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Child safety gate (baby gate) is a protective barrier installed at various ingate sites which may possess possible threats to the child.

These safety gates restrict the outreach of the child to such sites so that the child could be prevented from possible injuries.

Generally, these gates are installed at various sites like staircases, kitchen, balcony and likes. These gates are made up of metals, woods or plastics.

Types of Child Safety Gates

Child safety gates are available for both ingate and outgate applications. These gates can be permanent or removable in nature.

Permanent gates are widely used in all the homes as they allow safe and secure passage through the gate. Removable gates have the characteristic feature of being installed at a site whenever required.

However, one should not use such gates at staircases as they could be removed easily by the child. Such gates have gained wide popularity due to their mobility and wide applications.

Child safety gates are often used to contain small pets in a residence.

However, one should not use a pet gate as child gate as it may not meet the standards of the later one. Moving on to a baby gate, there are two kinds of baby gates available :

Pressure Fit gates

These gates are mounted at the gates of the rooms and contain the walk-through section allowed by a U-shaped frame. The child can safely enter a room through these gates. Parents are advised not to use U-Pressure fit gates near the staircases as their bottom bars possess trip hazards.

Hardware gates

These gates, in a way, act as barricades to prevent the child access to unwanted sites. These gates can also be used to create a boundary so that the child is protected from injuries.

Uses of a Child Safety Gate

The safety gates are used in a variety of places within a house. They are as discussed below:

  • Staircases: The safety gates are mounted near the top and bottom of the stairs so as to prevent any injury leading consequences.
  • Kitchen: The safety gates are mounted in kitchens so that the child does not easily enter into the kitchen as the place is not safe for a child.
  • Bedroom gate: The safety gates are used at the bedroom gate so that any wandering of the child could be kept under strict supervision.
  • Bathroom gate: The safety gates are used at the bathroom gate so as to ensure that the child does not have an easy access to the bathroom. This assures the child safety as a bathroom contains various materials which should be kept out of the child’s reach.

Benefits and Limitations of Child Safety Gate

The security for a crawling baby is very necessary. Once installed, parents can execute their other household affairs in a stress-free environment.

The safety gates, today, come with a lot of features like an alarm system, which ensure higher safety level of the child.

Another benefit of these gates can be cited as their use for keeping the pets within a zone. Once the child grows up, he does not need such safety gates.

At such situation, instead of throwing away the device, it can be used for keeping or deterring the pets from a zone.


The major limitation which a safety gate can possess is that it often hinders the free walk movement of the elders in a home.

As the elders are not used to such devices, they find it inconvenient to roam freely in the house. Besides, some of the gate barriers have sharp top and bottom edges which may cause injury to the child

How to buy a Good Baby Gate

A good safety gate is always necessary for ensuring the safe movement of the child in a home.

Thus, it becomes quite important to look for the standard qualities which a good baby gate must have. Here we provide a set of features which a buyer must look for while purchasing a baby gate.

Type of gate to be purchased

One should decide whether to buy pressure gates or hardware gates. It advisable to mount hardware gates near the staircases which could be mounted to the wall with screws. Pressure gates can be used near the gates of the rooms.

Easy opening

The baby gate should easily open so that the parents do not find difficulty while walking through the gate.

Slats gap

The gap between the slats should not exceed 2 3/8 inches as recommended by Juveniles Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA). The wider gap could lead to several undesired consequences.


The product must be certified by the Juveniles Product Manufacturing Association (JPMA) or American Society for Testing. The products certified by these organizations are safe and secure to use.

Size and adjustability

The product should be stretchable so that it fits a variety of gate sizes. Moreover, the product should have a good interlocking system.

Pressure and strength

The safety gates should retain the pressure and strength for a long duration of time.

Other features

The buyers may look for the safety gate having an alarm system which is triggered on as soon as the gate opens.

Popular Brands of Child Safety Gates

Here we provide a list of popular companies known for manufacturing quality baby gates.


The brand has been, for years, known for manufacturing quality and durable products.

The brand is a leading expert in child safety products like bed rails, safety gates, portable toddler beds, booster seats and chairs. The products match to the well quality standards laid down by JPMA. Read user reviews on Amazon>>

Summer Infant

The brand is known for manufacturing safest and the most innovative child safety products so as to give a delighted experience of parenting journey by ensuring the utmost safety of the child.

The various products manufactured under the brand varies from tubs and bathers to bottles and infant feeders. Read user reviews on Amazon>>

North States Industries

The US-based company is a renowned producer of various juveniles and pet products keeping the quality and durability factors into its prime consideration.

The company aims at making the home safe for a better prosperity of child and pets. Read user reviews on Amazon>>


The US-based company solely devoted to manufacturing safety gates incorporating the best features and the most innovative technology.

The brand manufactures safety gates of almost all types and is also involved in other child safety products. Read user reviews on Amazon>>


The 85 year old company manufactures several child safety and baby care products.

The products are of high quality and innovative. The products manufactured in this company are based upon various requirements of gadgets and devices at each stage of childhood. Read user reviews on Amazon>>


The company which started its business nearly 20 years ago as the bottle manufacturer, has today, emerged as one of the most reliable companies for child safety products.

The products are truly innovative and aims at making the parenting a happier process. Read user reviews on Amazon>>


The brand is famously known for the various high-quality products ensuring each and every aspect of family safety.

The products are easy to install and are beautifully designed to answer the security concerns of a family.  Read user reviews on Amazon>>

The first years

The US based company is known for the high-quality products feeding, care, travel, nursery and play products which aim at making the childhood period safe and secure. Read user reviews on Amazon>>


The baby gate is one important safety device which can help ensure safe and secure movement of the child in the house.

The removable baby gates are portable in nature and hence can be used to ensure the child’s safety even in outgate sites.

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