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Established in 1930, Guardian Alarm is a privately owned Canadian security company.

They provide a variety of Home automation, security, protection, backup, identification and surveillance devices. They are one of the largest independent security firms in the United States.

Products in Wireless Home security 

They have pre-configured package in Wireless Home Security. It contains one LCD touch screen control panel, one remote key fob, one motion detector and three door/window contacts. Monitoring charges are $ 29.95/month. This is a very basic package and it can be extended by adding more devices to the plan.

Security System Internet Special

This package is called the “$99 Security System Internet Special” package. Installation costs are $ 99 and monitoring charges are $ 29.95/month. This is a basic security package for home security.

Various devices can be added so that they cover more areas of security. The devices are manufactured by Honeywell.

Let us look at the basic devices offered in the package

LCD keypad with battery backup & siren- There is one touch screen keypad in the package. This forms the brain of the security system. It has battery backup so that the security system does not shut off even when the power goes.  

A loud siren within the keypad lets out a loud and alarming noise whenever there is an emergency in your house. They keypad can be used to access and control several features of your home security system. You also have the option to choose a non-touch screen, traditional keypad. It has a number of keys to enter lock codes and access other features of the system.

The traditional keypad is rarely used nowadays since touch screen control panels give users an easier way to communicate with the system.

Remote Key Fob– There is one remote key fob available in this package. It allows to access some specified functions like arming or disarming the system, triggering an alert and so on from your remote.

This is a small device that can easily fit into the palm of your hand and attached to your key ring.

Motion Detector- There is one motion detector in the basic security package. The detector works on infrared technology and detects the motion of living things in the house. It covers a wide range.

It communicated wirelessly with the main controller.

In case you have pets, you do not have to worry about them triggering false alarms since these motion detectors are pet-friendly.

Door/window sensors- There are three door/window sensors available with the basic security package. These can be installed in entry points in the house so that you are alerted as soon as a door or window is opened.

This will allow you to keep a check on whether burglars or family members are entering your house at a particular time.

Although this system provides for basic security, there are a number of other gadgets which can be added to make the package more comprehensive. Guardian Alarm gives it customers a choice from a variety of high-end gadgets. Let us at them. guardian alarm review

7” Touch Screen Panel- The touch screen panel has a very user-friendly interface. Use it control the features of your home security, automation and protection system.

Switch off lights, disarm locks, and so on with the touch of a finger. You can also connect your web-enabled television to the home security system so that you can view all the features on a much bigger screen.

This will give you more clarity on the system and the experience will be even more enhanced.

Thermostat- The thermostat will tell you the exact temperature in the house. You can program it so that it keeps the temperature low when you are away, in order to save energy.

Your thermostat can also be tuned for other energy needs. The thermostat keeps a track of the temperature in your house.

Digital Monitoring- You can set up an additional network inside your house. This network will be dedicated to your home security system and will be protected so that no one else can access it and control your home security system.

Panic Button – The Panic Button is shaped like a key fob. It can be activated with the click of a button so that an emergency response team is dispatched to your location. This pendant is very useful for elderly folks who are more susceptible to sudden medical emergencies.

Siren- You can install the extra siren in your house both inside and outside the house. This will ensure that your original alarm siren is supplemented with more noise. With this, burglars entering the house will be scared and neighbors can get wind of an emergency in your house.

Airlink Digital Radio Monitoring – Sometimes even a wireless connection that works on the internet is not sufficient to prevent burglars from entering your house. The Airlink Digital Radio service will provide you with a backup even when your phone connection or your internet connection is cut. It can send a signal to the Guardian monitoring centre.

This ensures that signals transmitted even at this time reach monitoring centers.

Carbon Monoxide Detector- There are wireless carbon monoxide detectors available with Guardian Alarm. You can install them so that you are protected from the effects of lethal poisoning from carbon monoxide gas.

CO is a silent killer and exposure to certain levels of CO can cause death in less than 15 minutes of exposure.

Smoke & Heat Detectors- Fires are dangerous since they destroy valuable life and property if they are not detected on time. These wireless detectors can be installed in various places inside your house.

They will detect high temperature and high level of smoke. The two signals together indicate fire in a house. Both signals are necessary so that a false alarm is not triggered. 

High/Low Temperature Sensors- Low temperature sensors are also needed in house, especially those in low temperature areas which are prone to freezing.

Low temperature cause many things to malfunction, for example water pipes burst. These sensors will detect extremely low temperatures and send you an alert when it happens. You can take necessary action after this.

Sump Pump Monitoring- When there is a lot of rainfall, many basements face leaks. These monitors help to check levels in the sump and pump so that your house is protected from leaks and floods.

Cameras- There are options to connect different kinds of cameras to your system. These cameras have enhanced vision during the night, can be tilted to give a wider angle, can be attached to motion sensors, and can be zoomed to give better view.

Benefits / limitations

Overall customers have good experience with the company. Let us take a look at them.     

Key benefits

  • They have been in the industry for 80 years so customers know that they are stable
  • Response time is less and professionals are prompt, which makes their service great
  • Customer service representatives are useful and courteous

A few drawbacks

Customer service representatives try to sell customers more products and do not inform them of money saving deals. But we guess this is a common practise everywhere and part of their business.

Our recommendation

Guardian Alarm is a reputed company and we would recommend their services. Their services and technology are considered good by existing users. 

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