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Having a safe and secure door lock is the first step toward ensuring safety of the residence. For decades, this work was done by the simple key and locks.

However, these locks could be easily damaged and instances of break in increased. Looking for the appropriate solution to this problem, spring bolt lock came into use.

These locks consist of spring loaded bolt with an angled edge. When the door is completely closed, the spring engages and latch bolt holds the door closed. However, with time the use of deadbolt came into existence.

These locks are more convenient to use than the spring bolt locks. A typical deadbolt lock is handled manually and requires to turn a cylindrical knob so as to open the door. Such deadbolts can have single cylinder requiring one key or double cylinder requiring two keys.

However, the problem with a simple deadbolt lock is that it requires a key. Most of the times, a person may forget the key. Besides, these simple deadbolts were inefficient to be used in massive buildings which require a large number of locks. Hence, an improvement was made in the deadbolts which now operated electronically without needing any manual effort.  

Such deadbolts are called electronic deadbolt locks. In rest of the article, we would be discussing the various aspects of using an electronic deadbolt locks.  

Electronic Deadbolt Lock 

Electronic locks have become one of the most popular security locks used for doors in both commercial and residential buildings. Unlike simple deadbolt locks, these locks do not require keys for operation.  

The actions of these locks are more accurate. Moreover, these locks do not allow easy break in into the building. Thus, the locks are widely used in hospitals, corporate offices, defense centers and private buildings. To open a lock, one need to feed a combination of codes which the related electric circuits analyses.

These code combinations can be fed either using cards or keypad. In most of the commercial and govt. buildings, cards are widely used. 

How does such lock work?

The lock contains an electric circuit. The lock has knob on both sides of the door. The electronic circuit is arranged to read the input code. Once input code is fed, the circuit reads the code and matches it with the stored code. If the two matches, then, electrical operated bolt is activated and consequently the door is unlocked.

A battery is used to supply power for the circuit operation. The lock uses the solenoid or electric motor to activate the bolt mechanism.

Benefits of deadbolt locks

The electronic deadbolt locks have a numerous of advantages over the rest of the traditional deadbolt locks. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Unlike simple deadbolt locks, the electronic deadbolt locks come with the patented digital technologies. 
  • These locks are equipped with both key and electronic locking mechanism.
  • Multiples code combination can be stored which can allow several layers of security to the building. 

Limitation of deadbolt locks

Despite of having brilliant features, there exist some factors which a cautious user must consider. Here, we enlist some of the limitations faced by the electronic deadbolt locks.Electronic deadbolt

  • These locks are operated through solenoid or electric motors, thus, they need a large amount of power for effective functioning. However, the use of batteries has helped to solve this problem up to an extent.  
  • If not installed properly, the cylindrical knob can be a hazard instead of providing safety to home. 
  • The codes if guessed by someone else (other than the resident) can lead to awkward situation.

Features of a good deadbolt

There is a large number of electronic deadbolt locks available in the market. Thus, it is primary important for a buyer to judiciously choose the appropriate product for ensuring the home safety. In this regard, we present below some of the features which a good lock should possess. Hope that the buyers shall find it helpful before they go out for purchasing a new product.

  • The installation of the electronic deadbolt lock should be simple and inexpensive requiring minimum alteration to the premises.
  • The lock should have the capability of storing more than one combination so that different person can have the entry (with prior knowledge of the resident) without knowing the actual combination used by the resident of the house.
  • The lock should be capable of having the number of digits as combination according to the choice of the residents. That means the lock should not restrict the resident from choosing any combination as per his wish. 
  • It is advisable to buy a double cylinder electronic deadbolt lock installed with glass windows.
  • A good electronic deadbolt lock should be battery operated.
  • It should use both card and keypad number for feeding the combination code.

Popular brands

Schlage lock company :  The company is known for manufacturing quality safety locks since 1920. Founded by Walt Schlage, the company’s products are of high quality. 

Camelot touchscreen deadbolt (Read Reviews)

  • Protects from lock tempering
  • Durable touchscreen
  • Built in alarm technology

Camelot keypad deadbolt

  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 inch thick doors
  • 9v battery with 6 maximum combination code capacity.

Kwikset :  The brand is known for making extensive use of technology to enhance the efficiency of the security devices. The products are of high quality and convenient to use. 

Kwikset 925 Kevo Single Cylinder Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt for iPhone (Read Reviews)

  • No key required. One’s i-phone is his key for the deadbolt lock
  • Positioning alert
  • Fits standard doors. No screw holes required.

Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey

  • Fits all standard doors with adjustable latch
  • Back lit keypad
  • Stylish finishing

Yale security : The company is one of the fifteen brand represented by ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, a north American unit. The company manufactures a wide range of mid-tier commercial products and residential hardware options.  

Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt (Read reviews)

  • Stores up to 25 customized security codes
  • Security enhanced by “privacy mode”.
  • Audio smart lock alarm

Lockstate : The company is famously known for providing wi-fi enabled door locks and other door security devices for home and corporate buildings. 

LockState LS-DB500R-PB Electronic Deadbolt with Remote (Read Reviews)

  • Radio frequency remote control
  • Range of remote: 30feet
  • Store up to 6 security codes


The electronic deadbolt locks have rejuvenated the security issues concerning a residential or industrial building. The locks most popularly used in industrial buildings have enabled to gear up the best security measures.

Besides, the locks are being extensively used in buildings having strategic significance. These locks ensure null break in and are most convenient to use.  There is no need for key as the locks are electric automated. Moreover, the locks also have the feature of storing more than one security code.

This unique feature adds to the security level of the building. However, one has to carefully choose the appropriate security code so that it is not easily guessed by someone else. With the use of such locks, one can surely enjoy the utmost security and safety level.  

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