Should You Use Chain Link Fence?

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Fencing has been one of the most primitive technique for safeguarding a site or a portion of landscape.  

It has been in use in both rural and urban areas so as to barricade the property from outside threats.

The main materials used for such kind of fencing are wood, aluminum, vinyl and chain link fences.

Among these, vinyl and chain link fences have become the most popular fences owing to their characteristic features. Unlike wood and aluminum fences, vinyl and chain link fences are comparatively cheaper and durable.

In the rest of the article, we shall be elaborately discussing over the use of chain link fences.

What is a Chain link fence?

A typical chain link fence is a type of woven fence made up of galvanized or LLDPE- coated steel wire.

The steel wires are configured or arranged in a manner to give a diamond or U-shaped pattern all over the fence.  These fences mostly come into heights ranging between 3ft-12 ft. however, the fence can be created of any size according to one’s need.

The best part of these fences is that they can be screwed or unscrewed at any time as per the need of the user.

The earliest account of use of chain link fencing comes from the fact that in 1844 Charles Bernard built the world’s first netting machine.

Following this, a firm named as Barnard and Bishop started selling wire netting all over the world.  Since then, there has been a lot of discussion and subsequent improvement in the manufacturing and use of such chain link fences.

Installation:  The installation of the chain link fences are done manually. First of all, the posts (made of steel) are set in concrete footing or simply fixed in the soil. 

Then, the fabric is fastened to the posts manually with hand tools. This fastening of wire becomes quite a tedious job if the fence is of relatively large size.

Uses of chain link fence

The chain link fence has a wide arena of applications. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • They are used to create a secure barrier around a residential or commercial site.
  • They are used to create security barriers in fields and parks.
  • They can be used to create safe containment area for pets.
  • They are used as barricading in wrestling steel cage matches.
  • They can be used as a backstop in the baseball and softball fields.
  • They are used in dirt tracks so as to slow down the racing cars before they hit the barricade.

Benefits and limitations of chain link fence

The wide application of chain link fence should not come as a surprise. Underneath this huge popularity of such fences, lies some spectacular features which other fences fail to show up. In this section of the article, we quote some of the features which gives chain link fence an edge over the other counterparts.

Installation: A chain link fence is very easy to install. Even a non -professional person can install such fence with a tremendous ease and comfort.Should you use chain link fencing

Besides, these fence are much cheaper than other fences. These two are the main factors which have made the chain link fences quite popular.

Durability: As earlier mentioned, these fences use galvanized steel wires. These wire, if painted, resist corrosion for many years. Besides, the typical wire is best suited for facing the harsh weathers for many years.

Besides, these fences can withstand strong winds as well.

Repair: The most promising feature of a chain link fence is its easy repairing.

If any portion of the fence is damaged, then, one simply needs to replace the damaged portion with a new one without affecting the rest of the fence. 

Design option:  The chain link fences are available in a wide range of designs and colurs so as to give a stylish look to the barricaded area.

Visibility: Unlike, wood fences, chain link fences are transparent and do not hinder sunlight from both the sides of the fence. However, a chain link fence can be made  semi-opaque by inserting slats into the mesh.

How to buy a good chain link fence

There are a lot of chain link fences available in the market.

Thus, a consumer before buying a product must make his choice based up on some standard features which every good chain link fence should have. Some of these features are as enlisted below:

1. The buyer must look for the appropriate strength of the fencing wire. The strength of such wires are measured in gauge. The gauge has an inverse relation with the strength of the wire. Purchasing a thick wire would incur a huge cost while a thin wire would not be safe enough on security parameters.

Thus, a buyer has to judiciously make a choice regarding the thickness of the fencing wire.

2. The buyer has to make an appropriate choice among the various wire materials used in chain link fences.

These materials range from stainless steel to aluminum. Generally. Stainless steel are preferred to aluminum ones because of their higher strength.

3. The wire material must be galvanized as it gives durability and protection against harsh weather conditions.

4. The buyer must choose a fence having appropriate grid size. The decision of grid size depends up on the use of the fence. For instance, if the fence has to be used in some sports like baseball, then, the grid size should be small enough.

Some Popular Chain Link Fence Brands

Here we have enlisted some of the popular brands manufacturing chain link fences. But the list is far from exhaustive.

C&H : the company is known for manufacturing a wide range of industrial and commercial products like storage products, packaging and shipping products etc.

Vollmer : it is a Germany based company famous for manufacturing model building and accessories for use with rail models.

Midwest air technologies :  the company is widely known for the various kinds of fencing materials provided by it at a large scale. The brand markets the fencing products under the yardgard brand.


Chain link fences are the fences used at most of the residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Apart from imparting security solution, these fences are widely used in various games and sports.

Thus, it becomes primarily important to buy a good quality product so that the safety measures are not hampered.

While purchasing a good fencing product, one can certainly look for the features mentioned earlier in the article. Besides, one should also seek advice from building contractors and legal expert while choosing a good product.  


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  2. Since you said that the fences can be screwed or unscrewed at any time, I might have one installed that is easy enough to unscrew if I have the right parts for it. I do agree that they can be used to create security barriers as you mentioned which I often see in the baseball field. If they’re as durable as you say, I’ll have one installed by a contractor in my house to keep the stray dogs away.

  3. Thanks for letting me know that a chain link fence can resist corrosion and are easy to install. My father is planning to use a chain link fence for the out property. I think it’s a great idea given its durability, longevity, and convenience.

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