What are Fire Blankets and their Benefits?

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A fire blanket is a safety device which is used to extinguish small fires which are in their starting stage.

It is highly flame-resistant that so that it can be positioned over a fire to stifle it. Fire blankets are ideally used to put out small household fires.

They are generally used in kitchens where a fire mishap can happen very easily.

As fire thrives on three things namely; heat, oxygen and fuel. If one of these is removed, the fire dies.

Fire blankets are made of different types of materials depending on its manufacturer. Usually, fire blankets which are used for household purposes are made up of fibreglass since it is a lightweight substance.

How does a Fire Blanket Work?

A fire blanket is made of two layers of woven fibreglass fabric and an inner layer of fire retardant film.

Their basic principle is to cut off oxygen supply; which is one of the three elements on which a fire thrives, therefore extinguishing the fire.

In order to stifle a fire one has to place the fire blanket over its top correctly. When the blanket is placed completely over the fire it cuts off the airflow from the fire thus extinguishing it.

But they can only be used to put off small fires from spreading. In case of large fire; do not attempt to put it out, instead, call the fire department for help.

Fire blankets can also be wrapped around your body while exiting a building which is on fire; it provides you protection against the flames from touching your body.

Fire blankets consist of two pull-down tails. You can release the blanket by holding the tails, using the blanket as a shield and cover the burning area.

Benefits of Fire Blankets

Apart from the obvious reasons; that is, putting off fires, fire blankets have many other uses as well.

There can be many situations in your life where these may turn out to be lifesavers. Below are listed some of the reasons why you should invest in them:

  • Fire blankets are very easy to use as it requires no former training for use and can be used by anyone, be it an adult or a child.
  • They can be used to put off fires on people which is not possible through fire extinguishers.
  • One of its greatest advantages is that it lets you to escape fires by wrapping it around your body.
  • They can be used to put off small household fires quickly and prevent it from spreading in its initial stage only.
  • They are always ready to use and a sure shot option as compared to fire extinguishers which may or may not work.
  • A person can easily use it on themselves to put off a fire.
  • They are very affordable, inexpensive and easy to store.
  • Fire blankets can be cleaned or washed and reused.
  • Their availability is not an issue; you can easily purchase one from your local DIY stores or hardware shops.

Where to use them?

Fire blankets are a must for every house; one should have at least one kept in their house.

They can be stored in the kitchen where the chances for a fire breaking out are more.

Or you may place them near exit areas so that they can be used to escape major fires without harming yourself. Make sure that they are easily accessible and not stowed away in cupboards or drawers, making them completely useless when you actually need one immediately.

Also, make sure that each and every member of your house knows where it is kept so that in case of emergencies they can be used efficiently.

Fire Blankets: Costs and Brands

Fire blankets are very easy to use and require no expertise to use them.

They are very affordable and cost-effective way to smother fires. The cost of a good fire blanket can be around 40-60 dollars. Some of the popular brands for fire blankets are:

Michigan First Aid and Safety

Michigan first aid and safety is a supplier of first aid supplies and safety products. They have been in business for 65 years.

Apart from the state of Michigan they also supply their products to the Midwest United States. It is a local health and safety wholesale provider and claims to provide you a great selection and still pay less than your local pharmacy. Buy from Amazon

First Alert

First Alert is an American based company which provides safety products in partnership with Safe Kids USA and The United States Fire Administration.

They have been in business for over 40 years. Their products are available at low costs to the low-income families in the US. Buy from Amazon


The company Pac-Kit originated in the 1800s and claims to be the first and the oldest provider of first-aid products. It provides safety supplies throughout the world.

It also claims to provide high standards of reliability, quality and customer service. Buy from Amazon

Singer Safety 

Singer Safety Company was established in 1950 as a provider of Industrial Safety Equipment. It sells its products in the Western Hemisphere and Western Europe.

It provides many safety products and fire equipment. It claims to provide fire blankets in custom sizes and can be ordered on a trial basis. Buy from Amazon


A fire blanket is a very useful safety device which is used to put off small fires.

They are highly flame resistant and can put off fires easily by placing the blanket over it. A fire thrives on three elements; heat, oxygen and fuel and a fire blanket work by cutting off the oxygen supply, thus smothering the fire.

For you and your family’s safety, fire blankets are a must to have in your home.

They can be stored in the kitchen; where chances of a fire breaking out are pretty high, or near your exit area; from where it can be easily grabbed in case of making an emergency exit in case of a fire.

They are an affordable safety device, costs you around 40-60 dollars and can be used again. Some of the brands which provide fire blankets in the United States are Michigan First Aid and Safety, First Alert, Pac-Kit and Singer Safety.

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