15 Must Do Things to Protect Your Home Before You Leave for Vacation

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Vacation is the chance for a family to relax and enjoy so as to refresh the mind which gets creepy with the everyday household boredoms.

It is the most sought-after period of the year by the children. Every family member eagerly looks forward to enjoying a good and congenial vacation period.

However, to relax, it becomes very important to make sure that one’s home is safely protected in his absence.

According to FBI statistics and US department of justice, the majority of house break-ins occurs during the peak season of vacation i.e., July and August.

The burglars, often, find the home non-occupied and use the opportunity to make their way. The report claims that about every year, there is a rise of about 10-18% in the cases of household break-ins.

The report further claims that most of the cases could have been prevented by following the steps so as to make the house burglarproof.

This seriously reflects the need of having a set of safety measures to be followed for ensuring safe and secure home. There are plenty of things which one can to do prevent such consequences to occur.

The most common advise appearing as to inform the neighbours who would pick up the mail and newspaper while a family is gone. Then, there are various other suggestions to protect the home from potential weather damage.

Like shutting off the water and insulating the water pipes passing through the cold zones can be a tip to be followed in the winters.

Similarly, for summer, suggestions like turning down the thermostat, avoiding energy waste etc are quite popular.

However, these are some of the standard suggestions. One can do a lot better than the standard suggestions to protect the home in a nice way.

Before moving ahead to explain various home safety tips during vacations, it is necessary to understand the psychology behind the active burglary often reported in today’s time.

Most of the home burglary occurs during the daytime when people are outdoor or when people are off for their vacations.

Most of the burglars are aged fewer than 25 who look for small and expensive items which could be easily converted into cash. These burglars choose an unoccupied home which has an easy access.

This helps, in a way, to understand the various courses of safety measures which one can adopt so as to ensure higher safety level of the home during vacation.

Rushing out of home for a vacation requires a good strategy to ensure the home safety. These safety tips, in order to make the home burglar proof, extend beyond focusing on locking and lighting system of the house.

In this article, we aim to provide some of the finest suggestions related to home safety so that it does not become vulnerable to burglary during the vacation period.

The residents shall surely find these suggestions extremely useful and are expected to follow the same in order to protect their home because it’s always better and cheaper to be safe than sorry.

Tips to Ensure Home Protection While on Vacation

Here we provide some of the important suggestions to be followed in order to ensure the protection of the house during vacation.

Good locking system

The house owner should use good locks on the doors and windows so as to deter the burglars from making an intrusion into the home.

Strong locks can make sufficient for noises so as to alert the neighbours of a possible break-in. besides, the deadbolts could be mounted over the doors and windows.

Mail & newspaper

Ask a reliable neighbour to regularly pick up the mails and newspapers so that it does not appear that the house is unoccupied at the moment.

However, if the neighbor is unable to do so, then, stop the mail and newspaper. Care has to be taken that the newspaper carrier should not be informed about the vacation of the family as it might possess possible threats

Motion detector lights

One should install the motion sensor lights and other automatic timers outside the home weeks before the vacation starts. Besides, have the radio and television turned on occasionally.

This should be done in order to ensure that a pattern is established to portray the presence of an individual inside the home.

This helps during the vacation period as it makes a false illusion to the burglar that someone is present inside the home.

Placements of valuables

Place the valuables at the sights which cannot be easily looked upon through the windows.

Video equipment, TVs, stereos etc should be placed in the basement, closest or on the upper floors so that they are not easily gazed upon through the windows and doors.


Leave the drapes in their normal position. This creates a false impression that there are people inside the home. Also, one can ask a neighbor to open them up during the daylight.

Besides, the use of sheers should be enhanced as they obscure the view into the house.


Put at least two lights to time sensor configuration along with radio and television.

Besides, the bathroom light can be left on so as to make a false impression that someone might be present inside the home.

Garage doors

One should close and lock the garage doors so as to ensure that it becomes inaccessible to one’s view and reach. One can put a padlock in the track of overhead garage doors.

Besides, cover the garage windows so that no one is able to look into the various materials present inside the garage.

Workplace precautions

In the office, transfer the business calls to another employee or tell the callers about your unavailability for the duration of time.

However, no information should be given about the reason for being absent in the office as it may possess possible security threat.

Telephone bell

Set the telephone bell on lower audible tone. This is so because a loudly ringing, an unattended telephone call is the sign depicting the absence of the family members inside the home.

Thermostat adjustment

The pipes should be positioned in a good condition so as to prevent them from being exposed to harsh weather conditions like excessive freezing or excessive dry heating.

This should be duly taken care of because any loss to pipes may bring enormous loss to the properties and household belongings.

High wind and rain preparations

The areas where storms are mush frequent, the residents are required to take extra precautions to ensure less damage to home properties.

In this background, one should secure all the doors and windows, move the furniture away from the doors and trim the overhanging branches.

Sidewalk maintenance

The family must ensure that the driveways and lawns are swept regularly during their absence so that it does not appear that there is no one in the home.

Neighborhood crime watch

A section of neighbors can form a neighborhood crime watch with the assistance of local police departments in order to monitor any suspicious movement in the area.

Streetlight functioning

Ensure that all the street lights work properly and are in nice conditions. If not so, seek the help of Electricity Company for any repair. Surely, any intruder would not deter to break into a house in a well-lit area.

Safety alarms

The family must ensure that the various home security devices and gadgets installed in the house are of good quality and highly efficient in order to deter any intruder.

Also, the concerned security agency should be vigilant enough of any possible undesired events leading to security break-in.

The family must ensure that the concerned security agency is informed about their vacation in advance.

Prevention of electrical malfunctioning

The family should ensure that all the unnecessary electronics and appliances are unplugged so that any harm in case of power surge could be prevented.

Safe keep the valuables

The valuables like jewellery, will or any sensitive documents should be placed in a fireproof safe lock.

Trust a friend

The family should give their vacation details and a spare key to a trusted friend or neighbor so that they could be contacted in case of emergency.

Hide your vacation plan

Never ever disclose the vacation plan to anyone whom you do not trust very much. Sharing one’s vacation details is never considered to be safe from a security point of view. It might lead to unfavourable circumstances.

Create the live-in appearance

The best way to ensure the home security during vacation is to make a false impact that there is always someone present inside the home. This deters the burglars to make an attempt of any intrusion into the home.

Care of pets

Ensure that the pets in the house are taken care of.

Dummy surveillance system

Besides the regular security systems and detectors, the homeowner should also install various dummy surveillance system near the house. This works effectively to deter the intruder from breaking into the house.


Install some fine remote security systems so as to get instant information regarding the security status of the home.

Insurance policy

Check whether the insurance policy covers any provision for the home theft and burglary. Also look for various terms and conditions for various kind of property damage inflicted on the house.

Emergency call

The neighbours should be reminded of the emergency contact number in case of observing any suspicious activity in the area around the home.

Water heater

Turn off the water heater so as to prevent excessive electricity bill and any undesired consequence.

House sitters

Engaging a house sitter is also a good option to ensure safety and security of the home. However, extra precautions have to be taken so as to ensure the authority of the concerned person. Engaging a professional is always preferred.


It is of prime importance to ensure the safety and security of one’s home before going out on a hard-earned trip.

The quality time spent during the vacations should never be marred by the security break-in situations in the home.

Thus, it requires a careful and vigilant observation to look for the ways through which home safety could be efficiently ensured.

This, certainly, does not require a much of hardships to be done. Even, some of the simplest and most basic safety tips can prove to be immensely useful for ensuring a safe home.

One should always look for a friend or neighbour who could be undoubtedly relied upon to look after the home once the family has left for the vacation.

Besides, installing various security devices and surveillance systems are of immense importance in order to deter the intruders from making any attempt of home intrusion. The best and most reliable method to ensure home security is to make a false impression of someone’s presence in the home.

It can be christened as rendering live-in appearance to the home. This has always worked and still continues to be the basic framework for any safety tip advised for ensuring home security during the vacation.

It can be practised with the help of a trustworthy neighbour or friend. The concerned person could be asked to receive the fly cards and letters.

One should not allow any discrepancy to affect the home security conditions of a family. For the rest, take all the aspects of ensuring home security into sincerest of consideration and enjoy a good refreshing and relaxing vacation.

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