Should You Keep a Watchdog ?

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Dogs are the most loyal pets humans could ever have. The relation between the dogs and the humans is some 20,000 years old. Dogs are fine animals that become members of our family, render unconditional love and devotion. Dogs, often, act as security vigilantes. They ensure a well secured residence by deterring any intrusion into the house.

To understand the basic reason behind such a characteristic feature in this animal, we should look at the various superhuman qualities which dogs possess. They have a unique sensing ability, a good sight and can easily learn things. However, learning capability among dogs is differs to a large extent. Besides, the most remarkable feature characterizing these animals is to give selfless love in return for the received love. These peculiar qualities of dogs make them the most reliable pets for the human beings.

Dogs can be ensuring home security in two ways. The first way is that they can alert the resident of any unwanted intrusion. The other way is that they can confront the intruder with their physical strength and intelligence. The dogs working as per the first way are called watch dogs while the later ones are called security dogs. Most of the people often ignore this very important distinction between the two dogs and it leads to long lasting consequences.

The breed of dogs acting as the watch dogs simply senses some threats and start alerting the residents by consistently barking aloud. These dogs are not meant to confront the intruder. These dogs require less training and generally have low physical strength.

The breed of dogs acting as the guard dogs, upon sensing any threat, starts taking the assault over the intruder. They are meant to confront the intruders and attack over them. These dogs are very strong and active. They have a very high intelligence level too.

Some of the guard dogs may also act as watch dogs, but, there are various precautions to be followed. These guard dogs, often, attack over any person sensed as threat to the residents and thus, it becomes quite risky to use them as guard dogs. In the rest of the sections of this article, we shall be focusing over the watch dogs on a very detailed analysis.

In the year 2003, the US department of justice published a report which declared that at least 16% of the total US homes are vulnerable to burglary. The most obvious pattern followed by the burglars goes like this- “thieves make a quick visit to the home so as to check the various security parameters and finally return to perform their task.” This report, in a sense, justifies the utility of watch dogs in ensuring safety and protection of the home and property.

Watch dogs upon sensing any intrusion or threat, start barking continuously so as to alert the residents of the approaching danger. These dogs are used at almost all the residents to ensure better security.

Benefits of watchdogs for Home Security

Watch dogs are very popular for their security protection abilities. They are cute and require less training as compared to the guard dogs. Here are some of the benefits of having watch dogs:

  • Security alert: The watchdogs give a high alert security by barking continuously once they sense any threat.
  • Require less training: These dogs instead of having very less intelligence level can be easily trained. This is so because the only need for such dogs is that they should easily identify the threats approaching a house. This makes their training less cumbersome.
  • Possessive behavior: Unlike the guard dogs, the watch dogs are less possessive in nature. They do not cause any harm to any of the person, unlike the guard dogs who may attack on the members of the family. Thus, keeping a watch dog is safe and very convenient.

Limitations of watchdogs for home security

The biggest limitation of watch dogs is their “no attack” policy which may lead to some undesired consequences. This is so because some of the burglars may be severely dangerous and an immediate assault may be required. The watchdogs certainly fail at such extremity.

Features of a good watchdog

While buying a watchdog, one has to carefully look at the various factors related to the abilities of the dog. Some of these have been discussed below. The residents are advised to ensure that out of the given features, the pet bought by them has maximum of features.

Good eyesight: The dog should have a good visionary ability so that it could have a close watch over the peripheral activities happening around the residential complex.

Good smelling capabilities: The dog should have a good smelling ability as it is found to be one of the vital feature to detect any threatening.

Barking capability: Some of the dogs are not used as watchdogs because of their inefficient barking abilities. For example: the Bloodhound and the Newfoundland dogs are not used as watchdogs as they cannot bark persistently.Should you have a watchdog

Possessive behavior: The dog should not have a possessive behavior as it may lead to unwanted consequences. The main motive of watchdog is just to get alerted whenever any intrusion has been observed and not to attack the outsider. Guard dogs are very possessive and can be much dangerous sometimes. So, a buyer must ensure that the dog being purchased does not exhibit such tendencies.

Best breed of dogs suitable for watchdog

Here, we provide a list of some very good breed of dogs which have been known for their remarkable role as watch dog.

Scottish terrier : It is a stubborn and independent creature that is highly independent, intelligent and hilarious in nature. The dog has short feet and thus, he cannot run much. However, he can be an excellent walking companion. The dog hinders the access of most of the rodents, but, leaves the ground with a lot of holes dug by him. Despite his short height, the dog has a very good barking ability.

Miniature Schnauzer : The small and sturdily built dog is a lovely, intelligent and happy dog. The dog has a good socializing ability. However, if the master is not strict enough, the dog can become much mischievous in nature. This breed makes a good watchdog and vermin hunter.

Chihuahua : The tiny toy dog is a courageous, extremely lively, adventurous and a good companion dog. This breed of dog is very loyal and cheerful. The dog has a very low intelligence level, however, learn the things quickly. This breed of dog can be strong willed if not trained properly. The dog is not preferred for the children as they, often, develop the behaviors like jealousy and start doubting everyone except the master.

West Highland white terrier : This small and sturdy breed of dog is very easy to train. The dog is very lively and easily gets along with the strangers and children. The robust, friendly dog seeks companionship and can be a good watch dog. The dog can be bit combative if irritated. Check the dog foe its digging habit.

Poddle : The clever, elegant and proud breed of dogs seems to epitomizing the life of leisure and luxury. These dogs enjoy companionship and can be fun while the family games. These dogs are extremely smart, however, if not properly trained, can assume himself the leader of the home. These dogs need a lot of care for a good and smart look.

Shih tzu : The breed of dog is a beautiful, lovely, affectionate dog who loves to follow the master from room to room. It needs all the family members to be pack leader and loves to have clear and distinct set of rules. These dogs require a caring and smart training as they are very fond of rules and always try to live within them.

Dachshund : The cute and lovely breed of dog is heavily built upon short legs. The dog loves to be close to the master and help in various activities. The dogs have a soulful eyes and complex facial expressions. This breed of dog is very lively and courageous.

Miniature Pinscher : The breed of dog is lively and loyal that loves a good companionship. It easily mixes with the family members till a good training has been imparted. Its entire behavior depends upon love and care received from the caretakers. These dogs are intelligent and learn things quite fast.

Beagle : Beagles are live, active and intelligent breed of dogs. It easily gets socialized with the various members of the family and other pets of the house. These dogs can be very noisy and shed a lot of hair. They have a distinctive dog odor.

Collie : It is a sensitive and intelligent breed of dog, known for undying loyalty. These dogs have a peculiar feature of sensing the needs of their master at appropriate time. The dog adapts to the various home environment easily as long as she performs full physical exercise. One should be extremely careful towards the maintenance of this breed of dog as they are more vulnerable to disease and infections.

In the end..

Home security is a very concerning problem for any family. However, with recent development in technology, we have become sufficient enough o harness the various technical calibers to devise electronic security alarms. However, the biggest problem with such alarm is their irresponsive approach to the intruders. Thus, one needs to have a responsible touch at this very serious issue. This certainly can be achieved by adding the watchdog abilities to the functioning of the existing electrical devices.

Watchdogs can be very useful for ensuring the home security. This can be certainly ascertained on the basis of immense loyalty shown by the dogs for thousands of years. However, the master has to properly train the dogs and take utmost care of his needs and requirements. Ensuring the above said facts shall mean a greater co-ordination between the duo which would enhance the performance and the loyalty of the watchdogs.

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