What are Diversion Safes and Benefits

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Diversion Safes are safe that is made in order to hide any particular object or things for the purpose of secrecy or safety.

These safes are made in the form of day to day use objects or things such as a book, candle etc. These tend to divert the intruder or a stranger who tends to enter the house with the purpose of stealing something precious.

These safes are beneficial for the people who prefer to have a secure atmosphere near their workplace or at home but do not have financial means of installing a security system such as CCTV’s or watchdogs.

And also in some conditions, these solutions are also not practical. Having a diversion safe is an economical way to strengthen the security of our valuables.

These safes are much similar to the ordinary objects used in day to day life so the thieves cannot find the articles and valuables and thus these items remain secure. There are many types of Diversion safe such as can, a bottle that can easily merge and fit into the background of your house.

How is a Diversion Safe Made?

Many of us might have a question that how are these diversion safes made?

The diversion safes are made from the same material to which they resemble. For example, a Can safe is made from the original Pepsi or Coca-Cola Can.

Similarly, a book safe is made from the original books just the inner surface has a tough solid surface inside.

The rock safes are made from hollowing the original rocks and thus making them a safe place to store keys etc.

Advantages of a Diversion Safe:

Some key advantages and features:

  • These diversion safes prove to be an economical option to use instead of spending hundreds of dollar on a buying big steel safe box that would take more floor space and require the owner to always remember lock combinations or code.
  • Moreover, as these diversion safes mingle with the surroundings and lookalike everyday objects hence it is not easy for the intruder to find out these safes.
  • These safes are very small in size hence these can be put anywhere in the fridge, kitchen or bathroom.
  • As the diversion safes are economical hence it allows the house owner to buy multiple diversion safes and spread them around the house so as the valuables are not stored or available at one fixed place.
  • Because of their compact size, they can be carried along as one travels from one place to other.

Limitations of using a Diversion Safe

Although these safe are compact in size and very effective to use they are not perfect.

Although these safes are undetectable by thief or intruder still it is not that secure as it consists of no lock, fire resistance or it is breakable.

In case of fire these safe may damage or break down and hence the valuable stored may be damaged.

They could accidentally be broken.  And more, ver these safes are not big in size so they cannot be used to store large valuables.

Should only Diversion Safes be used?

Although we suggest that diversion safes should be used and spread throughout the house so that the valuables are stored across different places and hence reducing the chance of all your precious items being stolen, we do not tend to imply that only these safes should be used.

Although these safes provide security but these would not protect your valuables or documents from fire or flood.

Documents such as passports, tickets, property papers etc should be kept inside a fireproof safe so that they do not get damaged or torn incase of any miss-happening.

Some Typical types of Diversion Safes:

Rock Safe:

These safes are built in to store small items such as keys or memory card etc. These can be placed anywhere outside in the garden or as a decoration in a room.

The size, shape and colour of such rocks should be kept in mind before buying the safe so that they perfectly match with the surrounding and are indistinguishable

Book Safe:

Another very popular type of diversion safe which comes into different size and types depending upon your requirement.

The books which are not very popular or have a worn out cover are used for making such kinds of safes. Such type of safes is filled with the original pages of the book with a small compartment hidden away after many pages.

So the burglar cannot spot the valuables unless he tends to go through each and every page.

Can Safes:

These are also one of the ways of storing the valuables inside your kitchen or fridge and are not easily detectable.

What is cost of a Diversion Safe?

The diversion safes are very economical to buy and use.

The cost of diversion safe depends upon the quality type and durability of product. A good quality diversion safe is available for nearly 20$ and the price can rise up to 50$ depending upon the type of safe you buy.

Popular diversion safe brands

Diversion safes are best to use if you require storing many small valuables. Investing for around a 100$ and buying few diversion safes to spread around the house is a good idea.

They help you attain peace of mind while you are out of house. Buying a 20$ diversion safe for securing a 1400$ necklace isn’t a bad choice.

Incorporating these hidden safes help to strengthen the security of your house as well as keeps the burglars out.

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