How to Choose a Good Home Security Agency?

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Home security is a crucial factor in ensuring the safety of family members.

A well-equipped security system is the most important need of present times when the crime related to intrusion and burglaries have increased.

Today, the security measures have become a bit complicated with an involvement of both technology and manpower. This is exactly what a security agency does.

In this article, we shall be elaborately explaining the various aspects of adopting a safe and good security agency and the related aspects.

A security agency is an organization which is involved in ensuring security to the residents at the time of need.

These organizations basically install security equipment in a residence and respond to an emergency call made from the residence to the company’s monitoring Centre.

The various security devices are installed so as to readily inform the monitoring Centre of any possible threats. These security agencies are present at both local and national level.

There are various differences between the modes of operation of these security agencies.

The national security agency does not charge for the installation cost of security devices to the residents. However, they include the maintenance cost and the subsequent changes in their fees to be paid by the users. One does not need to buy the security devices from national agencies.

However, the various charges levied upon the users make these agencies a bit expensive. Moreover, these companies hire the third party companies to render their services.

Unlike national security agency, the users need to buy the security devices from the local security agency.

This may appear a bit expensive at the first sight, but, is cheaper than that of the national security agency. Moreover, the local security agency has its own monitoring centre available at the local community and they do not hire a third-party agency to render services.

Why choose a Security Agency?

Owning a security device is very easy. One has to simply go into the market and shop the best devices available therein.

However, without a proper monitoring company, the efficiency of such security devices is seriously questioned.

People often rely on the neighbours once the alarm is triggered, however, neighbours may not be always available to help the residents. Besides, the question of safeguarding the residence property once the family moves out of the city, often, propels a family to go for opting security agency to ensure safety and security of their house.

Benefits of a Security Agency

The unique characteristic feature of security agency is that they incorporate the use of both technology and human skills to confront the various security threats challenging the safety of a house.

The security device identifies the threat and signals the monitoring centre from where the expert professionals are sent to help the family. The various benefits of having a security agency as a security watchdog are discussed below:

  • Right time help: Help comes within minutes of home intrusion after the alarm has been triggered.
  • Personal safety assurance: The devices installed by the security agency are highly sensitive and can scare off the burglars trying to make an attempt of intrusion into the house.
  • Family protection: The agency sends an immediate alert to the family members informing them about the possible threats. This can help the family to stay in a safe area if they are out of their residence.
  • Insurance premium benefits: The insurance companies often grant substantial savings to the homeowners who install monitoring security devices in their homes.

A security agency uses various devices and components to render security services to a family. These components are as discussed below:

Monitoring system: Home monitoring services should be available round the clock so as to ensure a high safety residence. The best monitoring devices incorporate the use of cellular and internet monitoring so that the security agency could be contacted easily at an early response. Various security agencies provide cellular applications so that the contact could be made easily.

Security devices: The various security devices include the use of motion sensors and detectors which sense the various intrusion or outbreak of fire or any other possible threat. These devices are integrated with the monitoring devices to send a quick alert to the security agency. The various security devices include detectors like smoke, fire, CO and various motion sensors.

What all to consider to select “Good” Security Agency?

Through the various monitoring centres available in the locality, these security agencies respond to hundreds of calls each day in the sincerest and responsible way.

However, a resident has to be cautious enough while selecting an appropriate security providing company. This is so because by selecting such a company, a resident is risking the security of his family members.

Thus, it becomes the most important factor to wisely choose an appropriate security provider. Here, we enlist some of the factors to consider while selecting such a company.

Look for references

While searching for an appropriate security agency, consult various relatives and friends so as to get an idea of good security providers. One can also look for the internet information regarding the various security agencies.

Check the authenticity of the company

The concerned security agency must be certified by the Electronic Security Association (ESA). Moreover, its employees should be well-trained professionals having the certificate from ESA’s National Training School.

Check for work history

The number of years the company has been in operation is an important factor to consider. One important note of caution here is that the number of years a company has been in business is different from the net experience of the company.

This is so because most of the companies combine the years of the experience of their employees to state their own years of experience.

Organize frequent meeting

Once the security agency has been selected, the resident must organize frequent meetings with the concerned company to know them in a better way.

Also attempt should be made to decide an individual who would regularly visit the resident for the regular check-up of the security devices.

It is the sole responsibility of the resident to know the credibility of the decided person as it is directly related to his security concerns.

Location of headquarters

An individual must ask about the headquarters of the company and their location. This shall help the resident to get an idea whether the company is efficient enough to provide the required services.

Read Contract’s terms and conditions

Most of the companies hire third parties to install the various security devices and to carry out regular check-up of the system.

Now, this entirely depends upon the third party company how responsive they are towards a resident’s queries.

Moreover, if the third party company ends the deal with the security agency, it is finally the customers who suffer. Thus, the resident must periodically check the contract policy and if needed, update it.

Company accountable for monitoring

Many security agencies make a contract with the third party company to monitor the security system and render the required help.

However, it is advisable to look for the security agency which has its own monitoring facility.

Location of monitoring facility

It is important to know the location of the monitoring facility so as to ensure an early response to the alert created by the security devices. The monitoring facility may be located in the local community, within the state or out of state.

It is advisable to have the monitoring facility available within the local community so that the earliest help could be rendered without any loss of significant time.

Installation of industry standard equipment

Most of the companies have the unique feature of installing devices for a particular company/ brand which other security agency cannot use for installation.

This is called proprietary equipment and is a characteristic feature of a security agency. The residents must ensure that the proprietary equipment of the concerned company is of good quality.

Pre-employment screening

The security agency should have a healthy habit of conducting screening test of each and every employee of its company so as to avoid undesired situations.

Thus, the agency must conduct the polygraph and drug test of the employee before sending him to a residence.


Hiring a security agency is of great help to ensure better security of one’s property and residence.

However, if the concerned agency is not chosen wisely, it may lead to undesired consequences. Hiring a wrong agency can put the safety and security of the house at a great risk.

Thus, it becomes a very important step to wisely decide the kind of company suitable for such responsible task. Besides, another point to consider while selecting a security company is to consider the effectiveness and the accountability with which the services are provided at the earliest time.

In this backdrop, it becomes important to know the location of the monitoring facilities of the company. Security agencies are available at both local and national level.

Thus, while selecting a security agency, the resident must critically analyze the services provided by the companies so as to ensure a better security and safety assurance for the residence.

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