so as to build up the general conscience of adopting security measures.

People, in order to safeguard their home, rely mostly on the strongly built locks for the doors and windows. But wait a minute; is it sufficient enough for ensuring a good security protection for one’s family? Certainly not.

Criminals, today, have become quite smart and with latest weapons, they certainly do not respect the strength of the locks installed upon the doors.

The complexity involved in the burglary, today, has made us think beyond locks and keys. The need of the hour is some vigilant, responsive and highly sensitive safety measures to ensure home safety and security.

In this regard, the use of various security systems available in the market seems to be a better option to safeguard one’s home security. Besides, people are often suggested to keep watchdogs and security dogs in order to ensure home security.

Talking about the security system, most people think of them only to be crime deterrent devices.

However, a good security system performs a much-envisaged task of alerting individuals of some of the life-threatening incidents. This could be understood by analyzing the various components of a typical security system device.

A good security system comprises of various components like surveillance system, alarms, sensors and detectors.

The sensors of the system are involved in detecting any motion related activity as well as recognizing the presence of potential fire, smoke or poisonous gas which possess possible threats to an individual’s life.

Besides, a security system can incorporate the advanced lock systems like deadbolts and various other tools such as glass break sensors, fire escaping ladder, driveway sensors, CCTV cameras and the likes.

Thus, it can be wisely inferred that today the importance of a security system has crossed beyond the boundaries of security assurance.

These days, security systems are designed to monitor each and every possible threat which may affect the very security issue of an individual or a family.

With the consideration of such facts, one can easily make a guess of the prime importance of such devices in ensuring a healthy and secured family protection.

Talking of other security measures, one finds a dog as an excellent safeguard for the protection of a home and residing family members.

Dogs are faithful, loyal and highly observant of any suspicious movements around the house. A watchdog can be thought of as a living alarm which starts barking so as to alert the family of a possible intrusion. On the contrary, a security dog is much violent and combats with an intruder.

A homeowner has to be very careful in selecting the appropriate breed of dog for security purpose. Moreover, additional care has to be taken to ensure their proper training and food habits.

Almost all of the security measures adopted by an individual are somewhere based upon the two modes of security assurance discussed above.

It is the best to have the security vigilance in the combined form of both technology and living being. However, one certainly needs to think whether owning a security system or a watchdog is sufficient enough to address the security threats?

The answer to this question can be found to be negative if one takes into consideration the various common home safety mistakes practised by most of the house owners.

Studies have been supportive of the fact that most of the house burglary happen as a result of negligent tendencies of the concerned house owners.

Insufficient safety measures adopted by the residents often lend them to pay up a huge price in the form of security break-in.

This article aims to provide some of the basic mistakes which house owners often commit in regard to their home security.

These mistakes may result out of negligent behaviour or extra cautious tendency. The house owners are advised to check into their habits so that any of their mistakes do not push them into undesired situations.

Benefits of Home Security

In this section, we focus upon the various the various benefits which a user can enjoy after adopting a proper security measure in his residence.

Family safety assurance

The most fundamental work of any security system is to ensure a well safe and secure home for the purpose of dwelling for a family.

These systems alert the user of any possible intrusion into the restricted area. This is achieved through various motion and occupancy sensors installed in the required area of the house.

A security system also alerts a family of a possible outbreak of fire, smoke or poisonous gas in the home and thus acts as a life-saving device. Besides, there are various security devices needed for monitoring the movement and activities of children in the house.

Thus, a security system can be extended to incorporate various other safety devices like pool sensors, safety gates etc. this certainly highlights the prime importance of a good security system in order to ensure home security and consequently, to establish peace and harmony in one’s livelihood.

Home resale value

A home installed with a security system is much sought for by any individual looking for a well-furnished house. Installation of security devices adds to the resale value of the house. This makes an individual sell his residence easily and at a good price. A buyer surely gets impressed with a home pre-installed with a security system.15 mistakes to avoid in home security

Insurance premiums

Most of the insurance companies offer discounts over the home insurance premium in the wake of a security system installed in the house.

This is so because a home installed with a security system is less vulnerable to burglary or intrusion-related issues.

Moreover, in various incidents like fire outbreak, these companies offer easy claim settlement procedure and benefits to the affected family.

Round the clock monitoring

Most of the security systems provided by the companies offer round the clock security monitoring and surveillance so as to help the family in cases of emergencies.

Besides, most of the alarms like fire and CO alarms are attached to the fire department which helps them to offer immediate help without any lapse of time.

Peace of mind

Nothing matters more to an individual than the safety and security of his family members. This gains a paramount importance because it is after all the family which always remains close to an individual.

Installing security system makes the home highly secured which contributes towards a healthy, congenial and happy livelihood of the family members.

Having a security system installed in one’s home renders less sleepless nights and utmost security comforts much needed by an individual.

15 Mistakes Yout Need to avoid in Home Security

Ensuring home security is something which needs a well-planned and skilled adoption of measures.

In this regard, it is common that some of the security measures adopted may not contribute to the efficient security monitoring of the house.

Obviously, a there may be some or the other mistake which can hamper the security measures up to a large extent.

Thus, one needs to avoid the occurrence of such mistakes. In this regard, here an attempt has been made to enlist some of the common mistakes which must be avoided while devising security measures for a home.

  1. Most of the people consider that ensuring well-locked doors and windows is the only requirement for ensuring home security during the vacation. It is a very wrong misconception as the burglars today do not respect the strength of locks and keys as well as security system devices. The homeowner must ensure to create a live-in appearance in the home before leaving for the vacation. This can be done by asking the neighbours or family friends to stay in the house during the vacation period. Or arranging for a house sitter may help.
  2. Another bad practice is to spread the information regarding one’s holiday trip. This can lead to a serious security break. One should never leave emails or notes in front of the house door so as to inform the incoming person of his absence.
  3. Most people often allow the unknown faces to enter the house. This might possess a possible threat to the home security as the person may belong to the criminal background.
  4. Often, people forget to lock their doors and windows properly in a haste. This can lead to some undesired consequences.
  5. Installing dummy surveillance system is often considered to be the measure of preventing any sort of home intrusion. However, one should not rely completely on such practices. Install the real security system which gives you real security protection.
  6. Ladders should not be kept adjacent to the wall of the home building. This may provide the burglar with an easy access to the home.
  7. Be sure to properly lock the garage doors after using it. Moreover, ensure that the windows of the garage are properly locked.
  8. The exterior landscape outside the house gives a sensual appeal to the look of the house. However, it can also become a good place for burglars to hide in. thus, the house owner must ensure that the trees and shrubs are trimmed nicely so that any hideout could be easily identified.
  9. One should not completely rely upon the security alarms. In addition to these security devices, use of deadbolts should be enhanced to ensure highly secured home.
  10. Always try to leave some lights lit up during the night at sites like driveway or balcony. This deters the burglar by giving out a sense of someone being present inside the home.
  11. One should regularly check the security systems installed in one’s home so as to ensure their maximum efficiency. Also, the homeowner must ensure that they regularly use the security system. This is so because, in most of the cases related to burglary, it was found that the security systems were not active to deter the intruder.
  12. The homeowner must use the fire, smoke and CO detector on a regular basis so as to prevent any undesired situations.
  13. Care must be taken to ensure that the windows of the upper floors are safely locked so that any access to them could be avoided.
  14. Ensure that the swimming pools are well equipped with sensors and detectors so as to prevent any undesired consequences.
  15. Many people are often involved in the practice of hiding the keys under the flowerpots or in the mailbox. Such practices should be immediately stopped so as to ensure high security of the home.


Everyone has the right to live safely and securely in one’s own home. This caters to the use of various security measures.

People have often indulged themselves in the use of various safety gadgets and devices. However, these devices are not of much importance unless and until people become cautious enough of their surrounding and security needs.

This requires a well-planned and careful adoption of healthy practices which aids to the home safety and security.

People often forget that the most important aspect of preventing any home security threat is to become careful at each and every point of time.

All the safety gadgets and devices are an aid to develop such habits among the residents. Summing up, it can only be expected from the readers to carefully abide by the given suggestions in this article so that any undesired consequences could be prevented.

Always remember that it is always good to be cautious enough than to be sorry.!

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