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Doyle is a security company that has been active in the security industry since 1919. It serves high-end security gadgets and service to the people residing in the upper New York area. The company is privately owned and reputed. They provide various security services but our focus here is to discuss their premium home security plan / offering. 

Products in Wireless Home security 

There is a standard package for home security that has been configured by the experts at Doyle. The package includes 1 control panel, 3 door sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 siren and 1 key fob. Professionals at Doyle provide 24/7 home security monitoring. The package also comes with yard signs and window decals to advertise the use of security services from Doyle. 

Doyle Security Package

The Doyle security package is pre-configured by its panel of experts who have a lot of experience in home security. The package and its contents can be bought at an up-front cost of $ 800, which is very steep. Monitoring costs start at $ 30 /month, which is an average cost for the home security industry.

Let us look at the devices that are available in the Doyle Security Package. This package is a basic one and more devices can be added to make the package more complete. More gadgets can serve more needs of the household and make the plan more comprehensive. 

Control Panel– The control panel is the brain of you security system. There is one control panel in every home security package. Al the devices in your package communicate with the control panel in a wireless manner. Since the panel has no wires, burglars cannot disable it and the whole security system by cutting phone wires. The Control Panel is usually mounted on the wall. The wall nearest to the house exit is a common place since it allows you to arm or disarm your system as you are leaving or entering your house. There is a built-in siren within the control panel. This siren gives off a loud noise whenever there is an emergency. This loud noise is supposed to distract and scare your burglar so that the burglar leaves the premises or fumbles and gets caught. The siren will also alert your neighbors of a crisis in your house so that they can alert the authorities too. The control panel is in constant contact with the 24/7 monitoring centers. These monitoring centers receive data from the control panel to determine whether there is an emergency situation in your house. As soon as there is a situation they respond by alerting you and seeking a confirmation that this is a true alarm. Such a confirmation provides safety from false alarms. Such kind of safety is necessary since the state police often charge a hefty amount for false alarms.

Door Sensors– There are three door or window sensors available with this package. The door or window sensors can be attached to all kinds of doors or windows which shut. These may be recessed doors or windows, sliding doors or windows, hinged doors or windows and hidden doors or windows. They can be doors to your house, your room, your cabinet or a secret compartment. These sensors send you an alert as soon as a certain entrance, where it is fixed, is open. They usually work by creating a magnetic field between the two parts of the sensor. As soon as a door or window is opened this field is disrupted and it sends and alert. These devices are small and sleek. This structure allows them to be hidden in such a way that burglars cannot spot them easily and thus they will not know that an alarm has been triggered as they enter a house. This allows authorities enough time to capture the burglar.

Motion Sensor– There is one motion sensor in this package. Motion sensors offer an advanced level of security in your house. These sensors usually work on infrared technology. They detect the motion of human bodies or animals from their body heat so that the motion of lifeless objects is not detected which gives off a false alarm. If you have a pet then the motion sensors can be made pet-friendly by programming them to be immune to the motion of living being of that weight. You can install a motion sensor with a door sensor. With this configuration you can detect if someone has entered the house after opening the front door. The motion sensor candoyle security also be attached with a video camera. With this configuration you can start recording as soon as the detector senses some motion. This is a good way to save energy of the camera and record only when there is a need to record something in your house or room.

Key Fob Remote– There is on key fob remote that comes with the basic package offered by Doyle for home security systems. The key fob remote is a standard addition to most home security systems in the market. It resembles a car remote in many ways. The remote have four or more buttons on its top surface. These buttons can be pushed by the user to access several features. The user can arm or disarm the security system, lock or unlock doors and trigger an alarm. Other functions can also be programmed into it. Just like a car remote, the key fob remote works only from some distance from the house. It cannot work from any remote place, unlike the control features available over the internet. The key fob remote is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand or your pocket with ease. The remote can also be attached to your keychain to make it easier for you to carry it around wherever you want to. You can purchase a key fob remote for all the member of your family so that they have no problem in entering the house at all times without waiting for the right person to disarm the security system.

Siren– There is an extra siren available with the basic security package that is provided by Doyle. The control panel has a siren within the framework of the panel itself. This siren rings out loudly whenever there is an emergency. The extra siren is also important for a security system in many ways. The siren adds to the noise of the original siren. If there is a burglar in your house, it will scare or paralyze the burglar even more when the burglar hears so much noise coming from your home security system. Neighbors who are near and even those who are farther off can hear the siren and come out to lend some help in all cases of emergencies. If they do not come out, they can at least call for additional help when they hear the siren. The siren will also ensure that if there are any patrol cars in the nearby area, they detect

Yard Sign or window Decals– Doyle provides its customers with one yard sign and a few window decals. The yard sign can be put up in the front yard or the back yard. The window decals can be put up on any of the windows in your house so that they are visible to others. These signs essentially form the first line of defense for you and your house. When burglars or potential thieves see these signs in your yard and windows they know that you are using services from one of the best security companies in business. So they often do not enter your house and strike only in those house which are not protected.

Benefits and limitations

​Doyle has been operating the upstate New York region for more than 65 years and has gained and lost several customers over the years. Let us look at what the customers have to say about the company. 


  • The emergency response team is fully staffed and ready for dispatch 24/7/365
  • The devices are high end and they are secured by Doyle for the duration that your house is protected by the company

A few drawbacks

They only cater to residents of upstate New York

Our recommendation

If you have ample money to spare for home security and live in upstate New York, then the packages provided by Doyle is ideal for you. If you do not fall under any of these categories, you should consider other services.

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