What are Baby Breathing Monitors (and Why Use Them?)

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Every parent wants the best for their children and will do anything to keep them safe.

While it is almost impossible to be near your child 24/7, baby breathing monitors can help you a lot.

Baby breathing monitors are devices which are used to indicate a child’s breathing and/or movements and if a considerable delay occurs in registering them an alarm is tripped.

Generally, the time gap is around twenty seconds to raise an alarm. These sensors are used to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Cot deaths. While the reasons for these threats are unknown, it becomes all the more important to protect your child against them.

How do Baby Breathing Monitors Work?

The device is equipped with various units which work together.

The different parts of the system are mechanised to register breathing which includes sensors placed under the baby or their blanket.

There are also ultraviolet beam sensors which set off an alarm if the beam is not broken.

There is no proof that a baby breathing monitor may totally prevent you from SIDS but it can surely lessen the risk. Also, you do not replace these devices with you normal care routine and checks.

Benefits of baby Breathing Monitor

While a baby breathing monitor may not guarantee full protection to your child it surely helps you in many ways. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • A baby sensing monitor gives you peace of mind.
  • It alerts you to the possible threat beforehand such that you can avoid them.
  • You can keep a tab on your children’s wellness even while being away from them.
  • In case your child is not well or born premature, you can easily check on their breathing habits and be there for your child when necessary.

Where to use it?

Having a device which can sense your child’s vitals and notify you about any abnormal activity seems like a perfect solution.

Baby breathing monitors can be kept under your child’s blanket or you can attach them to your baby’s clothing. Or you can even place them under the bedding where your child is sleeping.

These sensors can also be placed on the baby’s midsection

How to choose a good baby breathing monitor?

Choosing the best device when so many options are available in the market, especially when it concerns your child seems like a strenuous task.

There are basically three features which you can look for; sound, video and movement. what are baby monitors

Generally, the sound feature is the most useful one.

The baby will cry time to time to notify you of their needs. While the video feature cannot really notify you, but it can let you check on your child and decide whether it is necessary to visit them immediately or not.

It helps you to do your work side by side while keeping an eye on your children.

Monitors that alert you about movement can be quite misleading. If the device does not sense any movement for about 20 seconds it raises an alarm.

Given the list of features a baby breathing monitor provides, it cannot remove the chances of SIDS or cot death in any sense.

Costs and popular baby breathing monitor brands

The main difference between the monitors available in the market is of the price.  Though there are many low-cost options available in the market, there are many significant differences in the low-cost and high-end options.

A good quality baby breathing monitor can cost you anywhere between 100+ dollars.

There are many companies which provide these monitors, some of the best ones are:

Angelcare – This Company was established in 1997 and is based in Montreal. It claims to provide you with peace of mind through innovative products; which are of highest quality. It provides its products in almost 60 countries and it is an international award-winning company. Buy from Amazon –>

Snuza – It a relatively new company which was established in 2000. They claim to provide parents which the latest technology and products which are innovative, safe and easy to use. They  provide their products worldwide. Buy from Amazon –>

Baby Sense – Baby Sense is a company which provides you with a wide range of products like books, apps, seminars and information.

It has got many awards for its products and it always keeps on working to launch new products. It claims to provide best quality products and services for parents. Buy from Amazon –>


Since it is not possible for any parent to be with their child all the time, devices like baby breathing monitors can be of great help.

These devices notify you about your child’s breathing and/or movements and if a considerable amount of time passes without any movement it triggers an alarm.

These devices contain various units which sense breathing of a child. They can be placed under the baby’s blanket, attached to their clothes or placed on their midsection.

It provides you with the benefit of keeping a tab on your child even when you’re away. It gives you a sense of peace and notifies you about any possible threat in advance.

If your child is unwell or born premature, taking their care and knowing about their needs becomes easier. Though they provide so many benefits, you should not totally rely on them and leave out on your normal care routine. They are not proved to prevent SIDS or lessen it.

There are three features which should be kept in mind before buying a baby monitor; sound, video and movement.

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