Outdoor Security Camera Buying Guide (Types, Technology & more)

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The surveillance system has redefined the security measures of private and industrial space.

The wide range of surveillance system cameras available in the market has enhanced their application in daily life use.

Particularly, talking of private residence, the cameras have started playing an important role in ensuring better safety and security protection for a family.

These surveillance systems can be installed both inside and outside the house. In this article, we shall be particularly talking about the outdoor security camera and the related aspects of ensuring home security.

An outdoor security camera has become an important security device for a residence.

Their installation with other home security devices adds to the security level of the house. A typical outdoor security camera consists of a system of surveillance system installed outside the home at sites like driveway, entrances and walkways.

The strategic importance of such cameras can be understood in the sense that these cameras monitor each and every entry made into the house. Any movement towards the residence can be recorded.

Besides, these systems being connected to main control panel within the house may alert the house owner of a possible intrusion. Many of the security agencies monitor the recordings of these cameras and reach out for help whenever required.

Types of Outdoor Security Cameras

One may find that both the indoor and outdoor security camera serve the same motive- ensuring home security.

However, there are slight differences between the two. The outdoor security cameras have wider view angle. Besides, they come with night vision so as to ensure round the clock security protection.

These cameras are available in two configurations- hard-wired system and wireless system.

Hardwired camera

A hard-wired camera incorporates the use of wires and cables for its installation. These cameras have to be wisely installed at the outdoor sites so that the intruder could not easily recognize it.

However, due to the presence of wires and cables, it becomes a bit difficult task. The intruder may easily identify the camera and consequently may change his path or cut the wired connection.

Besides, these cameras need a cautious maintenance owing to the various weather conditions which may jeopardize the cables.

However, the most peculiar feature of such camera remains their high-quality video capturing ability and good streaming speed than the wireless camera.

Wireless camera

A wireless camera is easy to install as it does not require wires and cables for its installation.

These cameras use batteries for their operation. These cameras are widely popular for their advanced features.

How does the outdoor security camera work?

The outdoor security camera is connected to the main control panel present within the home.

This can be further connected to the concerned security agency monitoring office which renders help round the clock.

The outdoor security camera has either analogue surveillance system or network surveillance system. Analog cameras are based upon closed circuit camera or CCTV software.

In these systems, the outdoor camera is connected to DVR or computer monitoring which captures the video from the lens of the camera and stores them in a separate hard drive.

It is this hard drive where the inbuilt system converts the analogue videos into digital video. On the contrary, the network surveillance system has inbuilt DVR which captures the video from camera lens in the same form and streams it on the internet.

Thus, the house owner can watch the video even on his mobile phones. A network surveillance camera is costlier than the analogue surveillance system.

How to buy good outdoor security cameras

Types of Outdoor Security Cameras

There are various kinds of outdoor security camera available in the market each having its own unique feature and style.

These various types of cameras are suitable for specific conditions and sites. Thus, with an availability of such a diversified range, the customer is left to judiciously decide the system which suits best to his residential outfits.

All these cameras come in both wired and wireless configurations. These different types of cameras are as discussed below:

Color or black and white camera

Till a few years back, the black and white cameras were quite popular. However, with advancement in technology, today, the color cameras are also available.

The white and black camera identifies the light and dark shades while the color camera identifies each and every shade of color. This can be of great help in identifying the intruder easily.

Wide-angle-lens camera

These cameras have wide angle range and can cover a large area.

Bullet camera

These cameras can be mounted on wall and porch area as they work best pointed in one direction only. These cameras do not have lens moving features and thus monitor only in one direction.

These cameras can be effective less as the intruder may change his course of movement once the direction of lens monitoring is known.

Dome cameras

This camera is of dome-shaped and hence is the name dome camera. It is difficult to predict the direction in which the lens of the camera monitors.

Thus, the camera can act as a nice deterrent at entry gates. These cameras have the zoom in and zoom out features and are much effective.

 Discreet camera

These cameras are mounted so as to obscure them from notice of any intruder. Thus, these cameras can be mounted near clock, plant or electrical box.

Night vision camera

These cameras use infrared LEDs to capture the videos and photos in the dark and shadowy area. It can be of great help as it works even in the darkest of nights with highly effective video features.

Weather resistant camera

As the outdoor security cameras are exposed to the various weather conditions, thus, it becomes strategically important to ensure that the durability of the product is not affected by the changing weather conditions.

There are cameras available in the market which comes with a hood. Others have thermostat sensitive technique incorporated in its design which allows the camera to cool or heat up as required.

It is also mandatory to consider the protection of the cameras from other factors like dust, storm etc.

Pan tilt zoom camera

These cameras can make a wide degree movement to capture high-quality videos and images. These cameras are best suited for outdoor purposes as they have the capacity of doing the job of several fixed sight cameras.

Day/Night camera

The intensity of light often changes during the daytime and the security cameras accordingly need to adjust with the changing intensity.

The day/night camera has the feature to adjust according to the changing glare, reflection, backlight, shadows and reflection.

How to Buy a RIGHT Security Camera

Buying a good security camera is very necessary to ensure a higher level of security protection.

The buyers should focus upon a set of distinctive features which adds to the quality of any surveillance system.  Some of these features to be considered while buying a nice camera are as discussed below:

  • Wireless or wired: The buyer most primarily has to decide whether the wired or wireless camera would serve his best interest. This can depend upon a lot of structures including the construction pattern of the home.
  • Nature of cameras required: The buyer should carefully assess the outdoor surrounding and critically analyze what type camera would serve more effectively. Today, security cameras come in a wide range of types and thus it becomes very important to decide the nature of camera to be installed.
  •  Kind of DVR: Most of the cameras come with a DVR technology that accepts a limited number of channels. Thus, it becomes the primary responsibility of the buyer to go for such a product which has good quality DVR system.
  • Analog Vs. Digital camera: The buyer has to decide the nature of the technology used by the camera. As discussed earlier, the security cameras come in two forms- analog based and digital camera. Digital cameras are always preferable as they use efficient use of bandwidth and are more comprehensive.
  • Video format: The buyer must ensure that the video captured by the camera is of good quality. The high-resolution camera is always preferable for a good security camera.


An outdoor security camera can be the first deterrent to the intruder.

Thus, the homeowners need to carefully decide the type and nature of the camera to be installed in their home. One should sincerely consider the facts and various aspects regarding the camera while going out to buy an outside surveillance system.

Moreover, the homeowner should seek the opinion of the family members regarding the type of cameras which they feel to be imparting much safety and security. Once decided, the homeowner must consult the trusted brands and companies for the product.

Choosing the product from an old and trusted brand is a necessary factor to ensure the quality of the product. Moreover, the buyer must give due attention to the protection and safeguard of the surveillance system from various weather conditions.

The outdoor surveillance system of a good quality is certainly the most reliable tool for assuring home security and safety. Enjoy its benefits after getting it installed.

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